Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Rembrandt Master Copy - with Rebeccak 016

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  04 April 2006
Great start Audit! You're almost there already

DigitalSol, I'm really looking forward to seeing all the stages. I love how you build up the image!

Aedilhum : That's just beautiful. Awesome strokes! Oh and welcome I'm new here too!.

RedSquirrel: Welcome too! You've done a great job so far.I really like the textures, what are you using?

pierceda: I like the sketchyness you have right now! Some more texture and you're set

Shawshank: Nice start :d Can't wait to see more.

Zhuzhu : :O You finished so soon! It is beautiful! The textures are great.

Rebeccak : Neat! I love how it is looking so far.

SaraD: Great going!

Zephyri: I'm speechless. The textures are spot on and the painting on the whole looks so perfect! Very very well done!

Maladie: Welcome!

Queensoul: Good job so far!

billcunningham: Oops, I missed you, and you were the first to post! The WIPs look great so far!

Elliepower: Nice start! I really like how you're handling the textures, they flow with the form.

I hope I didn't miss anyone else >.<

Anyway, here's my tiny update.Didn't do much, I got back from an exam and didn't want to look at any other face, haha. But then I couldn't stay away for too long, so I worked a bit on the face and the lace.I have a whole new level of respect for Rembrandt now.

This OFDW is really about textures isn't it? I need to work on that aspect anyway. Haha, I think right now the reason why I'm drawing is so I can show you guys, this forum is so nice! I love it.I'm getting a little intimidated by all the great work here though.
  04 April 2006

it is amazing to see this good work all around.

For me, I am going offroad.. a bit, but not much.

Who is that, I think my boyfriend. Hehe... not a reference, because it doesn't work.


  04 April 2006
Sure this is looking good.

Great work, it really looks like a traditional media painting.

Good work on your as well, can't wait to see your update.

I had always liked your work, Im your fan, this is looking great. Congrats.

That looks like a good start for me, keep on going with it.

Big thanks.

Really cool work on yours, I like the temperature that your paint have, great work overall.

I like very much your sketch, I will only add more contrast, good job.

I love the way u paint, awesome, just that, awesome.

Fantastic job, hahaha, well they are almost the same,

Here is my update, critics welcome.

  04 April 2006
Aaawww Enrique love that underpainting.
Becca: Its coming along nicely. Dont worry
Audit: Long time no see. Welcome back. I love how vibrant the monk is turning out.
zhuzhu: what can I say? Great job.
Here is my second stage. Ugly stage part 1. :P

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  04 April 2006
Hellooo! My my what a busy thread this is...

Rebeccak - hi! nice to be the greyscale. keep going!
Hiiri - seriously, that is looking stunning.
Zephyri - wow! that pastelly look is extremely convincing. isn't photoshop great?!
Aedilhum - another wonderful start...again, the texture is working really well
DigitalSol - looking good. the more refinements you make, the more i want to see it finished!
Queensoul - hello...yeah I was away for quite a while, college just took up too much time. It certaintly was quite a surprise to see the anatomy-shop reorganised.

Anyway, I did another copy today. I've included some images from the process as well ------

The brush type I use for most of this work. Goro's Structure3. I set it to about 90% opacity. There isn't much universal variation needed, since the brush is set to opacity jitter anyway.

I set the piece up with the original to the left, open a new canvas to the same size, and then double it. This makes a lot of room for stroke sizes, especially small ones which are necessary to bring off the final highlights, and in detailed areas such as the hair and face.

You can really see the compositional errors in this way!! (sorry everyone...)

My method is...horrible: start in the top left corner and work to the bottom right. This is really wrong, since the sketch should come first, then major tonal areas, etc. I just start colour picking (alt+click) and away it goes. You can see the results below. Look at the left eye...haha I often correct the anatomy quite a lot as I go through. Once I have most of the 'paint' down, it's much easier to see relationships between areas of tone and value and the entirety of the image.

Colour picking has its advantages, but it's hard work. Ideally I would pick a new colour from the area I'm working from every few seconds. The nice (or nasty, depending on your perspective) thing with Rembrandt is that you're likely to find all kinds of colours everywhere on the canvas. This is a real help as it allows a proper dynamic range in a copy, rather than blocks or ultra-smooth gradients.

I don't actually zoom in much past what you see in the screencap (about 28% zoom is the max) since I don't want to be bothered with too many details...! Here is a bit at 100% res to show you what it actually looks like:

Mmm. Nice. You'll notice I've corrected the eye...

I might add that in the final image, I added a googled image of some marble to the back wall set to 'multiply' at low opacity, to try and get more texture. I think it's just about visible...

A thread (by me)

Last edited by audit : 04 April 2006 at 12:00 AM.
  04 April 2006
hiiri. Looking great! very nice indeed.

Zephyri. Again, awsome job on this.

Here's my final, or nearly final update. Depending on if I feel like going back to it. There's a lot that could be done to it but hey, it's done for now.
  04 April 2006


Yours is looking effortlessly beautiful! Congrats on a great job so far!


LOL, your posts always make me smile. Rembrandt + significant other = masterpiece, no?


