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Old 08 August 2007   #61
hey Neox, great to see you in man. damn crash, keep it up
Old 08 August 2007   #62
Hey great idea for a workshop! I am definitely going to give this a shot even though those paintings are all intimidatingly good
Old 08 August 2007   #63
hey collings, hope you're in too

@WolfMcfly: try to work on the major form befor you add details like wrinkles, right now it looks like a basemesh with sme wrinkles painted on it, but the form beneath doesn't fit the old face, also think of him having no teeth, so the lip area is much more flexible and the lower jaw needs to overlap and push the upper lip a bit more

oh and the original drawing is of course from Leonardo DaVinci

bonus vir semper tiro

some timelapsed videos
Old 08 August 2007   #64
BLX- great start. I think you might have made him a bit too thin and the hands are really tiny . Usually a hand would be the length of the face!

WolfMcfly - that's a really nice reference! I'd say think of a face as a big triangle, formed by the tip of the nose and the ears, while looking at it from top or bottom... your eyes are more in the straight line at the moment while they should be sloping from the nose towards the ears at an angle like the arms of the triangle... see it as a sphere inscribe

gra7 - great! It's coming along really well. I think your eyes are a bit too sunken in - in the original it's the eyebrows that stick out a lot not the arch of the eye itself I think... keep it coming!

funkdelic - welcome

wigal - she's looking really cute already I'd open the mouth a bit more...

kary - oh shame you cannot join in the fun! I look forward to seeing you around nonetheless

toadie - base mesh's looking perfect!

living_for_cg - great! I was hoping somebody'd go for that one, it's an awesome drawing! Great start on the basic shapes!

dkpunker - hehe they are but that's part of the attraction Great to see you in!

Keep at it everyone!

Old 08 August 2007   #65
Intervain >> yes i choosed that one because i think its easiest one.
I think i will finish it soon, Is there a chance to work on more than 1 image?? just to get more exprience.
Available for freelance
Old 08 August 2007   #66
I know it's OT, but I've realised that some work I already seen around are yours. You are simply great ! they are awesome I took them as a model trying to get better skills in sculpting (the art I love more).
Old 08 August 2007   #67
Originally Posted by living_for_cg: Intervain >> yes i choosed that one because i think its easiest one.
I think i will finish it soon, Is there a chance to work on more than 1 image?? just to get more exprience.

as many as you'd like to! The idea is to have at least 1 finished up to a high standard and not in a sketch form If you'd like to do more - go for it

jojo1975 - thank you!

Old 08 August 2007   #68
Neox and Intervain - Thanks guys!! I'll remodel it, and i'll try to work as much as i can on the major form, before start adding any details.. i don't have any reference from the front, so it makes things a litte bit difficult.. i'll try to find more reference imagens to help me..
Old 08 August 2007   #69
Hi everyone, I've started today, this is my reference and the base model, made in maya!!
Old 08 August 2007   #70

I am probably way out of my leaque here, but I will give it a try anyway.
I have never sculpted using a photo as refference before, am still trying to figure Z BRUSH out...I only have one screen, so I guess the best way for me to do this exercise, is to work from a photo in a book, I have a great DaVinci book, so will choose something from there I quess, and put the book and image that I choose in it next to my screen. I will post the image that I choose, and go from there I guess.
Not sure how to start this, ..should I start with a primative sphere,..a Z sphere ...or use the head model that comes with the Z BRUSH program...any suggestions ...So far I have done all of my sculpting in Z BRUSH using just my imagination and memory for refference...so I really don't know how this will all turn out..but I will give it my best shot anyway...
THANK YOU ...MAGDALENA, for creating this workshop...It will be very helpful to me, I know for sure...Maybe I will finally learn how to do Z BRUSH sculpting properly...with a LOT OF HELP from yourself and all of the other GREATS in here of course... ....THANKS...
Glenn Gallegos

Last edited by SpiritDreamer : 08 August 2007 at 01:25 PM.
Old 08 August 2007   #71
well... i've graduated painture, so i'll go with the painter ...Rembrandt the image nr.6
here is my base mesh , it is a little bit funny , but it's an old one and i really don't wonna' build another one. i'll start with this one and hope to get it right

Old 08 August 2007   #72
matte3d - really enjoying the concept - lots of personality in him! I think your guy has his chin drawn too much towards the neck, which makes him look rather tense... Also the bottom part of the ear is sticking out too much. The original has very nicely shaped ears, quite flat against his head Great start though - lookin forward to seeing this develop!

Glenn - I was wondering why you're not joining us Great! I like your idea of using a book as reference. You may use the zbrush head as a starting point [remember to go down a few subdivisions to reshape it as it has very harsh and defined lines which are hard to work with ]... you may start with either a poly sphere in zbrush or z-spheres and model a head using those... really the choice is yours Just do what you feel comfortable with! I think a basic zbrush man might be a good choice too - just delete the rest of the body which is easy in zbrush 3 [hide the selected parts and then delete hidden ]. Hope that helped. I'm really looking forward to your contribution!

Andrei - great start!

Old 08 August 2007   #73
Hi everyone, I love this idea and I'm intrested in. No. 3 is my favourite, I dont know what to say just good luck to everyone
Old 08 August 2007   #74
Very good idea, I want to in this workshop. Of course first of all if i've spare time I will post my model until a few days
Old 08 August 2007   #75
Hi everyone, I love this idea and I'm intrested in. No. 3 is my favourite, I dont know what to say just good luck to everyone
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