Lighting Challenge #19: The King's Treasure

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Old 05 May 2009   #61
neonbulbs: good start donny. all the best.
Old 05 May 2009   #62
Here is my little test.. going for the classic yellow/blue approach, soft look, as meterials will bring crispness.
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Old 05 May 2009   #63
I just received my copy of Digital Lighting and Rendering a few days ago, it's a fantastic book. I still have a heap to learn, this is my first attempt at photorealism.

Rendered in Cinema 4D R11 (Advanced Render 3).

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Old 05 May 2009   #64
I didn't have time to do much work on this yesterday, but here is an update rendered overnight. I did sort out the missing / misplaced gems. The 3ds file, when brought into Max makes this happen. Tip: if you're using Max, import the obj file, not the 3ds...

Old 05 May 2009   #65
I've made two FBX files (i dont' know why but the table cloth could not be incorportated in the first one.. if anyone is interested let me know

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Old 05 May 2009   #66
hi all
this is my first test


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Old 05 May 2009   #67
Here is my test..
I wanted the metals to look a little bumped, not to perfect, as they were probably hammered to get their shape..

Old 05 May 2009   #68
Thumbs up Feedback !

jojo1975 - Good start with the camera, hard to tell about lights yet. Shadows seem missing in some places, off-direction in others. I guess they'll be softer if it's going to be candle light? That tall bong or whatever it is in the upper left might need a special kick from the window or some reflection of the candles or something.

Bubbaloo - Sorry to hear that about the .3DS. (PolyTrans can export .3DS, it can't export to Max except if you have a copy of Max and the right plug-in.) Your gems are looking great. The reflections will probably get better when you have more mapping on the environment and larger surfaces like the table. I like the facets in the diamonds. The big red gem is looking strange from the arc of light highlights, it almost looks like low-polygon shading instead of gem facets when they line-up that way. Some displacement on the coin in the foreground could really bring out that pattern.

- Welcome! Good start exploring the camera angles. Keep going!

thablanchh - Good start, it might need more contrast, but keep going and judge it once you have all the reflections and highlights in there.

neonbulbs - Terrific! I love what you're starting with. The tabletop is getting a little lost to me, hitting the same deep blue as the background; I hope you can give a little more solid presence to the tabletop. I like the idea of a door opening, that idea could be expressed more clearly with the light. Having all the glints come from the left and the darkness on some of the background gives a nice luster to the metals. Keep going!

MrWeeeee - Good start. Nice basic composition. There seems to be an extra light in there, something that might not be shadowing correctly that adds too much light to some of the shadow areas. Go through one at a time and make sure you love all the shadows and that you couldn't work with fewer lights.

brookselliott - That's great, your scene keeps getting richer with the textures. It's starting to look a bit washed-out and ambient-lit, and that was true even before the fog, just from the shadow tones not going very dark. See if you can reign-in the lighting so you maintain some nice contrast.

Voigg - Good start, keep going!

PETER3D - Great start! That looks like it'll really be great! You might be able to add more of the warm light to parts of the foreground. Maybe boost the kicks you've got, and maybe add some warm rims and highlights once the materials are reflective?

eduroam - Nice solid start! Keep going!

BlenderFan - Good start! I hope you do something to make it all interesting, when we are that far from the jewelry, but I'll reserve judgement until you've fleshed it out a bit more.

divanovic - That's great blocking, great start on the light. Keep going with materials & reflections!

Orbitstuff - Good starts on both of them. They both look very flatly, uniformly lit. See if you can work on getting a clear direction to the light, and some nice contrast and shadows.

Kiralj3d - That's terrific! Great image! Your image is further along than any before it, so I'll try to catch up with a lot of feedback! The shadows of the coins are interesting. I don't know how the shadows got brighter than the rest of the table-top, but the shadows of the nearest coins look like a bright red, brighter than the dark red of the table. With two warm light sources clearly visible in the shot, the candle and the torch, it seems as if we could get more directionality in the lighting on the table-top objects. Maybe objects like the stack of coins near the candle, and the crown, could be lit mostly from the sides, with a darker core? Having that plate on the left edge of frame brighter than both the flames takes away from the impression that the scene is fire-lit or candle-lit. The moon is a terrific element in the scene, perhaps that cool blue tone could be a light source illuminating other objects? If the objects positioned below the moon had a darker core, then a kick of the cool blue from the moon, or a reflection of the moon, could really help tie the elements together. A blue rim from the moon on the side of the candle would be great. Your materials and textures look good overall, but the glass around the base of the candle is getting lost, so it looks more like three posts than like glass. The wall looks very flat, it could use some displacement, or at least shadows of the rocks where they are near a flame. That cloth bag has a texture seam down the front, but as you work on the lighting the front of the bag might be hidden in darkness anyway, so that might not matter. The coins could use some displacement to really bring out the pattern on their face.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 05 May 2009   #69
Hi all...

I've considered your advice jeremybirn.... I will continue working on my picture... so the work I posted... is NOT final

thanks for your reply, I will for sure add those displacements and stuff...

we will see how it will came out

thank you!!

Vjekoslav Kiralj
Old 05 May 2009   #70
hey Bubbaloo, i really like the shading. depth looks like natural camera effect .
can u please explain the diamond shading a little. would be a great help.

Old 05 May 2009   #71
@JeremyBirn: You are absolutely right about the visibility of the jewels. I have reoriented the table and the chair so that the "loot" is more visible. In my next render the problem will be solved. Thanks.

Cheers and God bless.
"If you are not yourself, you cannot be anyone else, and can easily end up being nobody in particular."-Andrew Loomis

Old 05 May 2009   #72
Thumbs up Feedback !

For the two people who posted while I was typing the last one...

- Great start! I like the hammered metal plate. Keep going with the shading, and try to block in some lights.

yassein - Good start! I like the reflected caustics in those tests! Keep going!

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 05 May 2009   #73
I moved the table as I said I would, and I'm now also using some GI. The light filtering through the wall chinks is caused by having a particular setting set too low (can't remember what it is at the moment), and I will amp up that setting's quality in final renders.

Right now I'm debating whether the frontal or back light is better. I have attached two versions, and I would like you guys' opinions on which you like better. I'm leaning toward the back light, but I would appreciate a second opinion.

Materials are done, and I will start texturing next.

Done using Blender and Yafaray.

Cheers and God bless.


Front Light
"If you are not yourself, you cannot be anyone else, and can easily end up being nobody in particular."-Andrew Loomis

Old 05 May 2009   #74
and here is my first lighting and shader test
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File Type: jpg render.jpg (93.6 KB, 1384 views)
Old 05 May 2009   #75
Hi all! Here is my first test.

The contrast is a little high and I have some more work to do on the textures and gems.
Crits and tips welcome!
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