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Old 04 April 2007   #61
I'll see if I can take a shot as well, fair amount for two weeks, but it's a fun topic and a good environment .

Reading the topic I was thinking fairly straight forward steampunk pretty quickly. First impulse was an insect with a long boiler, but I saw that being done and realized I'd prefer to push in a bit of an organic direction if I can. Looking at this image really brought home some of the neat possibilities. It has been done a lot (there was a Maya cover with the same feel etc), but it's a fun look that I'd like to put a spin on.

My sketching ability is elementary, but I got down a few of the angles I am interested in:

Since so much of this is going to be mechanical I feel more comfortable getting into 3D as early as possible. I do have the sweeping curves I'm interested in noted down, and I'll try to get a few perspective notes down on paper -- might not make anyone else suffer with those via posting though


Love the classic futurist robots that Slux is doing, the tea picker and waiter especially.

Fatebringer and I seem to be starting from a similar point. A little bit of a wider stance and a little curve to the legs might be cool, but that is a great start . The weapon design looks interesting, would like to see how that is used. I've read Jack Hamm's book, some of the tips/notes that he has are great, but I get more out of Loomis and Vilppu's.

default-rol: Love how you've gone into detail with your approach. Very organized and clean, and I have a good idea of where you're heading from what you already have here. This is already a big thread (and I tend to pay most attention to the pictures ), so I missed your intended output -- I assume games as you mention poly count, but not positive, and completely missed which engine etc.

Mr. Gooch: A clown bomb... well that works on a lot of levels It should be a blast to see how that one winds up.
Old 04 April 2007   #62
@ BHerring >>> I was looking at an Apache helicopter as you posted! LOL, what were the chances.... I hope you participate.

@ Kary >>> Thanks you for the steampunk link, I've added it to the front page with the other useful links. As for poly count, games engine I'm designing for etc... I'm trying to keep my poly count in the range of 12k - 15k tris. I know this is a large range, but I'm not going to beat myself up over every last poly as the model is purely hypothetical to my games engine. As for the games engine itself, I am not designing with a specific one in mind, because I won't be importing my model into one for this workshop.

I'm looking forward to texturing, as this is where the "magic" happens as far as I'm concerned, and I will hopefully get my poly model further on soon.

Thanks for the C&C off people, it all helps.

Keep going, some great stuff starting to turn up now!


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Old 04 April 2007   #63
Wow! great stuff here already guys. good work.

Here are some quick sketches i did yesterday. Still not sure what to do here.



Old 04 April 2007   #64
looks like fun

I might go home and see what i can come up with..
Old 04 April 2007   #65
Great sketches and ideas all! It's going to be fun to follow this. I'm especially curious about the clown-bomb and the attack-flowers
With all this arms and evil creatures I hope my little geisha will be totally off.
Mu - ha! I can't believe you found that mech-geisha! My idea was clearly not that original... ah, well - Nothing is new. Even fot the same kind of tires that I was thinking of. Cool
My sketching abilities is always an embarrasment... anyway, here's a small update.
I haven't figured out the mech details yet - I will try and solve it as I go along.
Now I will start blocking the shapes in 3d - the plan is to make a simple mesh in MAX and then add detail in ZBrush


WIP: Anatomy


Old 04 April 2007   #66
Cool this place get livelier as I press the refresh button.......

Well I will try to come up with something by tmr night......
Old 04 April 2007   #67
im not participating,of course,its someone else's concept,and its a finished work..
still,its a great reference for mechanical adaptation,the concept is by tim white,
and he has nice solutions for intricate complex things such as insect's legs
i think he also had a butterfly,but not as good as this one



oh..and i of my favorites,a jet snail:

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Old 04 April 2007   #68
I had some time at work and did three quick sketches



Old 04 April 2007   #69

I am trying to find some strong silhouettes, mainly because I am clueless how to bridge the gap between the anatomy studies and the desired mech result. Well, it's the main point about the solution finding in this workshop isn't it?...

Ok, fishing in the dark here, if anyone knows anything I could/should try, please do tell me...

(My main problem is how to convert the tubular tentacles and a few other things! ARGH... *panic attack*)

Old 04 April 2007   #70
i start with this sketch my contribution will be 2d maybe i can manage to put textures and a bit of 3d
Old 04 April 2007   #71
Apr 2, 2007

My first ideas for this concept - part fish part bird.

Really enjoying seeing all of these concepts develop.


Glenn Gallegos

Old 04 April 2007   #72
Man, Glenn, really fascinating concept. And I must say it's quite striking to realize how far you have come in 3D, really. Hit me like a baseball bat over the head... you gotta watch out with these images of yours...
Old 04 April 2007   #73
Nice Critters Glenn! I think you can turn that one into something really cool!

Mu - The last set of sketches looks fine - I think the way you're heading with the tentacles could work really well!

So, here's the start for my Geisha - really rough for now but at leats it shows a bit of what I'm thinking of. A wonder of beauty and grace, don't you think?


WIP: Anatomy


Old 04 April 2007   #74
Congrats to you all to participate to this challenge... I answer here because it's totally in my taste, even if I don't have to participate... that promise to be very interesting and with much fun... the imagination in action

Don't know if that can help or give inspiration, but I've made something similar few years ago... interprating of organic things, peoples and environment in mechanicals parts...


Also something maybe useful for certains of you, the metal texture page on my website, the majority of the Ikarus textures comes of these pages... practical when is seamless...

Metallic Textures PAGE 1

Metallic Textures PAGE 2

Best wishes to you all

(and kisses for Gunie of course )
Old 04 April 2007   #75

@ michael-olszak >>> I think it is a very good idea to try and block out volumes and mass first. you are doing this well and I look forward to seeing what you end up with.

@ Mu >>> I think your bottom 2 silhouettes are really good. You've managed to create a good contrast between complex forms (the tenticles) and the simple form of the main body. You've also got good volume ratios going, (large and simple volume : smaller and more complex volumes.) Keep thinking like this and you should come out of this first event with something really cool to show for it!

@ hermine >>> Nice atmosphere in the sketch, can't wait to see more.

@ SpiritDreamer >>> Love the "flying fish" concept you've got going here. Incidentally, I photographed some mechanical fish that were swimming about in the London Aquarium. I've included the photos below (sorry for the poor quality - low lighting conditions with a 'point and click' camera I'm afraid.)

Keep going, I reckon it could be awesome!

@ Gunilla >>> Excellent start, I can't wait to see this one finished!

@ Lemog >>> I love the icarus design, and thank you very much for the links to some of your great texture library. I'm sure they will come in very handy. I hope you have time to participate in future, as you are always an inspiration.

thanks everyone, and... MORE, MORE, MORE!

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