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Old 04 April 2007   #46
yet another design

Do you look for a way how to quickly and effortlessly harvest your large fields of tea? Look no further! Tea picker 3000 is here to help you!

- Slux
The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time.

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Old 04 April 2007   #47
Orion091 - I like how you are trying to make the mechanics behind the movement apparatus really believable. The first sketch in the upper right corner of the page with the leg mechanic brainstorming already looks pretty menacing.

Kid Dynomite - that's a pretty unique approach (you and Gunilla should team up... the electric Geisha under the death cannon tree... can't get any weirder... ) What do the "hands" do? Pick up ammunition?

Gunilla - that is downright crazy... , albeit not crazy enough for reality....

I do love the speakers in the hairdo, btw...

Slux - with all of your concepts you are pretty advanced already... in fact, you are actually finished with the conceptual part, aren't you? All that's left to do is rendering one of those things in either an elaborate 2D painting or going 3D... that's pretty fast work.
While the detail on the horse mechanics is pretty nice I like the bug a bit more. It sort of has more personality. I can practically hear it grumbling away while it's doing its job.
The medic did not really click with me, probably because it looks too much like a suit of some sort.
The tea robot on the other hand seems to have character again, a bit like C3-PO...
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Thumbs up

Hi everyone,

I started playing with a concept in photoshop last night, but it didn't have the right "feel" I was looking for, so it was abandoned at this stage >>>

I've gone back to the drawing board and thumbnailed out some ideas in draft view. I usually work this way, and these drawings are of a kind I never show to anyone usually.

I've now got a "feel" I'm happier with, (the second drawing, with the twin tails of the third.) I usually do loads more thumbnails, but as we are pressed for time on these I have to make quick decisions.

Now i've got a concept to go from - I can start a tighter line drawing and go for a rendering, then on into 3D...

Hope that breakdown is of use to someone.

Great effort so far by everyone who is participating!

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Old 04 April 2007   #49
Hi folks,

there's so much anatomy involved which I don't have the slightest clue of that I must say the workshop's well placed in the anatomy forum...

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GREAT DESIGN...the twin tails is my favorite also...
The most interesting feature of the bug that I sent you the pictures of, is that it has two very long antanas that are really modified arms, with sensors, that act like eyes...when extended, they are about six inches long. It uses them to search out its prey/crichets...Those two arms, are actually able go around corners, and explore the other side of the surface it is on/a piece of bark in this case.
Anyway, it uses those two arms to see, then poke and prod the cricket onto the side of the bark that it is lying in wait on.
JUST A THOUGHT HERE...the whip tail scorpion, which is deferent than the bug that we have by the way..ours doesn't have the whip tail.
Anyway that whip tail on that other type of scorpion, is a modified sprays a fine mist like arosol toxin, that stuns it's prey, instead of puntureing it's victim/ it twice the reach that way, and it doesn't even have to come in contact with it's prey, which is safer for the scorpion/not the prey though..
My thought for your design, was to incorporate ..the whp tail that sprays an arosol toxin, the two longe and very slender antana with eyes/camera's that our bug has.
Those three aditions to your current twin tailed design, would make your creature truely formidable, even more so than it is now.
Would have the advantage of being able to see around corners, extend into caves/windows of buildings ect....and also be able to stun whatever it's extended eyes found hiding within their hiding place, using that long flexible slender whip tail.
Those three elements, are all very slender, almost line like, and might add a nice contrast to the thicker armored nature of your design...made wavey...they might enhace and give a better feeling of motion in your design....Like I said though, just a passing thought, as I am sitting here admirering your design...
Glenn Gallegos

Old 04 April 2007   #51
Hey Rollinson,

i like your first sketch. Reminds me of shrimp. You mind if I potentially steal the idea?(not literally of course, simply expand upon it)
"It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man."

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Sooner or later I am going to have to get all technical with this.
Anatomy Thread of Rist

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Hi all
wow some really creative ideas going on here, great!

my ideas seem to come in "big blocks", fully realized in my mind, the hard part being able to get the idea onto paper before another idea and gets in the way

a few thoughts on how i came to realize the idea in my head
-character a fortnight... character=humanish fortnight=no time keep it simple
-passageway...guards=humanish=simple(well maybe not simple, but have been working at)
-mechanical...robot/cyborg human guard/sentinal
-keep it simple... things i know=bones/muscles
-bones...replace with mech. frame work
-muscles...use muscle forms to shape armour
-veins... wires and things

decided to draw front and side view useing and eight head proportion scale to get things place right, later hope to do a 3/4 veiw in a more aggressive pose
used a diagram for male proportions by Jack Hamm

idea origanally came to me as female, but have been drawing them for the past 2 weeks so changed to male

oh, did some playing on blender ,LOL, lets just say i'll be sticking to 2d for some time
so all are welcome to use, expand or barrow my ideas for use in this thread

well that might be the most words ever posted at one time by me, think i'll go back in hiding now

Old 04 April 2007   #54
Mark: Great idea. I highly recommend you take half an inch off each side of the pelvis, otherwise your dude will turn into a... well you get my drift without me offending someone.

