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  09 September 2005


Great to see your work here! And thanks so much for signing up for my Workshop ~ I am thrilled that you will be in the class!

I think you have a great start here. The tilt of the head is quite nice ~ though I think the facial features are just a bit off~center. The arms are looking fantastic ~ but I think the underlying upper torso needs to be more volumetric, so that it really appears that the arms are resting on top of this mass.

I think his lower right arm is looking a bit too straight, as opposed to the lovely organic flow apparent in the rest of the arms. Also, I think that the left hand is rather small, and needs to be about 2~3 times the size it is currently.

Also, make sure to give him a neck ~ right now, he does not appear to have one.

Generally, I think you have a lot of the basic ingredients here that are working well independently ~ what I recommend focusing on is getting all of these independent elements to work together as an organic, and rhythmic, whole.

Great job so far, and I really look forward to seeing your update!



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  09 September 2005
zhuzhu: first of all, really appreciate you for doing this ! kinda impossible nowadays (or at least here, in my c) to find male model willing for figure drawings. and all of your poses are just great! will definetely try to do them all. and damn man, your last pastel style just kills !!

slux: very nice!. you've got very strong observation on details so far, keep it up.

katea: wow, looks amazing so far!. kudos for taking such patience on the rendering as the result is quite amazing. looking forward for your updates.

corvax: looking great so far. maybe you could try flip the pic horizontally to help get a fresh perspective to see what might went off with the pic.

goliath: great job so far! i recommend to flip the pic horizontally while reading what our dear Rebecca has pointed out, might help i think. looking forward for your updates!


can't resist to quickly join class 04 when saw it's started tonight, so here's what i've got so far for the class entry! trying a lil more of oil painted style in digital.

keep up the good works everyone!
  09 September 2005
great work guys and gals

after sitting out ofw 3, i am back . too much to do the last 2 weeks, the challenge coming up, some university stuff and had to move from my flat because of a leaking water pipe and now had to renovate *grrr*

this is around 40 minutes. no inital sketch jused. just blocked colours in and after that defined them further.

  09 September 2005
Well I guess it's finished


  09 September 2005


The work here looks fantastic...I can only look really briefly at it now, but let's just say there's some really impressive stuff here!

Checkin' back later.



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  09 September 2005

it is great to see so many nice drawing when i wake up this morning~! everyone good work~!

Katea: i really like your first step use the linework,cool~! but in step.2, it was a little bit strange on my face, ha ha, i think you will handle this in next step. finish already?

Corvax: wow~! am i look like Schwarzenegger ? cool muscle~~~

Arctis: thanks~! but my ps brushes can't run on MAC, my friend just test before, she also use G5. sorry for that. if you like that pastel brush, i can show you the brush setting.

Goliath: nice paper texture there, very classicism.

b2dermawan: thanks~! glad you like that pastel style work. and your work is cool~!

Llynna:haha, very special style, looks strong, l like it~!
  09 September 2005
let me say, Katea, thats really amazing

I drew a new picture, where I devided the picture into 4x6 squares, and drew those squares on my paper so i could get the outline right.
i added more volume tho the lower part of the torso and fixed the little hand (i hope) and i dunno how successfull i was about the neck. according to your words Rebecca, thanks

b2dermawan: thanks, aye was confusing to read at first
zhuzhu: thx, 1 randon color + multiply on scan
And as most people has already said, thank you for providing your great pictures!

edit: hm I can see I drew his left ear wrong and the right one aswell

Last edited by Goliath : 09 September 2005 at 02:42 AM.
  09 September 2005
Umhmm...yep...most definitely need the practise on male anatomy...let me see what I come up with.

Katea: You've nailed the masculine anatomy so well! I must do otherwise. Your strokes for lighting is put in the right places .... this shows me he has muscular volume. The only crit from me would be his right shoulder (left for us) ... the muscles there don't look right.

Llynna: I feel you're getting somewhere with this pic....but you need to work with his volume and muscular proportions...his torso is also a bit twisted. It's coming along though...

b2dermawan: Nice warm colours and lighting...but his left arms at his biceps look way out...too far out I would say...tone it down there...

Goliath: You got the face solid to me...your mastering his facial expression here...but your weakness in this pic is his upper torso: His arms and chest. You're working good though...

Corvax: Your obvious strong point is the bodily features but your weakness in this pic is the facial expression...for this pic I see that...not bad practise period.

Great job in even sharing your works with the rest of us...I need to do this too!
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  09 September 2005
Originally Posted by Loulu79:
Goliath: You got the face solid to me...your mastering his facial expression here...but your weakness in this pic is his upper torso: His arms and chest. You're working good though...

yeah but i replied with an update while you were writing this
  09 September 2005
Ahh, I need to find time to do, all these awesome drawings make me wanna draw too Must find time away from study, it's already driving me nuts. And I second b2 on that male model thing, there aren't very many willing to do poses for life drawing here either, thanks for the good photos~

Goliath I like the shading you got, looks really nice especially around the arms and where you've done the veins. I think maybe for the face you could try placing the features by looking at where the shadows are on the skin and rendering those, getting the shadows and stuff in the exact right place helps with making everything else correctly proportioned too. It's really looking great but!

Katea your value control soo~ nice, and you started on white paper too (white paper is intimidating to me, makes me scared I'll make a mistake). Graphite (?) control really nice too.

Llynna, nice start, post more! Geez all you digital-media people here scare me, you're all wicked with tablets and stuff...

b2 always nice to see your colouring, such warm colours. Dude you're quick too...

Corvax take the others' advice about the face, your tones and stuff look super nice though!

Slux post more man, your style is really sweet, very clean and polished-looking, especially the bits where you've worked the shading more.

Hehe purb36 I like how you shade, you've got a good grasp on lightingstuffs.

zhuzhu, your watercolour skills are so good ...

Aargh now it's quarter past 2 and I haven't done any study yet! Wicked pictures everyone!!
  09 September 2005
CGnet figure

Well, here is my quick sketch.

"Which painting in the National Gallery would I save if there was a fire? The one nearest the door of course." - George Bernard Shaw
  09 September 2005


ZHUZHU : thanx : if you've time to list the settings, I should be able to recreate the brushes. It would be a great tip.

Rebecca : hey, how are you ? I'll try to join, but only have very few time right now
PS : I was wondering : Are you vietnamese ?

Sorry for the lack of comments, but everybody's work (especially on the first pose) is coming along very nicely.
  09 September 2005
Really nice WIP's so far. Good to see more people joining in the fun. Also add my thanks to zhuzhu for the photos.

Rebeccak, WIP, noted. So a special effort to show to show the process from the beginning:

three layers: transparent, dark grey over white. Using the Eraser and brush to establish the tonal range and overall proportions of the pose. By picking out the highlights and painting the darks.

Establishing the palette, 3 darks, 3 mids and 3 lights. Also start to bring in the figures environment. I accidentally drew the figure on the background layer, (not wanting to). So I masked it off and cut it out. Gave the background some blur, and now the figure has a halo. I'm thinking, I can use it for a rim lighting effect later.
  09 September 2005

Arctis: here is the brush setting, hope it's useful.


loading [ Dry Media] brush.


choice [Pastel on Charcoal Paper] brush.


do these setting

  09 September 2005
OK, this is a wip:


Sorry for my
terrible English.

Sketch everyday
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