Flashback to Challenge #7: An Eye for an Eye

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  03 March 2009
I tried to fix the reflection problems by not using YafRay and photon lights and just use Blender's renderer.
Skin textures look a lot different at higher resolutions and much more difficult.
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  03 March 2009
second post

Hi jeremy and everybody~

This is my second post for challenge. As jeremy's advices, I tweaked it.
  03 March 2009
Thumbs up Feedback !

PETER3D - That's terrific! The skin texture is spot-on in most of the image. Only in the lower right does it look a little fake. The tearduct isn't really visible, it looks like just clear liquid there. I love the highlight on the bottom of the eyeball, that's a terrific touch that a lot of people skip. Given that the whole image looks so bright, I wonder if we wouldn't see alittle more light on the eyelashes?

brookselliott - Yes skin is difficult. Try toning down the bump mapping, and filling in all the areas that go dark gray or black with warmer, softer fill light. There's a very hard-edged line on the eye itself that might be a shadow, for such a reflective surface a shadow shouldn't be that dark, and the highlight shouldn't be inside of the shadow. Try to fix the black edges around the eyeball so they look more like how an eyeball connects to eyelids.

bshao - If you're going for sultry, try less diffuse light on the eyeball, so the pupil will be darker, and the reflections of the lashes will be darker. Keep going!

pap87 - The reflection of the window would look better without the white rectangular highlight in it. If you want a brighter reflection, you could brighten the window, or add a soft-edged sun reflection that looks like it could come from the sky outside the window. Try to soften the transition between the pupil and the iris, and between the sclera and tearduct, those lines look too sharp to me.

shahabsy - Nice scene! I think fold of the eyelid could use some warm fill, and all the skin could use less bump. The eye white could be brighter, at least it should be brighter than the tearduct. If the point of the image is how big the pupil has gotten, then take the reflections and highlights out of the pupil itself so it becomes a more pronounced black form, and put some more gleam into the iris, with a defined edge between the iris and the pupil.

- That's great! I like the little tear. Maybe you could fake subsurface scattering by adding some warm fill light into the fold of the upper eyelid. The tearduct might not need to be that bright, but it should have a much softer edge where it blends into the eyeball, it doesn't need that dark defining edge. The edges of the eyelids, where they touch the eyeball, could be warmer. Parts of the sclera might be too bright, especially in the upper right area where it should be occluded by the upper lid and lashes. (Thanks for sharing your settings, too!)

zsjasper - Welcome!

zbyg - Great! Really focus on the edges where the tearduct connects to the eye, the eyelids connect to the eye. Get photo reference or use a mirror to closely study how the surfaces fit together.

phil-w8 - Good start. The eye looks a little washed-out now, I wish the pupils didn't have so much gray reflections or light in them. Try to soften and darken the transition between the iris and sclera. The tearduct and edges of the eyelids could be warmer and more pink, I think. Maybe the skin could use some warm fill in the fold of the upper eyelid, too.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
  03 March 2009
Thanks for your advice Jeremy.

Here's an update. I will fix the veins in the eyeball, they dont look good right now. And the skin bump is just temporary, just something to break it up.

  03 March 2009
hello all!

here's my first render of the current lighting challenge. at the moment, i only have the color maps applied to the objects and i'm currently working on the bump and spec maps. i'd like to add some hair for eye brows to the face but i'm not quite sure how do it. any suggestions?

with an image overlayed onto the skin's color map, this is how i'd like the eye brow to be positioned.
  03 March 2009
Another update with some fixes for lighting under top eyelid, warmer lighting and lower bump map settings :
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  03 March 2009
This is my first contribution after arriving too late in another challenges. I made it with 3dsMax and Mental Ray

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  03 March 2009
@yorestes: All I see is a bunch of html code, no image. Try inserting it again.

Cheers and God bless.
"If you are not yourself, you cannot be anyone else, and can easily end up being nobody in particular."-Andrew Loomis

  03 March 2009
It has been long since I didnt post my entry as i was busy with some of the project we were working on but then this is my latest update only thing remaining now will be the tear drop...

Light is the most important layer in life
  03 March 2009
The Eye

Hello people, here is my eye. I never imagined how hard was to light a close up of an eye, I did a lot of color correction in After Effects so I guess I am a cheater

  03 March 2009

Hi everyone,
This is my renders

  03 March 2009
Here's a BW version. I am trying for a more relaxed emotion as most of my attempts have looked more like some one who's had 20 cups of coffee.