Mu: The Kraken, great. I am using a similar reference, the one I am using was the creature that storytellers were inspired by to create the kraken, its proper name is the Cameroceras, and was a Cephalopod mollusc in the Ordovician period. A very vicious animal and known to be one of the first ever predators.

default-rol: I actually saw a Scorpian tank in Command and Conquer Generals, a PC game, or a game I have played at least. Not to say you cannot do the same, far from it! One good resource is the first scorpians to walk the earth. Most notably the Sea Scorpian, it could grow to 2 meters in length, it was very deadly and was an all-terrain creature. Try google with the name Megalograptus.

Slux: Cool design. It appears to be an Asian inspired piece, most notably the Chinese Rise havesters. If this is so, maybe you could think of how it could have functioned under chinese control. They require cole for most of there energy, so it may require a chimney to release the waste, and also a vent to release the heat. Could look cool with an early industrial look to it.

Kid Dynomite: Would these be like defensive weaponry for fortresses in enemy territory? For me, if this was so, I would try to make it as life-like as possible, but to keep to the brief, give suggestions to the viewer that its a defense system in camo.
Anatomy Thread of Rist


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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Kid Dynomite: Hey Rollinson,

i like your first sketch. Reminds me of shrimp. You mind if I potentially steal the idea?(not literally of course, simply expand upon it)

@Kid Dynomite >>> Run with it, enjoy.

@Spiritdreamer >>> Brilliant explination on how those things actually work, but I could keep designing for ever if you keep feeding me tit bits of info. To give me any sort of fighting chance at finishing, I'll be running with the thumbnail I've got, and fleshing it out as I go along. Thank you very much for the additional info though.

Great effort everyone else, and those of you who are considering it but haven't posted >>> WE'D LOVE TO SEE YOUR WORK!


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Old 04 April 2007   #56
Mu: Thanks for comments well we will se what I will do with those concepts, problably not much heh but anyway good luck with your own concept!

Fl3wk: Thanks and yes you are right it is inspired by Chinese Rise havesters . Thats an interesting idea with the coal it could be interesting, well actualy I have been thinking that I may redesign it although I have had even more hitech design in mind but I guess that would look more like something that japanese would come up with than chinese.

default-rol: Cool design, I like that double tail scorpion

Here is just the quick sketch, nothing special
just some waiter bot

Hmm it seems that there are some battle concepts in preparation so I should rather quickly get some firepower on my side before its too late because that tea picker neither the waiter bot wouldn't cut it in the battle heh

So here is my Battle centaur

- Slux

The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time.

Dominance War III
Old 04 April 2007   #57
SLUX - Great concepts. I dig that centaur.

Working out basic proportions. I want the legs to be quite long.

I've decided to scratch the leg-tools for now and focus on a more basic leg design to incorporate. I also decided to attach welding tools to his pedipalps and give him "headlights" for chelicerae.

Old 04 April 2007   #58
Originally Posted by Fl3wk: default-rol: I actually saw a Scorpian tank in Command and Conquer Generals, a PC game, or a game I have played at least. Not to say you cannot do the same, far from it!

Originality is almost impossible these days... I've learned to live with it. LOL

I've began to model the bit I'm confident with (The gun turret.) I think I may have taken it too far away from the scorpion/whip scorpion at the moment, so I'll have to reign it back as best I can.

I'm not sure about the rocket launchers on the side as it distracts too much from the overall silhouette, (even if they are jettisonable from the main head.) Also, they are VERY poly dense at the moment and need to be optimised badly. Just trying to work out if it'd be worth the effort....

Cheers and keep going everyone!

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CAFÉ 007 - Conjoined twins, now open.
Old 04 April 2007   #59
my workflow

Cool Work everyone.
I decided to go with a bomb shaped like a little clown toy. here is a pic of how i came to this idea. Pretty much I drew the lil clown and than from there i tryed to decide what the heck would tie it in I'm quite busy with work so who knows if I'll get much further with this. I'm going to try and do a little each day on it. Will see what happens...all and all its good practice for the creative juices.

Woo HOOO Clown Bombs!!!

Old 04 April 2007   #60
MIKE- I like what you're doing with the gun turret. I agree about the rocket launchers being a bit distracting, and thought I'd throw an idea your way.

You might try looking at the missle turrets on the Apache helicopter. I think they might work a little better with the silhouette as they're much more slender in shape. Also, they're a little smaller than the ones you have now, so you probably wouldn't lose too much time in the rebuild if you decided to switch them out.

But like I said, it looks like it's coming along great so far; best of luck with whatever route you decide to take!

Best of luck to everyone else participating as well; I've seen a lot of great work so far, so keep it up!

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