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Old 02 February 2006   #16

Mr. Mu <> Glad you found the last post useful and had some fun with it. Here is another one.

Thanks all <> Hope these little exercises are helpful to some of you <> I do them to help me focus and look at things from different perspectives.

This is not the way I start a drawing, but thought it would be interesting to give it a try.

Here is another little exercise where I just start with a line representing the Linea Alba or center line of the front of the torso.

I than place my core landmarks: I call this process mapping I really only use it to construct figures from my imagination <> when I work from life I only use it if something does not look the way I think it should <> working from life is always best but with this knowledge you can finish up 30 second poses or create ones from scratch.

pit of the neck
bottom of the sternum
bottoms of the tenth ribs
front pelvic points

I know it needs more explaination and I will do that Monday as well

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Thanks DoctorBone, these are really helpful. I sure will study some of these.
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Old 02 February 2006   #18
*rubs hands*
Old 02 February 2006   #19

I realize you can't read my writing, because I can't read my writing LOL

Copyright mentler 2006

This is all about my system of visual measurement based on the Cranio Index, Skeletal Landmarks, Mapping Angles and Negative Formations.

This page points out the importance of the core landmarks < those related directly to the spine > also a bit about the torso trapezium which tells you about the aspect and relationship of the rib-cage ovoid and pelvic block.

Next I am mapping the extended landmarks > leg baring the most weight always first < then arms treated as one unit across the clavicles.

Next I put is the junctions and try to have a change of direction when possible.

Note: The skeletal landmarks are also where major muscles groups attach so when you connect the dots you have really started to flesh out the figure.

Hope this helps you understand my approach.

Here is more of this Treatise oh the SoFA Forums which you might find interesting


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Old 02 February 2006   #20

Great stuff, Doctor B!

I'm still not sure how this is copyrighted though ~ landmarks are well~known. Can you elaborate on how your method differs from known landmarking systems? (Not trying to be pesky, I'm just honestly curious).



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Old 02 February 2006   #21

The copyright issue is because of the concepts not the words <> changing the name from "landmark" to "destination" <> the difference in my concept is that I have separated the Core landmarks (related to the spine) these of course are the same landmarks that a lot of others have used but in my case I am giving them priority status and have have designated them the "Core 4" landmarks.

So it is not so much about what is presented as how it is presented <> the "Torso Trapezium" (c) mentler 2006 on the other hand is a concept I have not seem anywhere else, does not mean it is not out there.

The Cranio Index is most certainly the same basic concept as Hale's 5 eyed line which goes back at least as far as Hatton <> so not a lot of new stuff just new and expanded ways of looking at it.

Hope this clearifles the copyright thing.

Here is more of this Treatise oh the SoFA Forums which you might find interesting
You will have to register to access to Knowledge Vault

These are concepts that will be on my DVDs and in books BTW.

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Old 02 February 2006   #22


Very interesting, thanks for the reply. I think I can understand about your copyrighting terms, but have to admit that repackaging similar concepts in a new way is hard to justify ~ for example, Anthony Ryder in his book discusses familiar terms such as contour, gesture, and block~in, and does these things in his own way, yet I doubt that he could consider these copyrighted terms / concepts. I do understand that you may have a unique approach to familiar concepts, and obviously respect your knowledge of anatomy very much ~ but I just think that there are certain concepts which are universal, and beyond copyright. That's just my opinion, though, and it really isn't important with respect to your approach ~ I think that it's great that you are doing books and dvd's, and think that a lot of folks will greatly benefit from them.

EDIT: After thinking about what you've written, you're right. Heh, sorry for the misunderstanding.



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Old 02 February 2006   #23

RK <> enjoying every minute

Not really a tutorial, but thought some might like to see what I do at a workshop <> this is from one I just did on proportions.

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Old 02 February 2006   #24
Mentler - Your work always amazes me. Your loose work is so detailed you understand what you are trying to get across. You've changed up your board since I was there. I need to get back soon and get another workshop in. I'll remember to bring the Merlot from my area.

Old 02 February 2006   #25

Wow look what I stumbled across

Tell me you have a DVD already that explains your technique (Credit card is out right now)

"I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it."
Old 02 February 2006   #26
Thank you for this amazing thread Doc.
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Old 03 March 2006   #27


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Old 03 March 2006   #28
Its always great to see art tutors spreading the love@!
Old 03 March 2006   #29

The Devil is in the digits <> The never ending battle

These are a few studies going back almost a decade

This is an archive of my hand studies going back about a decade.
I started by doing Bridgmans Book of a Hundred Hands <> of course there are several hundred hands in there. Also some refs from Shepard.

Many of these are posted elsewhere, but I thought it would be nice to have them in one thread.
This is more for inspiration than anything else.

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Old 04 April 2006   #30

Moving forward to the tut

Here are some of mine and some from life and some from ref.

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