High res here
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File Type: jpg eye4eyebw.jpg (89.0 KB, 55 views)

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  03 March 2009
Jeremybirn Thank you for pointing me in right direction!
In my First WIP post, I tried to show a man's silhouette in the eye who is going to kill him but this time its not there coz that silhouette was also a part of reflection in the eye.
I've tweaked my scene accordingly. here is my second WIP render. I hope u will like it.
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File Type: jpg Eye02.jpg (45.5 KB, 19 views)

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  03 March 2009
Hey, Amazing works, this is a very nice challenge and there are great entries posted here... I worked this weekend on the eye and this is what I've been doing. All the eye with procedural textures

Area lights: One Key light (left up-a bit Yellow warm), one fill light (right down- a bit redish) and one environment light for the sphere with the background reflected.

Same that before, but the key light is a spot light to try with MR and caustics but still :I don't work on it.
Regards, D.
  03 March 2009
Thumbs up Feedback !

stridiggio - Interesting images! I think you are getting unique looking eyes with from using procedural textures instead of a bitmap, but you could keep tweaking them a little. Try to make them look less swirly, right now they almost look like they are spiraling out a bit. The eyes look very bright compared to the skin. Try to make the tearduct more transparent on the right edge, so it fades organically into the eyeball, without any line there. The top edge of the eye should get darker, where the lashes and eyelids block reflections.

shahabsy - Nice work! I think the top edge of the eye should get darker, where the lashes and eyelids block reflections. The pupil looks really grayed-out, try to make the pupil dark and well-defined. The edges of the iris often has a dark defining ring around it, too, before you get into the white of the eye. The white seems very dry and diffuse, a little more reflectivity and less diffuse brightness could help.

brookselliott - Nice image! In black and white, part of the image looks almost like a photograph, but then the eye white is brighter than it should be, and has too much occlusion making a dark line along the bottom edge. The lashes also look too dark and contrasty for that scene. The reflections in the eye look good overall, except for the nose reflection on the left side. You expect the nose reflection to be darker than the environment reflection beyond it, but here the nose reflection seems bright, then the environment beside it looks dark. (I am working backwards and saw your B&W one first. I like the color one a little better.)

shivahegde - That's a really nice image! Your skin is nicely textured. I think the reflections seem to hit too close to the top of the eyeball, where they should be blocked by the upper eyelid and lashes. That whole edge between the eyelids and the eyeball often needs some occlusion, something to help blend the two surfaces. The transition from the tearduct to the eyeball could also be softer and more organic.

JohnPGiancarlo - Interesting image. Yes, this challenge really is a challenge. The white stripes on the right look more like sand than skin to me. There seems to be some extra red light hitting the eyelid, lashes, and maybe coming out of the right corner of the eye, perhaps this is a subsurface scattering shader misbehaving? I usually try to keep the brightest part of a reflection or highlight in the eye out of the pupil, so the pupil can go more dark. The edge of the iris could use a dark defining ring around it, before you get into the white of the eye.

wasimattar - That's a striking image. The contrast between the bright eye and the dark edges of the eyelids around it is very abrupt, you could make a softer and more believable eye if there was some light and warm tones in that transition. I like the colors in the iris.

yorestes - Nice work! Your textures are off to a good start! I think the eyeball has too much bump mapping, too much diffuse, and not enough reflectivity. Focus on the reflection environment and getting the eyeball to reflect the lids and lashes well, and it'll look more believable.

MonicaKruse - Welcome! There are lots of ways to add eyebrows. You could model a surface and use a transparency map with your eyebrow texture. You could use the hair or fur functions that probably exist in whatever software you're using. You could model them the same way the lashes are modeled. Or you could just make them a part of the main surface of the skin, although that might not be the most realistic way to do it. (For more advice specific to your software, you might ask a question about eyebrows on the forum for whichever program you're using.) Try to make the pupils darker, so they don't look grayed out. Dark pupils make a character look smart, grayed-out ones make her look like she has cataracts or something. The reflections of the lashes look very light, as if there might be too much diffuse illumination on the eye, and not enough reflectivity.

pap87 - Wow, that skin's starting to get a warm, soft feeling. Making soft looking skin is not easy. The fold of the eyelid still has a hard edge to it, where it gets lighter above the line and darker below it. You could texture map the edges of the eyelids, where they touch the eyeball, to a pink or red color. The eye itself has a nice depth to it, I wonder if it couldn't be a bit brighter, at least in terms of the reflection environment for the area outside the window? The area in the upper right where it gets very bright, right up to the edge of the eyelid, seems unnatural to me, as if there's a refleciton or highlight that should be blocked by the lid or lashes more.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
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