Lighting Challenge #18: Science Fiction

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  01 January 2009
Where to start when lighting

Hi hakem, it's great to have a newcomer! For the first step of lighting I would suggest asking yourself what mood you want to convey in you render. Once you have figured out the mood you wish to convey you can decide on the color and placement of your first main key light.

A good guide for the positioning of lighting for moods can be found here :
Some basic color theory :

For an indoor scene your best place to start would be to create a spot light, give it the color you've decided on and have this light be your light with the highest intensity. When you have that key light exactly where you want it you can use spotlights,arealights and/or volumelights to create the light bouncing around the room. Happy lighting!
  01 January 2009

hi Jeremy,i really wanna do this challenge but i always cant open the website and download the models so could you send the models to my e-mail?i will very pleasure to you,en...this is my
  01 January 2009
Talking could you?

hi Jeremy,i really wanna do this challenge but i always cant open the website and download the models so could you send the models to my e-mail?i will very pleasure to you,en....this is my
  01 January 2009
Here's my first try:

Please keep in mind that the import of the FBX file didn't go well, so there are a few parts missing and a few materials flipped. I will wait for another format to really start texturing, but here is a go about the basic lighting I have in mind for it. Kind of a clean and bright illumination with not much shadows.

Scene was done in C4D with Vray; the only light sources here are the illuminated panels (of which the upper left and lower right didn't work.) Most light comes from the illumniated ceiling, which also didn't import so I just used the ground panels there, too.

Low render settings, so there are problems with antialiasing and shadow artifacts for now.

Am looking forward to any C&C, and will have great fun with this challenge.

Raw render (about 20 min.)

Slight color correction in Photoshop:
(`..`..- Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others. -..`..)

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  01 January 2009
Tryout 2

Hi guys !!!

This is my second render, i'm not too happy with the result. I surely could use your advice and comments.

I'm using Maya/Mental ray rendered in 12min. no FG nor GI.

here goes...

thanks in advance.


  01 January 2009
Hi phil,

if you don't mind: I think your scene will look better when your texturing is done. Now the materials are bland, and there's no light interaction from them.

I'm not really sure about the main light coming from the ventilation, just seems a bit unreal to me, but works for a dramatic effect nonetheless.

I really like the robot's material. But as I said, I think if you're texture more, it'll look better. Try to illuminate the back corridor as well, as it will give you some additional light and depth.

And there a very neat texture of the center ground floor; why not illuminate these glass panels or set a light source under them as if the second deck's light would come through?

There are lots of possibilities with this scene, and since it's science fiction, almost everything goes.
(`..`..- Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others. -..`..)
  01 January 2009
Hi guys,
It's the first time I partecipate to this contest and this is my first WIP.
I have set NO shaders yet, only scene default (original lambert).
My softwares are Maya and Pixar's Renderman.
I set some lights and maked a point cloud GI pass.
There's a lot work to do, in fact there aren't any materials, but I wanted to post my WIP anyway :-) .

Mirco Paolini

  01 January 2009
first render

hi everyone !

It's my first render , i'm using maya/mentalray with final gather

this is the basic lighting, i wait your c & c!

thanks !


  01 January 2009
@djeanimation Your image already looks pretty good. The robot material is nice. There are a few things that I would suggest, though. First, it seems to me that the more of the buttons on the walls should be illuminated and have more varied colors. At the moment, only the lights by the robot are illuminated, and appear rather monochromatic. Try adding some visual interest by varying the colors. Also, there appears to be a lot of unmotivated green light on the fan in the background. It is unclear where that is coming from. Those are the two things I noticed. Nice job.

@MicroP I like your image quite a bit. It has a sort of "hangar feel" to it, if that is what you were going for. Keep it up.

I hope to post work as soon as a useable file format gets online(I'm using Blender.) God bless you all.
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  01 January 2009
This may be really obvious to everyone, but do yourself a favor and reference the scene geometry into your lighting file. The file size difference (66 MB versus 100-200 KB) is enormous and will save you from wasting time over and over again while you wait for your file to save.

And if you settle on a composition you like, I don't see why you couldn't go into the referenced geometry file and delete all the other stuff that's not visible in the camera view. The scene takes a bit to load on my computer and I'm pretty impatient.
  01 January 2009
Dan-Science Fiction Render 01

This is my first render in Mental Ray, all spotlights no GI/FG so far. Known issues:

1. Continuity between right arm and back tire
2. back tire is off of ground
3. Needs more fill light on the ceiling
4. Needs a little more fill light in the hallways
5. Shadow samples need to be increased
6. Less blowing out of the ceiling light.

Critiques always welcome!

  01 January 2009
Here's my first pass with the main key and bounce lights using Maya Software. I composed six different shots throughout the scene and am trying to get a decent "master rig" working before tweaking each individual angle. I haven't touched the two hallways yet...

I'm going for a dramatic, spooky mood and I have a few questions:

1. Would sharper shadows on the main key lights give a bit more of an edge? I think I may have softened up the dmaps too much.
2. What about the colors? A greenish tint plus a colder orange... does that work? I tried a deep red on the ladder spot but it seemed too warm (plus the red/green xmas thing).

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  01 January 2009
hi guys! hi jeremy! this's from me.
  01 January 2009
Thanks for the feedback

to klabund: thanks for your feedback klabund , i'll take into consideration every comment and will work on it asap. As long as these challenges are instructive (Thanks to Jeremybirn) to the new guys entering the 3D world, i don't mind at all getting comments from the pros.
thanks again klabund

to everyone else: i really like what you have posted so far.

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  01 January 2009
Question Looking for reference

Hi guys,
I am a novice here,
This is my first attempt in this lighting challenge,
Can any one help me with finding reference of any sci-fi scenes?
Thank u.
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