MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial

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  07 July 2005
Hard Light

Hi Nebezial ... great Tut so far but please explain me how to use that HardLight
brush thing, I am getting some weird colors when I am tryin' it ....
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  07 July 2005
Thank you 4 tutorial!
  07 July 2005
Originally Posted by nebezial: several more to go now as i said there are deppression areas,and as we know the hardest to make convincingly is human face so i made a lil mapout of depression areas

So the circles flow out darker areas?
But how does one explain the edge of the face to be darker than the rest?
Or are the shadows already included in this piece?
  07 July 2005

tight job mate
  07 July 2005
nebezial wudn't care about people spammin his topic... *flashback to the m and s challenge*

but anyway,i won't spam,i'll just say keep it up again,i'm sure this'll be a long thread.cos we all know how much u like to show off.....

  07 July 2005
Wow Nebezial, you are just amazing. I thought your Master Servant entry was very masterful, but your sketches show even more masterful work. The Conan work has great muscle work, personality, and lighting. I will check out the tutorial when I have time because I'm just blown away by how good you are. Good luck finding work in the comic biz. I think you can do it.

Something I read from an over-achiever that may help you. I read that it's one thing to be very good. But even when you are very good opportunities don't really come to a person. The person still has to go out looking for it with all his or her energy, instead of just waiting for someone to show up with a job opportunity. Because I don't know what you are doing in life, you may already be looking hard for it. In that case I hope you get what you wish.
I'm hopeful that you will be a big hit in the future if not already.
  07 July 2005
thanx everyone for visiting this thread and i have to point one thing out WERE JUST WARMING UP. NOW ILL ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AND I GOTTA GO MAKIN MORE HEHEHE
dinodog_Jr vbmenu_register("postmenu_2469913", true); u see im trying to simplify things, it is a practice that is far more useful to work without layers, trust me ill show it all mate u wont be left hanging
by geometry i mean to recognise the very basic simplified shapes, cylinders spheres boxes, they help keep it clear while both working the proportions and defining shadows
ps and i use the cheapest possible tablet lol genius wizard pen... around 50 bucks in price but in my opinion its enough
Mirwen vbmenu_register("postmenu_2470049", true); colouring is started bxy first setting the brush to COLOR mode and go over the whole image, that is the key of getting rid of the whole residue grayness then tweaking is done in HARD LIGHT mode which i will explain
and the smudge tool, well if u got photoshop CS just use those settings i wrote and turn it into an ultimate blender,,ull see, its a lil hard on the graphic card though but unbeatable
Seratogui vbmenu_register("postmenu_2470260", true); ull see why i made that shadow, u see im taking it step by step and that step was made to show depressions on womans face, there is a tut about the full illumination with reflective illumination
snowkiwi vbmenu_register("postmenu_2470514", true); zo im not worried ill just do my best u see im a fighter that NEVER quitts and im doin ok as a freelancer but i have my dreams
NOOB! spammin eh really it makes me think ms too
well people sorry for nor replying to everyone but those tuts aint gonna make themselves

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  07 July 2005
This is a great tutorial. Please continue.
Maya | Lightwave | Messiah
  07 July 2005
Whatever is going on I'd just like to say thanks. I'm wanting to learn digital painting... you guys have no idea how useful your info is to me!!!

I'll have to find time to do all these great tutorials.

I have a question though, do you find a lot of advantages in working in layers so as to have separate ones in ard light mode for instance? Or does that complcate things too much?

thanks !
modelling practice #1
  07 July 2005
Talking great tut nebezial!

*pokes everyone* This is a very good tut, love your style and this gives some insight in how you work so i think i'll try it out! errmmmm... that's if... i manage to get my hands on Photoshop CS, although some things/techniques should be usuable with Painter... so... hummm... yes! I will try it!
Keep it up!

  07 July 2005
Thanks for the answer

Btw, will you add the brushes you use during the process?
Cause knowing almost nothing about digital painting it would be nice knowing your suggestions in this so I can at least practice the steps described.
  07 July 2005
So... much.. info... Overwhelmed... must rest brain... THANKS!
"Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot."
- Charlie Chaplin
  07 July 2005
Julez4001 seaquell tomorrow
jmBoekestein i dont use layers i make things ...well down to earth, it helps to train controll and skill and it does complicate things rather often
ogar555 well ill try to put many useful stuff here so i guess
Seratogui ok i use 5 types mostly- hard round, soft edged...anyways ill post them tomorrow its easier
bkboggy hehehe
  07 July 2005
can't *breaths* wait *breaths* till *breaths* tomorrow
must *breaths* rest *breaths* lungs....

anyways, can't wait
  07 July 2005
interesting, well considering your style I think I'll practice by doing things on one layer, but I'm thinking that I personally doubt to much for doing a big piece on one layer, lol.

great stuff.
modelling practice #1
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