Flashback to Challenge #7: An Eye for an Eye

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  03 March 2009
thanks jeremy!

i'll definately look into modeling the eye brows. although i've had some problems when using maya's painteffects eyebrows. the individual eyebrow hairs were either out of proportion or went straight through the skin's surface to the back side in some areas. O___o;;

here's my latest render of the lighting challenge. i've gone back and tweaked the color maps and added bump and spec maps. there are some areas that i intend to change and/or areas i'm currently working on for example corner of the eye needs to be glossy and eyebrow skin texture (it's looking to much like painted clay to me). i've also toned down the reflectiveness of the eye so that the pupil appears darker.

software: maya 2009
renderer: mental ray fine trace

  03 March 2009
Originally Posted by jeremybirn: wasimattar - That's a striking image. The contrast between the bright eye and the dark edges of the eyelids around it is very abrupt, you could make a softer and more believable eye if there was some light and warm tones in that transition. I like the colors in the iris.

Thanks Jeremy for the comments I will post my next update pretty soon.
Thank You
Light is the most important layer in life
  03 March 2009

Hi Jeremy , thanks for the comments I will post my next update.
  03 March 2009
How did you guys get that hightlight around the edges of the eye?
  03 March 2009
Hey guys,

I didn't have at all a bit of time to work on this challenge after my latest reply. :(

I see some new amazing posts, so good job everyone.

I'll try to post a render before the deadline.

Good luck to all

  03 March 2009
Thanks again for the helpful comments Jeremy. Here's my next update. Am still trying to work on the tear duct area. And eventually I'll make a proper bump map for the skin.

  03 March 2009
Hi all,
I've been working on using misss_fast_skin--so far no work on the eye itself or any attempts to get that nice glistening wet look on parts of the eye. So this needs some small wrinkles in the bump map and a subdermal color map, and probably some detail on the epidermal color map. And of course everything for the eye and tearduct. But it's a (late) start.

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  04 April 2009
Hi pap87! How did you get that litter wet hightlight near the lower edge of the eye ball? Did you add an additional mesh there?
  04 April 2009
Shellfish - I used the mia_roundcorners texture node to achieve the look of the eyeball kinda blending with the eyelid. It's a mentalray texture node that is applied in the bump map slot of the eyeball shader and from what i understand it perturbs the normals where two objects intersect to create a smooth blend between the two.
  04 April 2009
Wow...Thanks pap87!
  04 April 2009
my work

Has been great challange so far, Nice works have been posted here is my post,Will be waiting for critics and comments from every one.
  04 April 2009
I've been looking at trying to create a realistic bump map but am kind of at a loss. First I tried some procedural things (based on Rusty Williamson's tutorial).

Then I tried drawing my own using reference photos I found on the web. For guidance, I looked at several sites.
I looked at George Maestri's tutorial, but that's really for a reptilian creature.
There was Patrick Eischen's, which looks great, but he uses ZBrush (and refers the reader to a cool Ryan Kingslien video tutorial on the technique).
There's Jame's Busby's really, really excellent tutorial, complete with all the texture maps, but the resolution is insufficient for the detail needed for this challenge. This one had a valuable tip about how to paint out specular from photographic elements.
Needless to say, I searched high and low in the forums here as well.

I have a photo that I think might provide good reference. I'm just at a loss how to get the kind of detail some of the posts here have (I'm thinking especially of shivahegde's, peter3d's, phil-robert's, swag's, and kerschyb's). How do y'all DO that? Are you somehow using photos directly? Painting by hand? Some combination? Can you show us a part of your bump map (not the whole thing, of course--that'd be cheating--but enough to get a sense of what to shoot for in our own bump maps)? What kind of reference did you use? Any tips will be GREATLY appreciated.

Last edited by Sciortino : 04 April 2009 at 10:57 PM.
  04 April 2009
Sciortino - I've found the same issues. For this type of extreme close-up work standard skin texturing procedures don't work because there are many more variations in texture, coloring and specularity right next to each other. The only way to do it is to have a good photo reference and try to mimic not only texture but coloring as well. Bump and Spec Texture alone just won't cut it. My opinion is that a Zbrush technique and the careful application of shading is the right way to do it at this macro like close-up level. Bump and Spec maps just don't cut it if you are to expect higher resolution in my opinion.
  04 April 2009
Am I on the right track?

I've got a bump map that kinda looks ok in parts. Most of it is still pretty nasty--scribbles mostly. But here's what I'm doing.

I'm using Photoshop for the bump map. You can see it applied in the test render at the end of this post. The map itself consists of a seven layers (from left in the image below):

(1) A "softness base" layer made following Rusty Williamson's procedure (see link in earlier post). It's the bottom layer, Normal blending mode, at 50% opacity. It probably doesn't add much in this context, but I've left it in.

(2) A blank 50% black layer. Again, I started by following Rusty's tutorial, and from here he goes on to use dodge and burn tools. I tried that, but ended up just using a brush for the next layers. This one is Overlay, 100%.

(3) A fine wrinkles layer I made using a 1-pixel brush (my map is about 2700x2700) using 75% black, and just pretty much drawing a lot of not-quite-horizontal-and-definitely-not-vertical lines very close together. Normal, 100%.

(4) A coarse wrinkles layer. Used the same brush, but drew lots of lines nearly on top of each other to create a few thicker wrinkles. This wasn't from tracing any photographic reference, just my impression of how wrinkles might go from looking at a bunch of photos. Normal, 100%. This didn't really give me thicker wrinkles though, so...

(5) Another coarse wrinkles layer, but this time setting the brush to 4 pixels and going over the areas I went over in layer 4. Normal, 100%.

(6) A skin "cell" layer. This is one I made based on part of a photo. I desaturated the photo (actually, not a necessary step), traced over the microwrinkles, then blurred the tracing several times so that I ended up with more or less a gradient within each "cell". I made this a pattern and filled my bump map with it. Overlay, 20%.

So here's what the bump map of the area under the eye looks like.

And here's the full-size rendering. Right track? Wrong track? Suggestions? Any tips from the bump mapping wizards here would be truly, truly appreciated.
Thanks again,

  04 April 2009
brookselliott--Thanks--You're so right--it sure does seem pretty hard without Zbrush.

Phil-roberts--thank you too for your earlier explanation. And it sounds like you're not using Zbrush and it looks great! If you could post a just a teeny, teeny, tiny part of the photographic reference you used, maybe I could get a sense of what I should be looking for in reference, and I could perhaps experiment a bit using the technique you described (remove specular and shadows, desaturate, increase contrast for bump map, lower it again for specular map).

Shivahegde, peter3d, swag, and kerschyb--are y'all using Zbrush?
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