Open Figure Drawing Workshop 019 - The Awakening of the Underground Giant

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  08 August 2006
Cool. Lots of stuff here already. i guess everybody is super enthusiastic about this one. Good work guys.
I knew this Theme would be chosen! I'll do my best to start and actually finish this one.

Good luck everybody.


  08 August 2006
what am I thinking

Life is really busy... I'm working on two other art projects already... but the topic is so cool! I don't know if I will get done in four weeks, but we'll see.
I just spent about an hour figuring out what to do. I wish my speed paints looked like Linda Bergkvist's, then I would be halfway done already, but I just have a very rough sketch. Maybe you can get the idea.

I don't think the girls will be nude. If I were a giant, that would be too much to handle after being asleep for a thousand years.

Great starts for you guys that have posted already. I'm looking forward to seeing all the other starts over the next couple days, Good luck everyone.

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  08 August 2006
Thumbs up

i still wake up with the sweats after my last attempt at pathetically entering a challenge.. the fact that i never seem to finish anything is the main killer.. but what the hey.. i have a nice idea and im not limited to 3d. ill give it a go! ... good luck everyone gonna start sketching now!.

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  08 August 2006
time for bed

I couldn't stop. But now it's really time for bed.

I already love the girl behind the ear. She's crazy.

and with her I have my story. The other two girls will definitely be reacting to her.

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  08 August 2006
OK. I´m in
Rough sketch to get the feeling.
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  08 August 2006
Okay here I go!

Concept and distribution:

First ideas:

I think I'll go check some Bridgeman's and anatomy references for the first studies now

PS: Good luck everyone!!
  08 August 2006
SaraD, nice concept. I would suggest positioning the ship a bit further away from her leg
Mu, I can see your image
I made 3 ultra quick concept sketches here at work, but I'll up 'em as soon as I get home.

Is it me or is the forum really slow lately?
  08 August 2006
@xianna: She is crazy Very cool, though!

Here's my sketch.

"The Awakening of the Underground Giant"

I don't know if I'm missing the point and I'm really not happy with the colour theme...
  08 August 2006
it's here, finaly !

i'll be looking like a fool doing this, but hell, let's give it a shot. I'll think very carefully about a theme and try like hell.

cheers all
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  08 August 2006
August 22, 2006


Will have her floating in a universe of stars...

Glenn Gallegos

  08 August 2006
First WIP image. Suggestions are highly appreciated
  08 August 2006
It's great to see all the different ideas people have! So much creativity is in the (digital) air!

Mu: Great start to the thread! It's quite striking, keeps you looking at it.

Corvax: Interesting concept! Really looks underGROUND.

danielh68: The 'little' people seem like they're in trouble... your giant looks ready for some house-breaking acting, if I'm not mistaken.

MechaHateChimp: To the contrary, I think he does, even though there isn't anything to compare him to. It's there in the way he seems to move - makes him look big all in itself.

xiannc: The expressions the characters are developing in yours are priceless! There's a lot of life in this already.

SaraD: I love where that is going! Definitely a lot of feeling there. ^^ Keep at it!

Kencho: Powerful composition! Looking forward to see where you're taking this. And on the WIP, his waist could be a little thinner, don't you think? It seemed more balanced in your first sketch.

NR43: It's not just you, it's acting up for me too, though not so much at the moment. Could have to do with the amount of people around, I suppose.

MasterPete: xD That is so hilarious! She looks like she's seen a bug... Which, I guess, she has, in a way. Love it!

SpiritDreamer: Ooh, that sounds interesting! How are you going to go about it? All-3D or something else?

[Boy, that was a lot of usernames to type there... if I misspelled any, sorry!]

And noow, time for my first real post here... with pictures!

STEP 1: The first concept sketch, which I abandoned, and then got back to, evolving it into...
STEP 2: ...this. At this point I think I've got my main elements there, and I changed her pose around to something a little more believeable.
STEP 3: The above, with colours because I wanted to see what the feeling would be like if I picked colours somewhat like those in my first concept. It ended up a lot darker in the end, though.

After this step I'm most likely going to go grayscale pretty soon, because I want to keep the values straight... and because I can't quite decide on the colours quite yet. Also, the giant(ess) is going to get some (modern) underground-inspired costume design. Anyway, feel free to c&c as much as you like. ^^
  08 August 2006
Vilhelmina the colors of step1 are really nice, giving that morning mood. Me Likes that! It occured to me that when stretching out as I am awakening, I usually do so with both arms.

Kencho simular pose, one arm stretched, one hand behind the head, feels awkward, but looks nice

SpiritDreamer That's deep!

lol that's a funny one

xiannc she's gonna bite his ear? woops, better run hehe

Got a bit of a problem choosing which road to go so I'm counting on you peepz to tell me which one you like best...

Very basic sketches but you get the idea...



1.I like that one but isn't it a bit too cliché?
2. actually made up a nice story about an feary asking a giant to help her human friends because the dam is about to pop and letting the water from the lake onto the village. I would have to make the giant more "underground" and all but I kinda like the story
3. I was sketching without thinking and suddenly I remembered Gulliver lol

So, what y'all rekon? 1, 2 or shall I start sketching again?
  08 August 2006

Thanks! I actually prefer the colours from step 1 too. In the end I'll probably end up at some sort of compromise between 1 and 3, colour-wise. Seeing as it's an underground setting, I'll probably put an artificial morning sun or something like that. And that's interesting with the arms, because I actually stretch my arms one at a time when I wake up, pretty much like in my picture (xD; I tested it...). I guess we all do things different ways.

As for your sketches, I personally prefer the second one. The story got me.
  08 August 2006

Hi everyone,

Great to see your sketches so far! My main suggestion is to do a number of small, fast, gestural and blocky sketches just to get the feel for composition ~ don't think about details, just go for breaking up space with light and dark areas, and think on a subconcious level.

I've posted some References for Inspiration in Post #2 here:


Please feel free to post your own Inspirational Reference, and I'll add links to that post.

Keep concepting!

Remember that the giant does NOT have to be human! It can be a creature, beast, some hybrid of man and beast, etc.



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