The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Fernando García

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  04 April 2006
He friend,

nice start on the posing of Mr. Dream-Guy, and also nice start on the tree... for your leave problem Don`t know what software u are using but 3dmax got this scatter tool with which you can scatter say a low poly object like a leave over a second object like your tree (maybe better use a low poly version of it). A paricle system would also do the job. I think your only problem will gonna be the amount of leaves and the shadow they throw! For me and my wip I gonna have about 5 mio. poly`s of apple tree flowers and grass I planed to render them all seperatly the gain more control in the post production afterwards.

oh by the way... happy easter...
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  04 April 2006
Concept Sketch: nose, ears and wrinkles

here you can see some 2D painted over the last image to test some ears and noses... in the big image at the right you can see a test for some wrinkles in the shirt

I've tried 3 noses and 2 ears, and with the "no nose" and "no ears" possibilities, it brings out 12 total possibilities... note: colors may vary!!!
my favourites so far are 0-2 and 1-2 with the elvish ears, and also 2-1 and 3-1 with a more human skin color

theuni - thanks for your tip... I've already tried a particle system that replicates a simple box and it doesn't look very bad... I'm thinking I could combine both: the scatter and the particles at the same time... ...but not yet, hehe, I'll leave it for later...

fer3d - Thanks! about finishing... when I started I thought I wasn't going to finish, but now I'm seeing I've speed up my process of doing 3d, and I'm happy because I'm seeing it's quite likely that I finish it...

FlaminGlow - I have to practice a lot with textures yet, so I don't know how will it look at the end... thanks for stopping by ;)

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  04 April 2006
2-2 is my favourite.
I think he looks best with either no nose, or a very small nose.
My Journey Begins Entry
  04 April 2006
Yep 2-2 for the win. That's what kind of nose I expected him to have As for the ears, pointy is good perhaps they could follow the line of his hair?? just a thought, nice job
  04 April 2006
Modeling: house

Thanks for your comments, Matt and womgoose :) ...2-2 you say, ok the ears will be #2, the nose... still thinking about it

this is the wip of the house that will be at the left of the image, together with the sketch that originated it... the main entrance is through the 2nd floor, although I might add an additional small door at the bottom left...
I thought about making the top half of the stairs in metal and the bottom part in stone, but I'm not very happy with how it looks...
  04 April 2006
hey,very nice stuff here
about the stairs why don't you make 'em wooden and just the rail in metal
and for the noses/ears - i think 1-2 is best 'cos it gives him best character
the Journey begins (3d)
  04 April 2006
House looks ace, certainly inkeeping with the character. Good to see the original sketch next to it, shows you stay true to design
  04 April 2006
Hey Fernando, really like the house, very creative and funky -- looking forward to see more inspiring work, good luck!
  04 April 2006
Modeling: ear

nothing really fancy, but I thought I would submit it separatedly, with some step-by-step images... now I will attach it to the head...
  04 April 2006
zazi - I'm now thinking in doing all the stairs in stone, like the bottom part is now, I don't know... I'll leave it for the moment, thanks for your sugestion

M477 - Thanks... well, with a sketch so minimal like that one it wasn't so difficult hehe... I'm glad to hear that you find it to go well with the character

oceanbluesky -
Thanks a lot!

next thing will be to attache the ears to the head, correct some problems with the mouth, and make the nose.... then pose the hands, and create the whole ladder.... I'll leave finishing the house for later, it's not so important
  04 April 2006
Modeling: noses and hands

ears have been attached and modified a bit to fit in there...
I've tried the 2+1 noses in 3D, and I've realized that the long nose gets in the way of the right eye from the perspective I had chosen, altough it looks fine from one side or from top/bottom... I think I'm going to leave him wih no nose
I've moved the right hand fingers to hold the rope ladder, and moved the left one a bit too, although it's not very noticeable, I liked it as it already was...

it's been 2 busy weeks since my last update :P ...I'll try to work on it some more this weekend

  04 April 2006
Yes...he looks best with a small nose or no nose at all. Pointy ears fit him well, too.
  04 April 2006
Shading (Textured and lit): tree

Thank you J-Juice! :)

here's an updated version of the tree, I'm more or less happy with the leaves, but the trunk texture doesn't look so good and I'm not very sure what to do about it...

right now the leaves consist in 19 particle clouds of similar sizes, placed to form the tree shape. Each cloud has between 170 and 250 particles consisting in a not-planar plane (ha!) with a transparency map showing 8 leaves...

Last edited by elmasfeo : 04 April 2006 at 06:00 PM.
  05 May 2006
Modeling: presenting.... the ladder

This is the image as it is now... it needs some clouds or something more up there...
I've placed all the steps of the ladder except the final ones, I want some of them to overlap the moon, but those will be painted in post...
only the ladder and the tree are textured
  05 May 2006
I'm sorry.....
...but I'm not finishing this one in just one week

anyway, I submitted the turntable last week, and here is a bigger version (640x480) if anyone wants to see it... tell me if it's not working

Thanks A LOT to everyone who posted in this thread... specially theuni, (thanks for your support!!), and DoInferno ( ), M477, se7enthcin, Jedi-Juice, Flaming Glow...
oceanbluesky, zazi, Womgoose, fer3d, Zalo, foche, Vedic-kings, 9mmparavalerium, kender, Overchord, superXCM, dgrauers, FrozZt, Salamander (!), hobo, dvelasco, Gord (!!), kary, medunecer and Squibbit!

hope to see you all in some other future challenge, good luck with your entries, I think I've learned quite a bunch of things while working on this, thanks everyone, cheers!
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