The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 002

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Old 04 April 2007   #46
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Hey all,

@ michael-olszak >>> Great to see you back for round 2! Looking forward to seeing your work for this one.

@ Igor Sandman >>> Hey man, that's looking nice and frightening. I wouldn't be ashamed of those drawing skills at all. Oh, by the way I got the SOTC OST aswell now, and I intend to use it!

@ Fl3wk >>> That's coming along nicely. You've really pushed forward with this 2nd event at a frightening pace, (If you'll pardon the intnded pun.) How far are you intending on taking it? I also have a few suggestions, if you would like me to post them up for you? Keep going, it's looking good so far.

@ Nekomouse >>> Hello and Welcome! I always have a soft spot for native God's and folklore, (we've got lots here too in the U.K, that go back before Christianity came to these shores.) I've never heard of a Kappa until today, but your explination really does sound disturbing!

(for those that have never heard of this creature, here is a link to it's origins on Wikipedia >>> .)

I look forward to seeing your interpretation of this fantastically scary creature! Good luck, and hope to see updates soon.

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default-rol: I have more time on my hands right now and this seems to be the right place to let rip the creative drive. As for how far, I am thinking of doing detail close ups of the important features of the creature to really get to know it, then possible go for a final render. As for when that happens, I want to do a few more 3/4 sketches to see if I can comes with a better style (which I think I can). The rendering style I hope to capture is the loose strokes technique, as I get bored quickly with the smooth renders.

I don't mind suggestions, I thrive off comments, thats how I improve.
Anatomy Thread of Rist

Old 04 April 2007   #48
Originally Posted by BUK: I have always loved creature creation. These were concieved in the late 70's and I am just now beginning to re-visit them. I would appreciate any crits. I tend to gravitate toward more "real" anatomy, in the sense that the form should follow function, but I will break my own rules. That's why I need crit and community. I just wish I had the time. I am looking forward to watching this thread.

I hope I got the spirit of the forum. I don't post much.

I've got a couple more too.

Your artwork is awesome ! Keep on this thread ! Can't wait to see what's gonna come out here.

Congratulations on the Café 002, it's going nice, I'm doing some studies and sketches now, more time to go here now
Thanks for sharing the Loomis composition method, it's seems very interesting and effective.
Your last sketches are really interesting, I think they are more 'grotesque' in some aspects, since you start to add some human anatomy into it and begin to break some rules of it, then you start to get some empathy with the concept and create a 'grotesque' feeling. I like to see the first sketches like these last two heads, more you explore the subject more you artwork grows.
Let's go !
Eduardo S. Janiszewski

Zupi Portal (eng)
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Hey everyone,

I've reluctantly had to not pursue my initial idea as there was too much fur.... so....

My side image plane for my character, photo for now, I'll scan when I've done the front... front coming soon. I worked the anatomy as it is an anatomy forum after all....

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Hi guys,

Just another quick reminder to subscribe to / bookmark this thread. This post shows you how to subscribe if you're not already aware.


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Just another quick sketch.

Anatomy Thread of Rist

Old 04 April 2007   #52
Apr 16, 2007

The idea is starting to take shape in my mind's eye
Going to have them perched on top of Notre Dame.
Will be a toad shaped body, with extended throat for croaking,..wings will be skin at the shoulders like a bats, extending about half way down, and then turn into feathers..haven't decided on the shape of the feet yet, maybe human hands..who knows.. ..Might have the male carrying something special in his hands, to feed the female, while she is guarding the eggs...Will put some architecture at the bottom of the nest, to make it seem as though they have thier nest on a ledge at the top of the cathedral...just thinking out load again, and writing down whatever enters into my mind ...hope you don't mind..


Glenn Gallegos

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Old 04 April 2007   #53
I guess with this post I'll see if I've gone too far or not. I figure it's sort of like a mutant zombie looking thing, and that seems to fit the category ok.

