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  03 March 2007
Lame, guess there is a limit to the number of images; so part 2! Jez, ok and part 3...

10 - Refining the clouds and 'glazed' a bit, this time with a soft light layer. I had felt that the eye wasn't too contained in the composition and was experimenting with a bit of a vignette.

11 - Adding more form to the clouds and giving them a base. I always struggle with giving clouds perspective. The offkey patch you see on the right is where I decided to make a new layer to experiment a bit before committing.

12 - More refinement on the clouds and another 'glaze'. Colors are really out of whack at the moment but I wanted to explore another feel.

13 - Again, refining and cleaning up the out of key color from the previous edits.
  03 March 2007
Part 3 ... sheesh.

14 - Added a strip of blue, this is something I think was directly influenced from my weekend trip

15 - Refinement, pushed the end of the clouds back a little (I hope) and a slight color balance it looks like.

16 - Lots of color edits; color balance, curves, selective color. If you have Photoshop CS or higher you can take a closer look at the adjustment layers in the PSD.

17 - A few more tweaks and *gasp* a little dodge tool. Maybe that was a mistake I don't know

And here is the final; looks like I toned a few things down.
  03 March 2007
Wow. Your work really goes to 11. Amazing, amazing stuff!

Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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Downtown Los Angeles

  03 March 2007

HAHAHA! Oh god, rebecca! WTF! Child Prodigy?! I'm 22! :P
Thanks for the pimpage
  03 March 2007
Two Portraits, Process and PSD's:

Two portraits from reference. Crutches used: side by side with photo reference; use of level lines when needed to check proportions.

Portrait One PSD:
Check for many more steps and a more in depth view, 100% Resolution.

A little more love put into this one than the second

Portrait Two PSD:
Check for many more steps and a more in depth view, 100% Resolution.

This one was a real struggle! Faces are harrrrrrrrd!

  04 April 2007
aaa......these pictures are well done...... ......keep it up......
May God bless the grieving families,and may God continue to bless china.
chinese people..don't cry..a za a za fighting.
  05 May 2007
Thanks Minminxu
Color Figure Demo, Process and PSD:
Color figure study from ref. Crutches used: side by side with photo reference; use of level lines when needed to check proportions.

PSD: Lots more steps inside

Happy to answer any questions you might have
  05 May 2007
cool as always!!
thanks so much!
  05 May 2007
Hehe, thanks for sticking with me saiko!
Portrait Demo and PSD


Any questions let me know
  05 May 2007
another great one!!

we all should thank you for sharing such wonderful work!

i have one do you manage to distribute these paintings in so many layers in photoshop?!....i am more comfortable with 1 or 2 this how you normally work or just to show the steps?
  05 May 2007
Pretty much it's just to track progress as well as be able to output the animated gifs and let the process show in the PSD. I don't use layers for different parts or anything and I don't go back. So really, I don't use layers for anything I couldn't do on one if I wanted to.

However - I do create a new layer if I'm going to try something risky or if I want to use a multiply/softlight etc. layer for glazing/effects. Handy stuff these layers are.

With production work I do use as many layers I need just in case the client changes their mind, which they do ... a lot. :S

  06 June 2007
Stylized Figure Demo with PSD and Files

PSD and Files:
Included is brush texture source and photo overlay from

Any questions let me know!
  06 June 2007
Creating Seamless Textures for Use with Brushes

1. Grab the source pic from . is a great site, be sure and check out their texture section. Open photo in Photoshop and with the crop tool select as much similar texture as possible, not here I've blocked out all the borders as they would be very recognizable in a repeating pattern. I've also ticked perspective in the tool bar for a quick rotation and maximization of texture area. Any distortion will be neglibile if done right.

2. Let's not kid ourselves, we're artists - crap at math. Under canvas size I crop again, this time by pixel in order to get some nice even numbers which I will be dividing by half in a moment. No one is going to mix an area of 3x2px are they?

3. Select under the filters menu Other>Offset

4. Remember when we cropped the canvas from before? Come on, that was 2 steps ago! Divide total length and total width by 2 and input them here. Make sure wrap around is selected!

5. The healing brush is perfect for filling in seams. Reminds me a lot of welding actually. Anyways - I still haven't got the hang of it and needed to use the clone stamp to go over a few ugly bits.

6. All done. Can barely see the seams, it's not the best job - but we're not using the photo, we're using it's texture. Things like the lighter band will show up in repition, however this file is rather large and the way the texture is used it shouldn't be too noticible.

7. After you have selected everything (Ctrl+A) Proceed under the Edit Menu and select Define Pattern.

8. A dialog will pop up, name it whatever you want. I think this is like italian for canvas or something ... :P
  06 June 2007
Part Two: (seriously, what's with the weak image count restriction?)

9. I'm going to use this texture on my favorite round brush. Minimum diameter is set to 70%, not too small - not too big.

10. I prefer to have opacity and flow to pen pressure on just about everything. I practically never touch manual opacity but manual flow is very handy.

11. Ok, back on topic! Tick the texture box and select our new texture. (Lil' downward pointing triangle next to invert.) Set Mode to Subtract (But please play around with the other modes and see how you like it!) Invert is selected because I think it looks better - more like paint that get's stuck between the texture rather than the texture of the canvas itself.

12. Save your new brush!

13. The end. Pat yourself on the back.
  06 June 2007
awesome tut !! as usual!!

thank you!
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