Lighting Challenge #16: The Lighthouse

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  09 September 2008

Subtle.. Quick...minimal stuff done to the original Geo...

3dsmax +FR and some Zdepth Fog.
Combustion comp.

  09 September 2008
Morning Light

This one has simple textures on buildings...
the land and cliffs are painted projections from Camera perspective...

The background is hijacked and manipulated photo found on a google image search.

I like to move quickly so.. I just did a straight beauty pass... and only a Zdepth pass to integrate this... there is just Color Correction, Z fog, slight vignetting, and some lens glow on the lighthouse... and some liberal use of sharpening

  09 September 2008
wow nice grass man!
Love the dof in the left.
modelling practice #1
  09 September 2008
Meet Me at The Lighthouse at 5:15

I like to do stills that look like they are frames snipped out of the middle of an action sequence.
There is no moving version of this.... but it would be a cool shot ... I feel....

For Speed... no lighting passes.. just beautyBack, beautyLighthouse/terrain, beautyGuy, beautyCar, and beautyWindshield layers.. comped.. and Color corrected together
Dashboard is borrowed model.... The guy with the guns is a game character...blurred for his own protection. -- Who is that in the rear view mirror?

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  09 September 2008
First test with Bryce 6

This is my first test with Bryce 6 :

  09 September 2008

1st shot - This reminds me of a game I used to play as a little kid, King Quest's 4. It was an adventure game made up of different "painted" backgrounds for every area you could walk to. Each area was it's own painting and gave off a different mood. There was one area I was afraid to go. It was a foggy forest where trees would snatch you up if you got too close and they stood at the foot of a winding mountain path where the witch lived. It sucked because it was so close to the safe happy elves . I was too young and naive to know that video games couldn't jump out of the screen at you, so I felt like I was really treading on dangerous grounds and this brought that feeling back.

The grass looks so soft like you want to run your hands through it. At the same time, it gives me that foggy old London feeling. It's conflicting, safe yet eerie. Lighthouses always seem welcoming to me and then you look at the rotting trees in the void on the left. It gives off a buyer beware feeling. It's really intriguing. My only crit is that the bit of red coming off the lighthouse top doesn't seem to play well with the grayish blue and yellow. It threw the mood off a bit when I glanced at it. Otherwise, damn sir!

2nd shot - Wow! This looks you took a photograph of a lush rocky cliff, developed it, taped it to a canvas, and seamlessly painted in the lighthouse and background. The colors are so relaxing. I wish I could live in that little house just to wake up to that. There are a couple things I wanted to mention, though.

The depth of field looks nice up front but seems to focus in on more than one range, hurting the seamless flow of the piece. It focuses up close, goes out of focus as you go towards the lighthouse, then starts to regain focus or simply not drop off anymore. The fence also stands out oddly as if it's not supposed to be there which seems to be related to the DoF issue. The first couple fence segments in the lower middle seems to be hovering as well as the in front of the lighthouse. I'm really looking forward to seeing updates of this.

3rd shot - I don't think Tequila is going to be able to dive out of the way of that one, even with slow-mo The sun reflecting off of the lighthouse looks great. Oddly enough, it was the first thing my eye was attracted to. The warning sign looks a bit out of place as it doesn't seem to be affected by the sunlight at that angle.

Great work in such a short time. Can't wait to see more.

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  09 September 2008

hi jeremy sir,here is an update.CsC are welcome.
  09 September 2008
Thumbs up Feedback!

grabennouitch - Good start! Keep going!

mmoses00 - Terrific! Great takes on the scene, and wonderful comps! The plate-mapping in Morning Light is terrific! I love the misty morning render. Sorry the original tree model wasn't better, but it's nice to see it sitting on a little hill with some grass on it. The last one really captures the feeling of a shakey-cam Born Identity type film. For the guy with the gun, I know how tricky it is to get a recycled 3D person worked into a comp with realistic elements present too, and you managed to make something quite presentable in your first pass. I wonder if his hair could catch more of the sunlight, so the edge between the hair and the sky on the screen-left side went bright instead of dark? Also, if the gun could be at least as specular and rimmy as the hand holding it, then it could look more sun-lit. I'd love to put a cooler fill-side kick or specular on the guy too, just to keep the dark parts of him from going too flat.

austriangeek - Welcome! Good start, keep going!

psycosven - Great start! That's a nice composition. You've given yourself a little work bringing the level of detail on that fence up to foreground quality, but it'll be worth it I'm sure.

jmBoekestein - Great start!

jasvant - The grass adds a lot! It looks a little too painted, as if it could use finer blades or self-shadowing, but the overall color is good. Keep going with the texture and shadows...

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition

Last edited by jeremybirn : 09 September 2008 at 02:36 PM.
  09 September 2008
Thx for the crits!.... noted...noted...noted.... and agreed on all counts. I had been slashing thru these yesterday, and I fudged some DOF, also wanted to work the textures for the lighthouse better..... that red was a little out of place for the environment lighting around it.
On the action sequence, what would probably happen is I would check frames on the timeline thru a moving shot to see if the char was picking up those kind of details you mentioned Jeremy, then adjust accordingly... but only after I knew it needed it. Agreed on those spec/highlight cues though.. he does go flat.. And also... in my minds eye.. what is taking place is that the guy with the gun is running towards the camera... as the driver frantically backs up and spins out of control, again.. you would not tell from just a still.
For the record.. these were really fast, single omnidirectional light setups...and single color global illumination "filling in the rest".
I really appreciated the comments! My next try will be a much closer shot, hopefully getting the lighthouse glass and surfaces to come thru .... in the rain.

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  09 September 2008
Hi all!

Ok finally I had some time. Im not trying to achieve a realistic render on this one. Im more trying to achieve a more cartoony/semi realistic style.
Render engine is vray.
Need some glow around the moon and the lights. Only a render with no corrections.

  09 September 2008
Seconde test

Second test
and bravos has all of superb pictures

  09 September 2008
Lighthouse Challenege

What a brilliant idea for a challenge! I love seeing all the different interpretations of the challeneges. Good job guys and thanks for the new challenge

  09 September 2008
okay here is my second version.

The lighthouse itself is almost finished. When its done, I'll work on the ground and the rest

  09 September 2008
hello jeremy sir,thanx for comments.i rendered grass as a seprate pass in maya software and other elements rendered in mental ray with same production settings.when i put my grass into composition i found grass was looking too much sharp so grass anti-alising was not matching with other elements.i gave little amount of guassian blur in grass for matching the anti-alising.i think thats why it,s looking painted.sir,could you tell me how to match anti-alising
of maya software renderer and mental ray
  09 September 2008
Smile Light house in santorini -take 1-

Hi all,

I am a new user so be gentle. I am using Max 2009 with mental ray. I used lume landscape for the ground, and a blend of metallic-rusted metallic material for the tower. I added fog effect and glare effect in the camera. Also lit up the house.

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