So I drew what would gross me out. I don't know, some of the things that are considered gross somewhat fascinate me... while something like disease, rashes, pug dogs, ringworm, well, it's what I'd consider grotesque, something that would terrify and disgust me at the same time.

I tried the note thing...

And then got to working on the design. While working things suddenly came to mind, like a turkey, and gecko/monkey feet, parasites and stalked eyes. So I'm sorry all of the ideas aren't laid out on the sheet.

Let me know if this is an ok idea or not. If not- I'll try to think of something else. If it is ok, oh boy is it going to be an interesting thing to model.
Old 04 April 2007   #54

so many halfbird half human beak.. thing.. images already.. for some reason i just had to draw one.. so here it is.. kind of wanna do some more sketches..
Old 04 April 2007   #55

I come out with the sketches d..but then I found that my friend's scanner cannot use......
so I just model it out...this is the rough model..still need to add and fix a lot of things........

very fun doing this...hope to see everyone's update soon.....
^ ^...
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Good morning all,

@ Fl3wk >>> LOL, he reminds me of a crazed relative at a fancy dress party! Great stuff. I'd try to get more character into his face (you may well need to upres your image to do this,) and then work out and down the body. Once you've established a face you are happy with, then you can use that to guide the form language for the rest of him. Keep going, and I'm looking forward to updates.

@ SpiritDreamer >>> Hey Glenn, again your lateral thinking astounds me. To turn them back into "living" grotesques, but having them residing in the place they would inhabit anyway! Brilliant! Well, it would save the councils from having to comission stonemasons every few hundred years to replace the weathered stone ones... Can't wait to see what you think of next.

@ ReflectingAbyss >>> I'm glad you tried the mind map approach to breaking down the brief. I'm just curious, but did you find it of any help in your process to get you going? I love the design, and I'm perfectly fine with you going ahead and trying to model that beast!

@ Redwolf >>> What you've said there is quite interesting, as it shows how our minds are taught to think in conventions from an early age. If you look at grotesques on cathederals, some also look like this too. Clearly conventions don't change too much with the passing of time.

@ questionmarks >>> Great to see you back for this event. you did a cool model last time, and i'm expecting great things from this round. You are already off to a "flying" start with that winged, gutted buffalo thing! Looking forward to lots more.

Cheers all - this thread is rocking with great ideas.


<<< Update >>>

Finished my image planes, and scanned them in:

On to modeling now.

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Grotesque - Djampa - Sketch 001 - rough

Here it goes, to understand my workflow I will refine this first rough sketch into something more serious, add rough colored environment and composition than take it to XSI, make a fast base mesh, and then take it to Zbrush 2.5. If I have the time will make textures, render and compose with a refined environment.

Grotesque short briefing:

Use: Film of psychological and/or spiritual thriller.

General idea, basic storyline: A character enters in a trance and is transported to another dimension world; there she has a vision of a grotesque disturbing creature.

Take as inspiration HR Giger, Beksinski, HP Lovecraft, Alex Oliver.

Time: parallel time, not specified.

Location: Another dimension, hellish ‘Lovecraftian’ mood environment.

Features, appearance and colors: Distorted human anatomy, large head, no jaw, large thick tongue hanging out, fetus in fetus head evident as seen in most of Alex Oliver grotesque creatures, skull lines evident, veins and some muscle noticeable, no flesh on the orbits, big eyes, and wrinkled skin sucked inside orifices.

Resemblance should be mostly with Giger and Beksinski artwork in crossed style.

Colors: Flesh and blood, rotten meat. Environment colors following Beksinski and Lovecraft nightmarish tones.

Note: Only upper part of the body. Head and shoulders, part of chest as optional.

Must look like a portrait of ‘grotesque’.

The first rough sketch:

Done in 5 minutes with 6B pencil then taken to Wacom Intuos 3 with sketchbook pro to refine for 10 minutes using only pencil tool.

