WORKSHOP - Character Development Pipeline #001 - "THE HEAD HUNTER"

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  11 November 2006
Wow! this is cool...Great work by all who have posted so soon! I will take more time to post comments later. Ok this is where I will spend the next month. I plan to do the whole workshop. Thanks Michael and Rebecca.

I'll post some work asap
  11 November 2006
Hi all!Magnificent idea. Whether I do not know I shall do model and all rest. I as always am busy and I have no a free time, but I see the concept while so. Time for figure paint about an half hour so strongly do not abuse

Sorry for my english

DiM's Sketchbook
  11 November 2006
Thumbs up

@ davidportoles >>> Looking like you have a solid concept here. Hope you get time to finish it too.

@ Darkhorse3d >>> Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

@ engelik >>> Glad you liked the idea and hope to see your work soon on the boards.

@ benkashmir >>> I think your no.1 sketch has got great attitude to him, keep going and excellent to see the amount of work you have already put into this in such a short period of time.

@ grafi >>> I know the feeling.

@ Squibbit >>> If you could PM me that love potion mix... Great stuff as always by the way.

@ Brownboot >>> Looks like a good start you have here. You planning on going for a full colour paint?

@ Digiegg >>> Can't speak for anyone else, but I'm building a real time asset. I'll post my spec's etc when I get that far.

@ kaylon >>> Looks like you are well underway with this one. Nice work. Are you going to be making orthographics for the model, or are you just going to build it? (If you get chance to of course.)

@ Michael_Kasper >>> Celtic Headhunters eh... sounds cool. Looks like you are going to be using similar packages to me too. Great stuff!

@ Cris-Palomino >>> Excellent first "stab" at the head-hunter character! He's got a bit of a berzerker attitude to him, judging by the look of shock on that severed head.

@ Ham-e >>> The enthusiasm is strong in this one..., looking forward to seeing the work.

@ DiM >>> Nice. Something about "strong" female characters that I really like. Hope you get chance to work more on this one.

This workshop is shaping up nicely, thanks to all who have participated so far!

Keep track of the CAFÉ here
CAFÉ 007 - Conjoined twins, now open.

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  11 November 2006
Hy all,
Congratulations for the idea, i hope the next Challenge will be as great than this "Head hunter" theme.
I'm not sure if I can finish my design but i try it.
This is my "big head" hunter.
Attached Images
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Daniel S. Limon
Strange Behavior
  11 November 2006
CDP #001 Workshop Thread of Alec Fredericks

This is just a first pass. I'm trying to figure out what sort of feeling I want to evoke with this character still. I'm sure this isn't it, so another sketch tomorrow with a similar feel but more evocotive and detailed.

  11 November 2006
First Draft.

Future ..somewhere in the syberia or the stepes...(not sure yet) there's a new breed of humans who are infected with a carnivorus virus and only can eat human brains... as air travel is forbidden cause it can eliminate the little ozon layer that's left, people are forced to travel the old ways...train is the most common travel which uses solar panels..It's an easy target for the head hunters... (silly story i know)

This is my first draft...i will definatelly add props, possibly more clothing and even change the design a bit....C&C please.

Brownboot i like yours...when I read the topic i kind of had mad max in mind...
kaylon cool sketch....what's under his mask? :P
michael didn't know they were celtic
and the rest great stuff... especially loving the manga one by Daniel...
To animate? or to matte paint?

  11 November 2006
anim_ziggy:" kaylon cool sketch....what's under his mask? :P"

Not a pretty sight...he's looking for a new face...hence the impulse to lop of peoples heads
Just because you can....does not always mean you should...
  11 November 2006
Originally Posted by kaylon: anim_ziggy:" kaylon cool sketch....what's under his mask? :P"

Not a pretty sight...he's looking for a new face...hence the impulse to lop of peoples heads

oughh...i knew shouldn't have asked this before first thing in the morning...heh
To animate? or to matte paint?

Last edited by AnimZiggy : 11 November 2006 at 10:17 AM.
  11 November 2006
Cris-Palomino - Like the ide and pose
Brownboot - good work man, looking cool!
kaylon - I love your idea. Would do nicely in a game i think

Very nice work every one else.
I'll maybe post some idea's this weekend. don't know if i'll have the time to do something but I'll do my best.

Have a nice weekend everybody.


  11 November 2006
Did a little portrait study. Trying to get a skin tone that looks nice; I want him to look like he's out in the frigid wastes all the time. Also thought about where he'd keep his head collection, and I think he keeps them on the gates to the village he protects that's built in a ruined cityscape. Have to do some doodles of that stuff in the near future.

Everybody's stuff is looking pretty swish. Always impressed by the myriad ideas everyone comes up with :P.

Edit: I'll be doing a full color study soon. Also, I'll try to do a low poly model, 3500 polys or so, I'm not much of a modeller though, I enjoy texture painting a lot more.

Last edited by Brownboot : 11 November 2006 at 02:09 PM.
  11 November 2006
head hunters fashion show

great sketches everyone

dim - i like this classic sort of muskiteric girl
brownboot - your painting good, i would lower his eye brows and make his eyes like his getting blazed by the sun so he will look meaner..

well, heres the outfits (only few steps till i get to the reall detailing, weee!)

i tend to prefer no.1 pants with no.3 black t-shirt... altough no.4 desert camo would looks nice too i think... i am considering maybe even make a camo t-shirt..
no.2 is supposed to be a futuristic armor, not sure it would fit, but it would allow me much more range of weapons and gudgets to add...

well.. enough bubling

after i decide for the outfit i will start roughing out his main weapon..
  11 November 2006
Great topic, as i dont have much time from my personal projects i couldnt resist this,

When i first head the head hunter i just remembered the yoshimo the bounty hunter from Baldurs Gate 2,

My lady is a Chaotic Natural bounty hunter, she kills just because this her job, no evil no good. She is a killer and she uses every kind of weapons such as swords, shruikens, dagger, poison or vanishing powder but her main weapon is sthealth and speed. Her face is hidden because tomorrow she can appear as a dancer or a maid in your house just to kill you. I want her to look simple and deadly. And the reason why the character is a lady, i find it more frightening when a lady has no emotion than a man.

The green vest will be painted as crocodile leather in future and the protecters on his foot will be like bamboos.

Last edited by sekopasa : 11 November 2006 at 10:27 PM. Reason: i forgot to post image :)
  11 November 2006
cool workshop, its gonna be nice to take a break from all the studying and just be creative for awhile, even thou the 3d parts scares me a little bit, I'm so rusty when it comes to 3d..

anyhow, here is the first batch of thumbnails ..

Anatomy Thread of Corvax.
  11 November 2006
My first concept. The main word is "adaptation". Adaptation to a hostile environment in a land similar to a desert where life ain't easy. lot's of competition and only the best adapted survive. He is an evolution of an human, there is a piece of cloth over is face to protect it from the sand, and the glasses work the same way..

Sorry for my english :\ i'm portuguese
  11 November 2006
um okay so I got this idea in my head.
A crazy male from a tribe hold up an eyeball like a cherry with his two fingers about to drop them into his mouth.
he's sticking his toungue out and is very excited about eating the eyeball.
On his other hand he has a head of another tribeman.
i kinda of worked the expression a little bit to see where I can go...
You guys can give me suggestions to tell me how i can make this guy look excited.
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