The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Fernando García

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Old 03 March 2006   #46
Hehe! Me gusta mas de lo nuevo character! I suck at spanish speaking...

Well comments: I liked the hair after working around on PS. I don´t think that would be cheating, but i´m not a 3D guy, so i don´t know what will others think about it... His collors are a litle to saturated, but i´m sure it´s not your actual worry for the moment... Nose and ears make him too human-like... I prefer this "lizard man, crazy noseless fella" feel... Best result so far, the one on the bottom right of the pic!

Keep it up!

Ps: I also liked the "pot smoker" human charicature guy, but this new character is much better.
Old 03 March 2006   #47
Modeling: body

I've just had the busiest week of my life, but at last it's over and here's an update: I modelled the body of this guy... I still don't know if I'll give him ears, nose, both or none... and I should do something with those feet, they are too simple, but I don't know what to do for the moment... and he needs the big belt he had at the sketch, I liked it...
colors doesn't mean anything, I don't think he will be blue at the end, but I like modelling in blue :P

Valerio - Graciaaas! :thumbsup:

theuni - bigger ears... yeah, that's a good idea.... maybe some yoda ears! ...I'll try it and see how it looks

Vedic kings- Thanks for stopping by! :)

Carlos - obrigado.... (and don't ask me for much more portuguese than taht, hehehe) and yes, colors will change

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Old 03 March 2006   #48
Great character!

If I were you, I'd give him a very simple nose, maybe just pull a vert out and up (almost that simply!). No ears, I like the simple style, which brings me onto the feet.. They're cool, leave them like that
Old 03 March 2006   #49
lovely´s give a great animation puppet.....keep up the good work!
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Old 04 April 2006   #50
Hi pal,

I like his posture... he looks so totally relaxed Just a little opinion... maybe his upper arms are just a bit to long... I think I know what you`re aiming for... (tim burton style)...
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Old 04 April 2006   #51
Thanks for the comments!

M477 - thanks for your input, I'm not sure if it is what you were meaning but I think I'm going to try a 'mosquito' nose, very pointy, and see how it looks.... I'll try to experiment with it, thanks!

foche - thanks, hehe, if I just had the time.... I would like to make an animation of this guy some day, why not...

theuni - wow, thanks or your continued support mate after reading your post I realized that this guy would even have difficulties trying to reach his own face with his hands.... I don't know, I liked that lack of "normal" proportions... I think I could modify it when I pose him and see how it looks in the final image...
...wich leads me to my next update...
Old 04 April 2006   #52
Modeling: scene composition

I thought that it would be good to add the rest of details to my character after having him posed, and for posing him I needed to know where the ladder would be.... so I've set up a basic scene full of placeholders and played with the camera around...
I've started modelling the ladder also, next thing will be to refine the ladder and pose the character and the last steps of the ladder together...
...and I've UVW-unwrapped the knots in the ladder! aargh

Thanks everybody for your visits! any comments about the composition?
Old 04 April 2006   #53
I liked the composition, specially the way you have positioned the horizon line. It gives a lot of action to a scene that could be very stiff.

I see you are using a rope stair. Is it going to be facing us all the way up, or will it twist as it gets higher?

Will the flying snails be a part of this image? I´d like to know how would they fit in your composition? They were fine in the concept sketch. I´m sure they will still work well now.
Old 04 April 2006   #54
Hey pal,

nice comp test... really great dynamic you already catched in this image. And no I know why this guy is so slim... he`s not able of getting the food to his mouth
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Old 04 April 2006   #55
Hola vecino! I like your idea so much, very original, and the snails too ( yo también estoy trabajando con el rollo de los caracoles, me acabo de fijar en tu post ahora )Good luck and good luck haha

Old 04 April 2006   #56
DoInferno - umm.... I think the ladder will be facing us all the way... and about the snails...I'll leave them until the end, I prefer to finish in time without snails than running out of time with snails... they are somehing 'extra', I like them but I think that the image could also work without them... Thanks

theuni - ...thanks mate, I don't know what would I do without your posts

Zalo -
eey, gracias compañero de challenges pasados....

update in 5...4...3...2...

Old 04 April 2006   #57
Modeling: tree

I've modelled this tree, it will be at the right of the image, where there was that tall blue box in my prev post.... I still don't know how am I going to make the leaves :S
Old 04 April 2006   #58
Modeling: pose, buttons, and belt

I've posed the guy using some bones, and then corrected the mistakes that the skin modifier had made by hand... I've added some buttons to that kind of shirt he's wearing, and also the belt...
hands and head have not been corrected yet, the mouth looks strange... and I'm thinking wether to make some wrinkles in the shirt or not...

Thanks for visiting!
Old 04 April 2006   #59
Hola tocayo!

Indeed, you are full of good ideas. I also support your choice of the guy climbing to the moon. It will be a great image, so you definetly have to finish it. Looking forward to see more.

Good luck!
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Old 04 April 2006   #60
good job man, i like your modeling it is a bit simple but looking good, i'm waiting for your textures.
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