Total work = 15 minutes.

I really think I could use a lot of advice on it.

I will refine it for sure, I did it fast last night, now I can see problems on the neck structure and position and other little things, but as a fast start here it is.

Cheer all,
Eduardo S. Janiszewski

Zupi Portal (eng)

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Old 04 April 2007   #58
Here's the colors I came up with..I know they might go outside of the "grotesque" theme a bit, but I really like them

I did try enlarging the wings like you suggested Default-Rol, but I just didnt' care for how they looked being bigger. Maybe it's just because I'm thinking of similarly shaped animals, like an ostrich, and they would have small wings.

btw, your final drawing came out great Default! I like a lot of your images in your portfolio too and noticed that you got some of the Neville page dvd's...did his drawing the fantasy creature one help you out a lot?

questionmarks: that's a cool buffalo design model. It looks kinda mechanical

ReflectingAbyss: Nice drawing, that sure is ugly!

Old 04 April 2007   #59
Default-rol: Looks great ! Will you gonna Zbrush it too ? Awesome concept, nice anatomy, I like a lot the volume of the forms you gave to it and the proportions used. Grotesque creature !

Roja: Nice, I like the colors you used, the form is grotesque anyway, a nice combination of animals, very well balanced.

interesting creature, I can see what's coming there. Waiting to see your update. Keep going.

Wow ! That will be a hell to model Keep it up man, grotesque creature !

SpiritDreamer: Looks an interesting proposal, following up here. Keep updating, it's good to read the things that come out of our heads on the process , unfortunately I don't have much time to keep posting it all here but believe it would be funny...

Fl3wk: Going well, keep updating, I agree that you have to work first on the face to have its body done. Owl is an interesting creature, you should take care a lot with is anatomy issues when crossing it with a man's. Good luck.

Konichiwa ! I want to see your Kappa coming out ! Great idea. Gambate !

Kary: Nice idea, if you want to do a Naga, it's a creature that you can find a lot of iconography references on Tibetan Buddhist images and texts, also at many old Indian scriptures and images as well. I know a lot of Nagas that are creepy grotesque and a lot of them are very handsome actually. Good luck ! Keep going !

Hey man, your last concept at Café 001 already was a kinna grotesque, I don't think you are going to have difficulties here with this. Can't wait to see it

Keep it up, nice start.

Igor Sandman:
Cool face of you character. Keep developing it.

There is a lot of mix, I can't read the image very clear, anyway waiting to see it's development. Keep it up.

I know you're following this up... HEY ! Come on ! Even I am posting here *lol* join up, how much time you get to make a grotesque 3D on XSI ? 2 hours ? *lol*
You are great and should join up. Best wishes my friend, cya.

Best wishes to everyone, lets keep going.
Eduardo S. Janiszewski

Zupi Portal (eng)
Old 04 April 2007   #60
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Roja >>> That's looking excellent! I'm glad you tried enlarging the wings, even if you ended up rejecting the idea. With photoshop etc. it is so easy to do these things, that they literally cry out to be explored.

The Neville page DVD's are really good btw, but I personally learned more from Iain McCaig's ones I think. For this project I didn't even think about Neville Page's work to be honest with you, but maybe I should as he is pretty damn amazing. He designs creatures in an industrial design way, which makes sense to me a bit since I came from that background. (Though it makes less sense to me now than it used to.)

@ Djampa >>> I intend to block it out in maya, pelt map it and then... take it into Zbrush and sculpt the hell out of it! LOL. I haven't used ZBrush in about 5 months now as I have had no need to, but with ZBrush 3 coming in less than 4 weeks an urge is creeping upon me.

I love how you break your ideas down btw, and adding a narrative obviously helps you make choices that would be very hard to do otherwise. I love the idea of your creature having no jaw - that really appeals to me for some reason. I'm looking forward to seeing how you develop your ideas together.

Cheers all
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