Great update! Hard to crit at this point since so much is likely to change. Really looking great so far, though!


Great start to your painting!


Awesome, thanks for that great tutorial! It's really cool to see everyone's work processes, since we all work in slightly different ways. The explanations are really useful, so thanks!


Wow, that was fast! Considering we are barely into the first week of a 4 week Workshop, do you have any plans to tackle any of the other pieces? Really lovely work, and what a pace!



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  04 April 2006
Zephyri: wow, excellent work so far on the body and face, I like the foot too.

Zhuzhu: I'm envious of your quick start, its so loose yet looks so good. And your detail build up is looking amazing.

Aedilhum: great work on you piece, I like the textures and the brush strokes, especially.

Audit: Awesome work.

Digitalsol: Nice use of colour tones.

SaraD: I think your image is good so far, I hope you get back to it soon.

Queensoul: Stage one looking good.

Rebeccak: Thanks for the welcome, your WIP is looking good, great lighting.

Hiiri: Love the update on the face, excellent detail BTW the program I'm using is Project Dogwaffle Pro, with their standard oil brushes, while also changing the intensity of the canvas to give the image more texture.

Here's my final, its been fun and its amazing what you notice in Rembrandts works when your trying to duplicate them.
  04 April 2006
Everyone: great work!! Particularly the progress of hiiri, audit and Digital Sol is stunning! I like how everybody whines about being lazy, not having done enough work, and then I scroll down and WHAM there's incredible work there.

Sol, yours looks almost edible. And hiiri, your lace looks great!

Here's a line sketch I quite liked. I was spooked by my earlier study, btw! I worked on it with bright sunlight coming through the curtains, and it looks way different (and worse) now!! I guess I'll have to become a nocturnal creature to work more on it.

  04 April 2006


Wow, that's coming along really well! The textures of the habit are looking superb!


I really like this line study, and think it's a great starting point for a painting. Looking forward to seeing it develop.

Small update: he's looking a little...fuzzy ...still trying to find the right balance.

EDIT: Another update:


Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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  04 April 2006
Frightened and confounded!

That's what I am when I see the casual grace with which these paintings are falling off all of your digital brushes!

In particular I'm in awe of hiiri... that's the same face I'm working on, but for me it's a grueling wrestle with detail, and for hiiri, it looks so brilliantly nonchalant. That ease of strokes is something I've always envied in others, and have never been able to reproduce in myself.

Anyway, here's my work from tonight:

I'll be working on the face, so I zoom both pics in and dim the drawing layer so I can paint more easily on the paint layer under it:

Next, I paint in basic colors and shapes under the drawing, using the lines to get me a bit more accurate. Build this up just to the point I feel confident doing away with the lines:

So I shuffle the drawing layer under the paint layer, to make it disappear... from now on I'll be painting this face without those guides:

Now I start getting heavy handed with color and thick, grainy shapes... trying to exaggerate the details of creases and wrinkles of skin:

Then I switch to a glaze brush set to very minimal opacity, and start glazing light ivories and yellows, and dark browns, and some pinks, around, following general planes on the head. This seems to subdue some of the clumsy harshness of the exaggerated lines, and give a bit more life:

And that's as far as I got tonight. This one is coming slowly. I think next I need to concentrate more on the colors in the original... I've been trying to stay close, but not being too accurate yet. I'm trying to build this up in translucent layers, but it's going too far from the feel of the original now.

Does anyone know how Rembrandt actually painted? Did he use thick solid paint from the start, or did he layer?

This is a very challenging exercise for me. I think at the moment I'm learning the most from trying to build the wrinkled skin around that eye on the left.

For anyone who likes slideshows... here's a link to a slideshow of progress on this painting.

DigitalSol and Rebecca, I'm really loving looking at your tonal studies, it looks like a good way to extract some specific knowledge from the act of copying... focus just on light and dark and gradients, don't worry about color, and it looks like you get a real sense of how light is being used, and how form is being given volume. If I keep struggling with this, I may try to do some quick tonal sketches of it over the weekend.

This is my new favorite thing on the inturwebs.
Bill Cunningham
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  04 April 2006
Queensoul, looks like a good start with some nice gestural texture.

Here's a minor update, didn't have much time today but I got some work done on the face. My next step'll be to size up the image and start some detail work.

  04 April 2006
In a hurry guys but I'll come back and take a closer look at all the awesome entries while I was asleep.

Here's my update to the sexy monk.


::Flemish Classical Atelier::
Art residencies:: Intensive Drawing and Painting workshops
in Brugge, Belgium

Last edited by Queensoul : 04 April 2006 at 08:41 AM.
  04 April 2006
Moving on to the next painting. Always had a problem with wrinkles so this will be a good exercise

My virtual gallery
  04 April 2006
SaraD: nice use of colours and a good start.

Queensoul: Excellent update, I think the nose needs to be lightened up a little so that it is a similar shade to his right cheek.

pierceda: great stuff.

billcunningham: wow, nice work on the wrinkles, especially under the eyes

Rebeccak: brilliant, with those added highlights it really brings the image alive.

Maladie: I love the looseness of your sketch
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