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  06 June 2008
I hope I can find some time to join the workshop. It would be my first time ever to sculpt something serious, but I've been watching a lot of tutorials.
Somehow I'm obsessed with these little creatures:

The Philippine Tarsier:
  06 June 2008
sweet guys!

work's riding my ass, but if I get a break I'll try one out

can't wait to see what comes out! Good work to all!

hey ReMen, nice subject, I can see it being awesome!

  06 June 2008
hey iman when i saw the post the first thing came to mind was a monkey lazily lying on a branch in the shade while it swayed lightly in the breeze. i like your three toed slot idea.
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  06 June 2008
Hey Deb!! thanks for the links!! Glad to have you on the workshop!

Hey Preethi!! you are welcome!!

Hey Felix! The WIP images are just images of your unfinished model at different stages, right from the start! They are important for any workshop, because it will help other people to learn your methods and possibly comment on them. You can post them right here on the workshop thread!. For methods of posting, please go to this thread:

you can also go through the previous 3d workshops conducted by Intervain, to get the idea:

As for process you are free to try out anything!!.. I usually go with "model, pose, sculpt & detail", but that is a personal choice... and aSabretooth or a Pegasus is more than welcome!! I think it will add more color and vareity to the workshop if people try out things like that!!

Hey Buexe! Thanks for the link!! As for posting your older work, it is against the rules of the workshop, but I will excuse you if you start a fresh one pretty soon!!

Hey AUMAKUA!! You the man, buddy!! Great start!! I am thrilled!

Hey Matteo! Welcome!! glad you are in!!

Hey Andrei!! Welcome aboard!!

Hey Bill! I agree there is something in what you say, but I think making a polygon model, however simple, maybe quite a daunting task for some artists who are not really trained in that area, and I want the workshop to be open to such artists as well, and it may take them a good part of the workshop to learn traditional modeling from scratch .. afterall, it is not a contest! ..its just an opportunity for every one to learn and practice anatomy! I am also looking at a kind of cross-training as one of the purposes of this exercise, ei. encouraging 2d artists also to sculpt so that they can use that 3d understanding later in their work!

Hi David! welcome!! A camel will be super cool!! thanks for the links.

Welcome, Magda!! I am really counting on you as a great contributer to this workshop!!

Hey Devere!! welcome! Hope you find time!

Hey Mohammad! thanks for joining!!

Hi Rob! Awesome subject!!

Hi Daniel! Welcome!! Hope you find time!

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  06 June 2008
Originally Posted by anandpg: Hey Buexe! Thanks for the link!! As for posting your older work, it is against the rules of the workshop, but I will excuse you if you start a fresh one pretty soon!!

I was afraid, someone would say that, but thanks for letting the sun of your mercy shine on my head :-) Okay, now I`ll get another animal, is stylization okay btw?
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  06 June 2008
that anatomy atlas link's fantastic! Thanks for sharing

  06 June 2008
Thanks for the detailed reply, Anand!

I am glad to hear fable animals are OK. I'll do a Kirin then, which is the chinese/japanese version of a Unicorn, but has a lot more detail on it (one horn like a deer, the scales of a carp and the tail of an ox).

There was an interpretation of that animal in "Princess Mononoke" as the forrest god, for those interested. I'll see if I can find a nice reference, otherwise I'll just go with references from the different animals making up the whole creature.

As for the process I usually prefer to model, sculpt, detail, rig/pose and then adjust for final sculpting detail and I'll do just that for this workshop as well, although the sculpt will remain kinda boring and bland until I get to the posing stage.


PS: I have to agree with Bill/Quadart on this, as I too think modeling the base is a huge part of anatomy study as well as sculpting out the forms and contours, detailing etc, but I also see your point. Anyways, I'll be starting from scratch (or in this case a box ) on this and build the appropriate mesh.

PPS: Many thanks for that link, iatriki! That saves me the trouble of making some scans from the book. The condensed version of the whole works, which is available in any well-stocked store, contains a few more animals such as a rabbit, a bat etc and is well worth the investment, btw.
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  06 June 2008
Great thread thanks for the link. I hope i will have the time to partecipate. Where did you take the lion sculpture ? Is wonderful I would like to give that a try
  06 June 2008
Universal Library

This is also an incredible site:


If you go into the 'Texts' section of the page, you can search for specific titles or by topics. They entire books archived that you can download in .pdf format or a number of others. Its an awesome site for any reference. I've gotten a couple of Bridgman's books from here. Just search for animal anatomy or something like that.
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  06 June 2008
Hey folks,

I have taken the liberty of creating this thread as a resource repository for this Workshop:

Reference Resources for 3D Sculpting Workshop - ANIMAL IN REPOSE

Please post your reference links both here to the Workshop thread and to the above thread if possible, so we can find your links! I have gathered the great ones posted so far and have compiled them in the thread above.



Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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Downtown Los Angeles

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  06 June 2008
Anand...I have a question, before I get started.

For this work shop, is it ok to work in relief style of sculpting on the flat plane tool in Z BRUSH and then turn it into a painting as i've been doing in my sketchbook thread...like the one I just did on page #163 frame #2443 in my sketchbook.
I'm not a 3d anamator,..i'm one of those 2d artist like you mentioned above,who enjoys using the 3d technoligy like Z BRUSH for a 2D/2 and a half D end result/a painting, .. and I really enjoy a more loose and freer approach to sculpting and painting, which the relief sculpture allows me..
Anyway,..Let me know what you think, so I can get started ONE WAY OR THE OTHER..
Glenn Gallegos

  06 June 2008
Oh, I wish I could participate, but my modeling skills are very far from good :(

I will fav this topic; it is too cute to skip! I love animals too much... Want to see with what people will come up on this one *stares* Cheers for the contestants!
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  06 June 2008
Hey Anand, is that lion picture at the top a piece you did, a photo of a statue, or did someone else do it? Where can I find that statue? It's a lot like the post I was thinking of in my head.
  06 June 2008
Hey Rebecca!! WOW!! Thanks for the reference thread!!

Hey Glenn!! Oh, yess!! Reliefs are cool!! Great idea!!

Hey Buexe!! hehehe!! ya! stylization is ok!

Hi Moleman!! thanks for the link!

Hi Amphitrite!! feel free to participate! It doesn't matter how good your scupting is! The purpose is to get together and learn, helping each other out along the way!!

Btw, the lion is a marble sculpture at someplace in UK. Just make a search for "Lion Sculpture" in google.

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  06 June 2008
well the lion, should you like to reference it, is in Chatsworth House - the residence of the Duke of Devonshire and it's by Francesco Benaglia - it's a copy of Canova's Statue which is in Rome

you can find a beautiful picture of the Rome original here: http://www.saintpetersbasilica.org/...asleep-dtl2.jpg - beware, it's enourmous

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