Lighting Challenge #16: The Lighthouse

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  09 September 2008
some changes

hi jeremy , heres some revisions , just some tweaks to the scene . thanks for your c&c , changed the fence hehehe .. added 1 bird , tweaked the edges of the roof and the tower a little , added z haze thanks to mmoses00 it did look and felt better .. here it is .. thanks guys .

lauras - thanks , added a seagull for you hehehe

- shertan

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  09 September 2008
It's done.... abandon it!

It's solid work!
Great Job.... Do another one!
  09 September 2008
weng thats pretty, very nice mood, good job!

mmoses really nice as well, good job! still in the film noir mood it seems
  09 September 2008
Smile New to the party

Hi, I've been a lurking for a while, enjoying all the artwork presented. I am especially fond of lighthouses so I thought this might be a good one to finally jump in on. I hope no one minds.

I rendered the scene in Vue, tweaking all the textures and the atmosphere as I went. The light beam, fog and clouds were all done in the Vue render, then I added the splashes and rain in PhotoShop. I hope that's legal for the challenge. I love the postwork part of any image.

Hope you like it,
  09 September 2008
Here's a quick set-up in Modo to get the lighting right. Haven't cleaned anything up nor have I really textured anything.

  09 September 2008
Another beginer

Hi, I am another beginner but I will not ask you to be gentle since I have too much to learn.

This is just to set scene and light. Blender with ambient occlusion.

Same but added an angular sky map. No textures yet.
  09 September 2008
Thumbs up Feedback!

rabidfox - Welcome! Sorry I didn't see that big image from post #36 on-line when I did my previous feedback. I think you need to choose a sky image that captures the sky all the way down to the horizon. Some of them look as if you're using another part of the sky mapped into the horizon position, and that isn't going to work. Also, try to match the lens used, at least roughly. If you have a shot like image 4, where the camera is zoomed-in enough that a streetlight appears that big, then the lighthouse should be appropriately bigger than the streetlight. If you can find some panoramic 360-degree sky images, whether they are HDRI or not, those might better match your horizon position and final lens choice.

mmoses00 - Wow! You are packing the gallery page for this one already. I love the dramatic angles, the rain looks great, I like the lighting on the lighthouse top with the little red light as well as the big beams and the side-lit person leaning over. In the foreground, the guy looks a little angular and low-polygon, and his clothing doesn't look like cloth. If the quality of the guy can't be raised, then could you maybe find some way to blur or obscure the figure or pull him out of the foreground? You could try putting some light on the dark parts of him, like the bottom of the sleeve (from the light on the bottom of frame in front of him), and a little kick or rim in blue on top of his hat and sleeve from the lighthouse. The car is off to a good start, you could put a yellow light next to the headlight wrapping around the corner, and a smoother trim around the edge of the wheel-well. The tangency in having the building line-up with the headlight beam is a little distracting, the roof makes an extra diagonal line that reads like a part of the headlight fog effect. The fence has a little curse of perfection, maybe some displacement on the top, nails sticking out, glints of light from the lighthouse?

weng888 - Congratuations! I'm looking forwards to adding your work to the gallery when the challenge ends. I love the new fence, looks rock solid. You should probably listen to Matt Moses when he says you're done, because he's once again the most productive, prolific contributor here. I think the lower right corner needs a little work with shadowing or occlusion, there are some hard edges right around the area that's highlighted with your signature, that look very CG. This small an area might be fixed in a Photoshop paint-over, but I'd think an occlusion pass could help if you're doing it in 3D. Darkening that area and adding a little grass or moss could also help make the foreground hit 100%. And another small area: look at the left side of the ligthhouse, right under the balcony. There's a bright edge, which I think comes from a gap between the balcony and the tower, and then there's a shadow in the sun kick, but that shadow doesn't seem to line-up with the struts supporting the tower to me.

Lorrieann - Great job! I love the color scheme, the whole scene looks like a matte painting! Nice rain! I think the lighthouse roof could use a little texture work. The light beam could use more noise or blurring or both to break it up and blend it into the clouds. I wonder if the lighting on the tower could be less uniform, if more of the light would be coming from the left or above, instead of from behind camera? Could the lightning be brighter than that in places, and maybe use some diffusing as if it were lighting the clouds around it?

K. Scott Gant - Good start! Keep going!

asierra - Good start! Keep going!

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
  09 September 2008
basic setup

this is my basic setup, no comp and layering.
need vegation and more texturing...
hope u like it
  09 September 2008

hi jeremy , thanks for the c&c .. yup this is it .will follow you and mmoses00 and will stop and try to do another one if time permits here is the final output just tweaked the stone on the lower left and shadow on the tower top . thanks for considering my work for the gallery its always an honor to be there ... here it is ..

btw work done with maya 8.5 ,headus uvlayout, zbrush and photoshop .. took 6 passes to complete image , rendered in maya software and mental ray thanks


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  09 September 2008

bugzor - thanks so much


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  09 September 2008
Wow great work so far. It's very interesting as always to see how many interpretation of the same scene can exist. a question for mmoses.
How do you put the character in the scene ? are they comp in different layers or add as low res in 3dsmax and then rendered ?
  09 September 2008
Here is my version of the Lighthouse

Hi Jeremy,

It's been a long time but here I am. The texturing and lighting were done in 3Ds Max and Vray.

Talk to you soon

Attached Images
File Type: jpg LightHouse_18.5k_MartinVray.jpg (18.1 KB, 957 views)
  09 September 2008
Here is my try on it.. Just start. C&C are more than welcome!
I'm planning to work on textures and find more interesting point of view
And I'm also not happy with the form of the stones.. they are a bit odd) really need textures!

Last edited by ScallyFox : 09 September 2008 at 12:49 PM.
  09 September 2008
Thumbs up

Fex, I like very much your water and clouds, does Houdini have any presets with water, clouds, etc, like maya?
  09 September 2008
Thumbs up Feedback!

ScallyFox - Those are great! Focusing on the color one, most of the stones are OK, just one directly below the lighthouse looks too rounded or has a funny shape. A little bit of "real" vegetation would add a lot in places, instead of just textures. The little sign looks very thin up there, the rest of the items on the hill work pretty well in profile. You might consider a tiny hint of light or reflection in the color of the sky, even if just on some of the glass or metal.

MartinRomero - Welcome back! That's a great start on the lighthouse! On the foregroung objects, I'd love to see more of a sense that they are back-lit, like a darker core and more light coming from the edges. Consider a little fog or fading for the more distant parts of the scene.

weng888 - Congratulations! That's great!

Fex - Great start! Most of that scene looks really nice already. I'd like to see more reflection on the glass and metal near the top. The fence could use a little more rim light to bring it out.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
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