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  12 December 2006
Animated Gif, Extensively Layered PSD!

Ugh, gave up on the face. Need to do some just plain portraits, maybe something out of the currect OFDW. Learned some good things this time though for sure. Finally making use of flipping the canvas, popping in tones a bit quicker and bolder. This one probably went quicker, that and I gave up quicker perhaps? Haha. Still, no color for awhile.

Crutches used;
Side by side with reference, a few level line checks.

PSD + Other files;

Ref: (Got the source from Prom haha!)
  12 December 2006
Animated Gif, Extensively Layered PSD!

Here is my first attempt at the ongoing OFDW run by the gracious RebeccaK, Hi Rebecca! I haven't forgotten about those jellybeans!

Don't know if I'm going to go further on this one or not, don't have too much free time at the moment and I'd almost rather move on and do another portrait since they give me such a hard time.

We'll see.


Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867)
Madame Marie Marcotte (Marcotte de Sainte-Marie), née Suzanne-Clarisse de Salvaing de Boissieu
Oil on canvas, 1826

Tweaked Ref: (Grayscaled, levels, cropped)
Source Ref Copyright

Full Res PSD and other Files:
  12 December 2006
Thanks a lot T-Scholes for the new additions!
  12 December 2006
Thumbs up

T-Scholes I think you did a fantastic job on the Ingres copy. I was going to do this one as well but settled on a Leighton instead. You've done a fine job with the digital brush. Even added a slight texture to her skin that adds a definate interest and realism, but also points to your sensiblities and thought for fine details in a piece. Nice job.

I already admire your landscapes. Will be watching to see what else you come up with.

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  12 December 2006
Beautiful work! I am new to the whole digital painting thing and I have to say that I find your work inspiring!
  12 December 2006
This is great stuff and thank you for your efforts. I think the hardest part for me is the initial rendering process. I get the sketches and to the end product. It is that initial laying down of the shadows and highlights that I cannot get. You make it look so effortlessly.

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  12 December 2006
Saiko: Mm, my pleasure. And thank you for always dropping by!
AztcFireFlower: Thanks very much! I was pretty satisfied with what I learned with the Ingres Copy, however some shapes and proportions are really messed up :\ Going to try and do a few more portrait studies.
Antsidious: Thanks! Makes me happy to hear that you are inspired, let me know if I can help!
aggie93: Hehe I assure you it's not effortless! Hmm, advice ... I don't know - start big to small, general to specific. If you have every little detail rendered without a firm base it will look flat. Uhm, shadows - try blocking in the terminator line and from there determine the degree of edges between light and shadow (soft vs hard and everything in between). In truth, you really only have a lit portion of a subject and a shadow portion, it's the edges between that really describe the rest.

Update Below!
  12 December 2006
Animated Gif Extensively Layered PSD

Just a quick experiment with enviroments, started as a thumbnail I did for another project but never finished. Lot's of digital trickery going on this time, probably more apparent in the PSD. Using the clone stamp to knock in textures from the get go - via another file as the source. Mirroring and using lighten or darken to mix things up a bit as well - of course breaking up the perfect symmetry as well.

Tried to keep the PSD as high res as possible without bloating the filesize, around 20mb's I think.

  01 January 2007
These are amazing. I love the animated GIFs, the breakdown of the images to the steps makes them seem less intimidating, but don't take away from the final images. So far, I really like the latest environment image, and, for me, I love the detail included in the floor (textures and reflections namely).
  01 January 2007
Because of my retardation, I forgot to say thank you for these - I'm looking forward to your Color Workshop *hint hint*

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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  01 January 2007
Asatira: Aw, thanks! Out of curiosity are you checking out the PSD's as well? Thanks for dropping by.

RebeccaK: Thanks Rebecca, hope you are doing well in 2007! Just finished up another section for the workshop actually, exhausting!

Update Below!
  01 January 2007

Note: I use a ton of brushes, some made up on the spot but also many of Bumskee's - BaRONTiERi's and Alday.J's. I also change the settings constantly if I find something lacking or unsatisfactory. Just play around with these, maybe they have some use to you?

A: Basic Round; Size to Pressure, minimum size varies as needed. Flow and Opacity to Pressure. Manual Opacity never changes, Manual flow changes as needed. Softness changes as needed via keyboard shortcuts (shift+[ and shift+])
B: New* Brush, Dirty cover/Foliage Cover Brush. Default round with dual brush option, otherwise settings same as above.
C: Squished Elliptical: Angled to -116 degrees, squished to 36%, angle set to inital direction; otherwise same setting as A. Feels a bit more like a paintbrush, doesn't blend as well however.
D: New* Drawing Brush: Actually used much smaller than seen here, dual brush option adds a bit of 'randomness' negating a little bit of the digital feel. Settings otherwise same as A.
E: Foliage Brush 1: Generic, used to fill in and play with edges. Scattering etc. used to mix things up a bit. See settings on your own if curious :P
F: Cover/Dirty Brush: Used like the bottom right swatch mainly - basically a texture applied to a brush stroke with a bit of variance.
G: Foliage Brush 2: Used large as seen in bottom right and larger. Usually in random and wild strokes for inital abstraction.
H: Foliage Brush 3: Lighter cover, alteration of the same brushstamp as G, a bit more into the individual leaves category. Rarely used by itself.
I: Foliage Brush 4: Meh, just another brush ahah. Try it huge too.
J: Large Foliage Brush: Original size is 1200 px. Real nice huge abstract brush.
K: Barontieri's Chalk: I think this is the same as I got it from BaRONTiERi's set but I can't remember. I wouldn't have included it except I use it quite a bit, or have at least. Good for dirty textures and foliage.
L: Flower/Grain Brush: Use this puppy for flowers and to add grain and otherwise variance to paintings. Good to mix up foliage as well.
M: Palette Knife: Can be nice for drawing, seems too digital when painting - need to tweak it.
N: More random foliage brush: Can be nice to add some variety - can't say I've really used it as the main event.
O: A bit sharper shapes, can help with seeing more manmade shapes in abstractions.
P: Ground cover brush: I mess with the settings on this one a lot - but can make some decent dirt/ground.
Q: New* Dirty Brush: Just used to dirty things up so far.
R: Ugly Branches brush: When messed with properly can be ok... otherwise way too ugly and digital.

File: Some new free host, supposed to stay FOREVERRRRRRR!
  01 January 2007 you sleep??? Keep up the prolific precociousness, it's great!

Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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Downtown Los Angeles

  01 January 2007
Wow I can't believe I just found this, these are beautiful! The figure studies are flat-out gorgeous, such lighting!!

Thanks for the brushes, can't wait to try some of them out Will be keeping tabs on this one for certain!
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  01 January 2007
Originally Posted by T-Scholes: Asatira: Aw, thanks! Out of curiosity are you checking out the PSD's as well? Thanks for dropping by.

Update Below!

I've downloaded one so far, but haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I will definately look at them and study them.
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