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Old 04 April 2008   #61
Wow good job everyone!

#2 for me:

with a little animated gif:

1 hour in Photoshop

Reference 17: Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867)
Louis-François Bertin

I think for my third one im going to do the left hand of the same painting, I like the pose of his fingers.

Keep going everyone!
Old 04 April 2008   #62
I am real excited to join. This is a topic that I could use a lot of help in so C&C is definetly welcome, because I could certainly benifit from it.

Frejasphere: I really like the use of color and texture put into your work.

iuvo: that is an intereest approach, I always stasrt with the sketch and then move on. Your way could be a fun way to begin, I might have to try my "hand" at it with one of my hands.

Calan: Nicely rendered

Here is my first hand

Ref#5 Michelangelo (1475-1564)
Tomb of Lorenzo de' Medici: Dawn

Old 04 April 2008   #63
Great Idea, Rebecca.
I really really need to practice on Hands , So you can expect a few works from me as well. Have been too busy to even post on CGTalk for months now..... but I guess I really need this now!!!

Get Going, Dude !
- Salvador DALI
Old 04 April 2008   #64
APR. 12, 2008

GREAT IDEA for a workshop Rebecca...THANKS

I think I will use it to experiment with the IMPASTO oil brushes in the Corel Painter program...will go perfectly with my Rembrant painting technique studies that i'ves been doing lately and posted in my anatomy/sketchbook thread..
ANYWAY..Great starts so far, from everyone...

teo - disturbed/Mathew...Nice one,...I like your way of thinking and approach to the study...

#48..Rubens portrait of a young woman
Impasto oil brushes..thick clear varnish..depth smear...distorto impasto brushes used...Painter #9

Glenn Gallegos

Old 04 April 2008   #65
hi, great start everyone

my first 2 studies/ sketches
freehand pencil 9x12
ref from the book Michelangelo Drawings, Closer to the Master by Hugo Chapman

Old 04 April 2008   #66
It took me wayyyy too long O_o I'm quite satisfied with the hand, but definitely not with the time I spent on it. First I used Painter's watercolors, but had to fix it with eraser/airbrushes, to use watercolors again, then had to fix and so on... Had to stop finally, here is my hand #1 after hand from reference #35 Douleur d'amour [Elegy] by William Bouguereau (1825-1905):

Old 04 April 2008   #67

Thanks Rebecca for this new workshop. I would like to handle some hands getting a little bit more dirt on my hands with that handy program called zbrush; I hope to learn, and get inspiration from u all.

Here's my first. Don't tell me to refine it because I'm really full of this and I'll move to another

Edit: tell me if it's too big I'll cut it to a single image and post a link to the wip in my sketchbook...

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.[color=Silver]

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Old 04 April 2008   #68
APR. 12, 2008
Took the one posted above a little bit further.
#48 Rubens portrait of a young woman.
Painter #9..Impasto oil brushes.

Glenn Gallegos

Old 04 April 2008   #69
Good to see stuff rolling in.

Now I don't pretend to be a 'teacher' here because I learn from everyone who posts. So these comments are just my opinions, and as such, should be taken with a grain of salt.

SulaMoon, I like the last set of hands the best, maybe play with line variation?

great stuff, definitely looking forward to more! Wil you be making any 3D contributions?

Windroll, that's looking excellent! I'd say though not to be 100% true to the photos colors, since unfortunately the colors are a little washed out in many of the photos / reference images. You will have to tweak to taste.

NR43, the 2nd one is sweet!

zhay13, very nice too, I would say the same thing about the colors - you don't have to be 100% true to the photo, since it's a bit washed out. Nice work!

teo-disturbed, nice work on the shading. I'd suggest maybe refining the linework a bit more? Looking forward to more!

I like the colors, but I think the values seem a little disorganized? Would love to see you try a medium like Faber Castell Polychromos - they're great because they're light, easily editable / erasable and have a great line quality.

iuvo, very nice!

calan, another beautiful work! Thanks for the gif.

Splinter, welcome. Would like to see more shading on the hand, though the outline is good.

I'm not super crazy about this style - I'd love to see you get back to more representational works, some of your recent stuff seems more experimentation for experimentation's sake only. I really like that you push yourself to do new things, I think that's fantastic in fact, but I would love to see you rein it in a bit more and go back towards the fundamentals, which I think is lacking in your recent paintings. Just food for thought.

FateBringer, nice to see you aboard. Maybe shade a bit more finely?

sirielle, nice!

Agostinuke, great stuff, that's totally fine to make a post like that, it's informative.

Korpus School of Art + Gallery
Facebook Page | Blog
Downtown Los Angeles

Old 04 April 2008   #70
Compliments to all this is my second sketch from reference n. 15


Valentina R. Colamartino

Old 04 April 2008   #71
From photo reference:


Korpus School of Art + Gallery
Facebook Page | Blog
Downtown Los Angeles

Old 04 April 2008   #72
Thanks for the Welcome Rebeccak. I hope that I can make it all the way through with this OFDW. I could really use the practice on drawing hands. By the the way I really find your work pretty interesting the textures that you put on them make them look like they are really old fresco, Cool Stuff.
Old 04 April 2008   #73
Rebecca: Thanks! Good to know for the gif, Ill keep doing them. Love your last one, the texture and color palette are great. Very simple and pretty I think.

LadyPurple: Beautiful! And you did all of it.. nice!

SpiritDreamer: Those Impasto oil brushes looks very interesting! Would love to see more definition on the hands

Agostinuke: Great model.. cool to see some 3d in the workshop!

sirielle: Well done.. even if your not happy with the time you spent on it. You sure will be faster after this workshop!

FateBringer: Great start! Keep going!

Splinter: Thank you Great lines. Agree with Rebecca, would be nice to have some shading

Sooo.. Third one for me! I messed up a little be with this one. This hand pose is so weird and the fact that we loose a part between the thumb and the rest of the hand doesnt help the case. Anyway, it was a good pratice and I think thats the point of this workshop right? :P
Maybe Ill get back to it later.. for now thats it!

gif version:

Reference #17 Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867)
Louis-François Bertin

Enough for me today.. will try to do 1 or 2 more tomorrow.
Old 04 April 2008   #74
Rebecca Thanks , got lazy hehe, interesting textures your using may have to have a go at it myself

calan thank you , great job on your 3

LadyPurple great work

SpiritDreamer nice start

Agostinuke awesome

last one for today
William Bouguereau 1825-1905
La Charite- her left hand
b/w digital used grid

Old 04 April 2008   #75
My first attempt - hmmm I can see these are gonna be difficult...

good luck

Workin' visualization
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