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  03 March 2012
Hello Zach,
I tried to install it on my mac. I think everything are on the right directories because i can launch layer slayer...
But I dont know why, the process seems to stop when I try to create some tiffs or exr layer
I have a directory where my psd is created but i dont have the layers split.
Thanks for your help
  03 March 2012
Originally Posted by guillaume79: Hello Zach,
I tried to install it on my mac. I think everything are on the right directories because i can launch layer slayer...
But I dont know why, the process seems to stop when I try to create some tiffs or exr layer
I have a directory where my psd is created but i dont have the layers split.
Thanks for your help

It would be helpful to know what version of PS you are using, also, if you're on an older mac that can also cause issues with the EXR_Alpha plugin.
  03 March 2012
Thanks Zach
So Im on PS CS5 and I have an Imac with Mac os x 10.6.8
Tell me if you want more infos about my computer
  03 March 2012
Hey Zach everything works great. I am trying to figure out though what order things are written out though as it seems that it does not write out the files in the order the groups are created in. Is it possible to fix this?
  03 March 2012
Just curious if you are working on this for a PS 6 version as well
  04 April 2012

Hi All,

I was just wondering if this is still available anywhere for download? I tried this link that I found here/elsewhere and it doesn't load..something about page redirects/blah/blah. If someone knows of a mirror or if the author can fix the link I would be happy to donate - looks really useful.


  04 April 2012
Hey all, Sorry for the lack of reply, I've been busy. My Hosting company had a big DDOS this morning, so that's why my site was unreachable, appears to be back up to me now.

To answer the questions,
P.M. me if you're still having issues.

It exports your layersets from bottom to top, and never in a random order. It should work on CS6, I've honestly not tested it yet, but I don't see anything in the changelogs so far that would indicate a problem.

I plan on repackaging and re-releasing within the next day or so to update and fix a couple of remaining bugs, and unfortunately for now remove the .png format. It's just not fit for the workflow specifically, due to the way it handles transparency, but I feel that .EXR, .TIFF, and .JPG are sufficient and superior formats for production needs anyhow. Perhaps in a future release I can re-add it after some tinkering. I'll keep you all posted!
  04 April 2012
I still haven't had a chance to test this yet (that time of year I'm afraid). However, last week I was given a quick chance to look at the latest Nuke release, which imports PSD's directly. I beleive it automatically creates an unpremultiplied alpha for each layer of your PSD, and brings each layer in as an EXR. We might soon be past having to save out layers like this for Nuke, although I guess for Maya we will still need to.
Just a heads up for those that are interested...


Nick Marshall
Head of Environments / Generalists
Double Negative :: Vancouver
  04 April 2012
Yeah, I've had that ability for a while where I work, and after using it a couple of times, honestly I can tell you that I wrote LayerSlayer AFTER using that feature in Nuke. Here's the reason: If you have to save your .PSD every time, it's going to take twice as long, and it's also going to clog up your Nuke file with tons and tons of layers. Sure it works fine for a file with 10-20 layers, but who works like that in production? It's nice and everything that the Foundry is listening, and making features like that, but you still have to collapse your layers down and save everything out every time to use the feature. Don't get me wrong, I use Nuke all the time whenever I can. I'm 100% about efficiency, otherwise I wouldn't have taken the time to write this tool.
  04 April 2012
Got it - thanks.

Look forward to giving it a whirl, very much appreciated.

  04 April 2012
I just re-uploaded some files into the installers that should fix some issues that got overlooked on the last release. This version fixes the following issues:
-Files were being converted to linear regardless of the checkbox.
-.PNG format has been removed for the foreseeable future, or until I get some time to integrate it with the current worfkflow.
-open2log script now only converts lin2log on files that you opened for that session, not all documents that you have open in general. Thanks again for everyone who has been using this and giving feedback!

You can grab the updated installer at:
  04 April 2012
HI Zach thanks for the update and I for one know how much hard work you put into this,

just a warning for Norton users, it will detect it as a threat and quarantine it from your computer.

I have checked this and there is no actual virus in the download, what it seems to be is a reputation proxy, Norton collates data on all programs you install or download of the interweb. It then assigns a reputation tag on it, so for example adobe photoshop has a high reputation.

However guys who use scripts to access registry to create small programs, Norton treats these with high suspicion and as the reputation is limited, so a warning tag and immediate quarantine happens. I have uploaded the program that Zach has created and put so much love, onto a laptop and run it, its not a virus its just Norton being pedantic.

So what I have done is go into Norton history and recovered it from quarantine and restored it there. I accept no reponsibility if you computer breaks though.

Program works fine, and with the feedback and revisions it is even better.

So Zach thank you sop much for sorting out a problem,


PS, work still continues on my matte painting palette v2, work stopped on it when cs6 has been written so may be a bit longer coming.
Rockhopper VFX

  05 May 2012
Is it possible to package this for CS6?
  08 August 2012
Hey Zach still wondering if this was possible for CS6. Thanks and much appreciated!!
  07 July 2013
Hi there.

I'm an old glass shot painter.

I was asked last year to do a couple of digital matte paintings for a TV series I was working on in a different capacity. They were just 2d fixed camera shots and I did them in PS, they were simple to do as they only required me to paint, which is what I'm good at.

Since then the FX company on the show have asked me to a few more 2d digital mattes which again were very straight forward.

Now though another show have asked for a couple of matte paintings and have sent me logC tiff shots as the plates, but they are colour distorted, (very milky looking). My first instinct is to tell them to send me the plates when they have been colour corrected as I don't see how I can really match my colours, but I've been searching on google and found this thread among others.

Would this programme allow me to apply a LUT in photoshop then remove it after painting to return a LogC tiff or PSD.

I hope this makes sense to you guys, my other idea was to ask them to apply the LUT in After Effects, send me the resultant file which I would paint on, then return it to them for removal and colour correction.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.
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