The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: travis highley

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Old 03 March 2006   #1
The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: travis highley

travis highley is entered in the "The Journey Begins Challenge" update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Modeling: dude
i do stuff
Old 03 March 2006   #2
Concept Sketch: Time to grow up - Concept I

I'm not much for hand drawing, hopefully my idea comes across. I want to show the feeling of a young person, just out of school (college or high school, whatever), at his first job. This is it, this is the next big part of your life. This is your next journey, and it's going to be a big one.

I can't seem to figure out just how to show that it is his first day. Any ideas? Should he be holding "new hire" paperwork or something?

Thanks for any advice!
i do stuff
Old 03 March 2006   #3
Question beginners?

I am wondering what the range of experience is in these events? I am still learning Maya, and have some experience with other 3D programs, but for sure still have a great deal to learn. This is my first competition in 3D and am very excited to be part of this community.

Good luck to everyone.

(sorry if this is too OT)
Old 03 March 2006   #4
Concept Sketch: Inspiration I

Here are some cubicle examples I found on the net. The picture I see in my head is dark, so I don't know how much detail I really need. I was looking for a still of that part of the movie TRON where it shows the massive cubicle farm but can't find it anywhere.

Still not sure about how to make it look like his first day. I was thinking about the color green meaning "new" so perhaps he is wearing green, or is in a green light somehow? Is that too 'out there'?
i do stuff
Old 03 March 2006   #5
i mean sometiems it depends on the job. i know that where i work its is laid back. so you can always tell new people because they are dressed very formally. suit tie and everyone else around is relaaxed. I guess what im getting at is maybe to show its the first day you will have to have people around for comparison.
Old 03 March 2006   #6
I had been thinking about showing a scary void of dark cubicles, but showing a hectic office would be a stronger visual. I just hope I can pull it off. It will be hard enough (for me) to model one person (standing still).

thanks for the feedback, alkhobarspecial
i do stuff
Old 03 March 2006   #7
my advice would be try and get your camera angle down in the beginning and that way it will speed up things if oyu can put more effort into what really is going to be seen. anyways good luck
Old 03 March 2006   #8
if u are as new as you say i would focus on what you do well.. if your good at enviornments then really beef up that part and only include one person. you dont have to include people for it to appear hectic ,floating and messy papers ,strewn pencils ,open drawers are ways you can show activity, or illude to it in the past with out actually having to create people


Don Quixote

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Old 03 March 2006   #9
I could see this image in a style similar to a very contrast driven piece. For example, using lights as almost blinding points in space. Maybe make the environment more grand and overwhelming than anything. Almost retro in appearance if that makes sense. I think what would really give this piece a fantastic look. This is only a suggestion of course.

Don't be intimidated by Maya. It's just a big lovable puppy.

Old 03 March 2006   #10
Thumbs up

Hi! I think the main character should portray a anguish and fear, caused by both his new experience and an immense looking office filled with cubicles... Perhaps he could be standing in an aisle, his body aiming 'forward' but his head looking back (so that the camera sees his face), maybe looking out for something, maybe his newly-assigned cubicle... but showing anguish because he doesn't find it... who knows

Good luck!!!
Old 03 March 2006   #11
Modeling: Cubicle, first stab

Wow, I am very grateful for all the advice. This is my first stab at a cubicle. I've designed it in sections, so I can make different configurations if I need to, but I think a uniform, vast, endless sea of cubicles is what I am going to shoot for.

Sorry for the dark render. This is actually the first time I have rendered anything out of Maya (ever). I lightened the jpeg a little. I haven't done any lighting yet. My previous experience is in Blender. Yup, I'm green. Hey, perhaps a good theme for an entry would be the journey into the world of 3D modeling!
i do stuff
Old 03 March 2006   #12
Originally Posted by se7enthcin: Maybe make the environment more grand and overwhelming than anything.

We seem to me thinking along the same lines. I am picturing a juxtaposition of the endless cubicles to the little new guy, with a flood of blinding light and the end.

Originally Posted by amz23: his body aiming 'forward' but his head looking back

I hadn't thought of having him looking back, that's a cool concept.

dimi16, the absence of people, that's an interesting idea too. perhaps he came in on the wrong day? Anyway, I'm sure I will have to go in this direction, or I don't think I could finish by the deadline

Thanks again to everyone.
i do stuff
Old 03 March 2006   #13
Modeling: Cubicle Group Test

Here is a render of my sea of cubicles. I am thinking I might simplify the models for the ones further from the camera. Right now, it's not 'endless.' Not sure if I need to add more, or of the lighting will help. Probably a mix of both.

Any thoughts about the camera angle? (or anything, of course).
i do stuff
Old 04 April 2006   #14
Don't you dare give up on me soldier!

I think it is a little early for the camera angle. Get more modeling in!

Old 04 April 2006   #15
Please don't stop! This is a great concept -- very different from the two gnomes in the woods kind of nonsense. Hope to see more!
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