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Old 04 April 2007   #61
The owlman has been redesigned from the skeleton to the muscles. Of course there will be mistakes, but I am more concerned with the look of the thing that will be seen by the viewer. I used actual owl skeleton reference this time.

Anatomy Thread of Rist

Old 04 April 2007   #62

questionmarks, Redwolf> nice work, in two totally different ways

couldn't resist a quick sketch for this. Rhino boy and the Yeti!.

ANATOMY thread
Old 04 April 2007   #63

Awesome sketch!

Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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Downtown Los Angeles

Old 04 April 2007   #64
default-rol -- ya..this is the second round that you mean earlier.....I thought is the further stage of the first model at first....P..anyway..this workshop is us opportunity to create something and finish it......
and I like your creature's ear...very nice....^ ^..

djampa -- thanks...can't wait to see your 3d mode of the grotesque..l...^ ^...

EAD -- really nice sketches...which one will you go for ???

a little update...mirror and smooth it to see how it looks like while complete....
still..some part to fix....but I think the modelling part is ok d...will move on to bind skin and posing soon..........

Old 04 April 2007   #65
Octopus Spider

I was at an animation symposium this past monday and had time to sketch while listening, and came up with some sketches i thought were pretty fine. let me know what you all think.

Octopus Spider

the basic idea evolved from an octopus like face, like davy jones, and then mixed in a spider. I had thought about using a black widow for the last character, and so wondered what a black widow octopus might look like...
Old 04 April 2007   #66
Thumbs up

Hey everyone,

@ Fl3wk >>> Good to see you working on the anatomy for your grotesque. The finish/epidermis on any organic creature, really is only "skin deep," and it is the surface anatomy/ and even the deep anatomy that really make or break your character in my opinion. Keep working like this and your anatomy knowledge will increase, making your characters stronger. Good stuff!

@ EAD >>> Twisted and evil as usual >>> that said, I'll now comment on your work. Great to see you here bud, and hope you get chance to refine one of them. Really nice work.

@ questionmarks >>> LOL, you found the second round even before you knew what I was on about! It's looking really good and I can't wait to see more of it.

@ marvelatthedust >>> Nice idea, and an octopus would make an amazing grotesque I think, so would a spider having said that... hmmmm.... arms and legs everywhere! I'd say a great idea, a good start and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing it develop.

Cheers all

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Old 04 April 2007   #67
Apr 18, 2007

Little more on this concept
Blocked in the architecture
Started working on my lighting
Save the details for last


Glenn Gallegos

Old 04 April 2007   #68

Not sure on the face yet, either bat or an 'aggressive' dog, whichever feels better on the base mesh. Probably dog as I'm not sure I want a week of looking at bat ref...


Mike: The image planes look great.

Djampa: Very thorough method, and the sketch looks promising. A well put together 'heads melting together' piece is definitely in the grotesque realm for me. I've wound up with something similar to a naga, but a bit different. I'll have to take a look at history of those, very sad that all of my experience with them was "at the wrong end of a staff" in WoW

Roja: Maybe more psychedelic then grotesque... but I quite like the colours

EAD: Nice.

questionmarks: Coming along well, thats a really different idea.

Glenn: Now that is weird... considering the topic thats exactly the direction to hope for
Old 04 April 2007   #69

@ SpiritDreamer >>> That's shaping up Glenn. I am really interested your choice of colour - can you please explain why you have gone for that particular "mood" for the piece?

@ kary >>> I really like that side silhouette - it really has a good presence in the thumbnail. Where do you plan on going next with the concept?

As for me... I started modeling today, and hopefully I should have a base mesh to show tomorrow.

Cheers all

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Old 04 April 2007   #70
April 19, 2006

THANKS...Mike....About the, green...complements..I took a class in color theory years ago...was shown the power of a red dot placed on a green background, and a green dot placed on a red background...a 1 part to 9 part ratio kind of thing..It can also be found in nature all the time...example ..a ruby throated humming bird.
I also raised exotic birds since I was a little kid, my father used to sell them to pet shops...always fasinated by their color combinations, and how the combinations and the ratios of those combinations is what made them beautiful, and sellable...I try to imatate those same type of color effects in my paintings...nature is the master, when it comes to COLOR.
Also certain colors just have a way of creating mood and feeling for a subject...I think that reds and greens creat and express the 10th century superstitious mind set...

Experimenting with some Zbrush textures and colors


Glenn Gallegos

Last edited by SpiritDreamer : 04 April 2007 at 10:59 PM.
Old 04 April 2007   #71
Grotesque Concept

Here is what I drew right after I read about the challenge. I am going for an eye that has a stem coming out of the back that goes to the ground, and on the sides of the eye are loops put into the skin that have a chain running to the ground so it cannot move. My goal with this is to add boils to the skin using ZBrush to sculpt them in.

I am really excited about this challenge because I have had an idea of this eye chained to the ground concept before but never an outlet to run it through. I am also liking what I am seeing from other users, great stuff.

I shall post more soon. Until then here are the concepts.

Look forward to the comments.

Old 04 April 2007   #72

Got a start tonight, not much time in yet as I wound up having a problem with my firewall and spent an hour or two tracking that down.

Last edited by kary : 04 April 2007 at 06:49 PM.
Old 04 April 2007   #73
Hey guys. Awesome work so far.

kary - Cool modeling work man. love the creature.
EAD - Dude, these are great man. keep em comming
Djampa - Thanks man.

well here's a quick sketch i did at work today. i haven't had a lot of time this week and i'm hoping to be able to do some more sketching in the weekend. Let me know what you think.

Have a nice weekend.




Last edited by michael-olszak : 04 April 2007 at 06:06 PM.
Old 04 April 2007   #74
Apr 20, 2006

Expanding a little further and outward on this concept


Glenn Gallegos

Old 04 April 2007   #75
Thumbs up

Morning all,

@ SpiritDreamer >>> Thank you for the explination of your choice of colours. While I have also learned colour theory in an academic sense, as you quite rightly pointed out, nature's colours are the real teacher. The psychology of colour, though, is something I don't know an awful lot about, and I find it very interesting that you interprit the 10th Century in these colours.

@ dude5487 >>> You've got an idea there that is quite simple, but that will mean that the "devil is in the details" when you go to make it. I look forward to seeing your progress in ZBrush. Keep posting.

@ Kary >>> You've got a good ZBrush sculpt going there. Are you trying to make him intentionally "Heroic" in proportions? (9+ heads high) Looking forward to updates.

@ michael-olszak >>> Nice concept! Very grotesque - keep going and I hope you get chance to develop this idea further as I think the initial sketch demands it. Good stuff!

Cheers all
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