The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Daniel Lieske

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  03 March 2006

this is thid i miss this one?! great work man, good luck on the challenge.
steampunk entry
  03 March 2006
Great COncept

An amazingly well executed perspective. Can I suggest a more dramatic sense of movement through subtle detaling?
- a sense that the carpet is being "sucked in" or intergrated to the painting,
- more tension in the red tie or a sense of firmness and hesitation int he grip or stance of the boy,
- and perhaps some atmospherics to give the sense that the the image is either "drawing" the boy into the other world or "alluring" him in.

I look forward to the finished product!

It ain't over till the Fat Lady shatters some glass.

Online Portfolio

  03 March 2006
I´m loving that,
very nice colours and composition.

Good luck!
The journey begins
  03 March 2006
wow very nice, nice idea and execution..
  03 March 2006
That's really nice of you all, thank you!

And thanks for the great input!

@ the roof window:

Yeah, you are right! One of my notoric mistakes is, that I want to make every lightsource as dramatic as possible. But that means, that no lightsource will stand out because all lights are competing for the audiences attention. I will definetely take down the light from the window although I really need it to illuminate the stuff behind the painting, but it will be only faint. Thanks for that advice!

@ the boy and the painting:

The longer I look at the image the more do I feel that something is missing in there. There's this boy in the attic of his home. In the old stuff he found this painting and it revealed itself as a magical door. What the hell drives this kid to go trough that portal? Is it the pure lust for adventure? I dooooon't know. That's not enough. That's not the story of a hero. A hero always has to have a goal, a holy grail to strive for.
I'm reading "The hero with a thousand faces" at the moment. It's a great book about heroic archetypes and the mechanics of mystical stories. I found an archetype in this book that I deeply sympathize with: the old mentor. I guess that's a character that has to be in this image. And I already have a quite clear picture in mind...
¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!
  03 March 2006
Maybe its also an idea to introduce more than one character, you know, like a couple of kids so one can be the big kid who dares to go into the painting, while the others dont dare do it. Anyway, would like to see what you come up with

This side up
  03 March 2006
I really enjoy this concept.

I looked over the wips before reading anything (as I like to do for this contest's entries, to see if the story the artist intends is portrayed through the images alone). I love how it's progressing. You're information about your thought process has also been enlightening.

I envisioned this journey as one of the child's mind, and not a magical portal. Either way works. But I do have to agree with MFTitus a bit here, and with your own assessment Cory; The painting alone leaves the image a bit too ... believable? It's hard to articulate. Having the child's imagination/magic of the portal spilling over into the real world a bit more would lend a bit more oomph to this I think. More landscape from the painting bleeding into the attic, plants sprouting up around the painting, that sort of thing. I think it might better portray how commited the child is to the journey as well.

Very cool work regardless, and I can't wait to see it evolve.
  03 March 2006
Cool wow...

it looks like a different idea,
seems good,waiting for updates...
  03 March 2006
the initial idea and concept are really strong. love it, and seeing your WIPs is a bless. keep it up and hope you figure it out with that mentor, if you do indeed bring him in there....have to agree with feyshtey, could also be an opportunity to bring him(the mentor) in.

not that you seem to need it, but good luck on this journey.-
  03 March 2006
Line Art: The Jouney Begins - Lineart

This is the lineart I'm going to use to further detail the image. The lighter lines are rendered from the 3D-scene. Normally I use the lineart to completely define the objects of an image but in this huge scene (well, at least huge for me...) I found that it's way more convenient to add new ideas by just painting them in and checking them against some perspective grids I rendered form the scene. Now, this will be as far as I'm going with the lineart. The coming images will be coloring WIP.
¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!
  03 March 2006
The line art looks good to me. But then, so does you 3D model, your rough color comp, and the whole works. Good stuff so far! Good luck with the rest of it! Looking foward to seeing how it all comes togehter.

Michael Dashow
My web site / My art on Facebook
  03 March 2006
I've love your image/concept that you've got going on here.

As a suggestion, to add a sense of drama/movement you could turn the portal into a vacuum - sucking the kid in. Or have magic (lighting/dust) coming out of the picture enveloping him, pulling him in.

To round out the story and explain how he knew it was a portal, you could give him a magic book. And scatter a few pictures on the ground – pictures of his sister/brother/relation – who previously open the portal and got sucked in….and the rest writes itself…


Journey Begins Entry

  03 March 2006

Kudos to your working style...

I myself have used my 3D program to build some complicated piece of machinery only to render it then do a line drawn layer above in in Photoshop... a reall time saver... and hey you built the 3D model.... so it can be used again....

I love what your doing here and the consept is top notch...

perhaps if there was a little girls face in the painting looking out .... or a favorite dog... with one foot steping out .. that might more convey the idea...

but I certainly can't say you don't allready have some powerfull feeling pumping energy going on there all ready...

Keep it going !
  03 March 2006
Stunning! this is goin to be so cool to see in color!

not much to crit. one thing though, the image feels a little heavy towards the right since because it has more stuff, and you only have boxes to the right? I guess you were going to change this anyway...

other than that, great work man! ... subscribing

  03 March 2006
very very nice concept and point of view, it's great
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