Lighting Challenge #15: Film Noir

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Old 05 May 2008   #16
Hello Jeremy and everyone!

I'd love to try this one! It is a great opportunity to use creative lighting and set the mood!

Have a great start everybody.
Old 05 May 2008   #17
Thumbs up First Feedback and More File Formats....

Gluteus Maximus - Congrats on being the first entry! I like the small amount of rim light on the hills right under the moon. The big kick of light on the hills to the left seems too harsh to me to come from the moon, maybe something more subtle there could bring out the shape. I think you could do more with rim lighting on other forms in the scene. The wet ground can be an interesting area to show reflections and highlights, you might do this all with specularity on a bump mapped surface, but something that looked like a reflection of the moon, and something that looked like a reflection of the light on the side of the building, would help a lot!

Thanks to jojo1975 there's now a 3D Studio Max version on the download page!

Thanks to mesutcapkin there's now a Cinema 4D version on the download page!

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition

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Old 05 May 2008   #18
Hi everyone, fun challenge. here's my first take on it..may be a bit bright but its a start
Old 05 May 2008   #19
And we're off to a fast start it seems! Nice one tuffmutt1 - looks like you've nailed the mood to me. The scene itself could do with some refinement; I'm always fond of realism, and right now it's a bit CG-looking, particularly in terms of texturing. Then, there's bit more that could be done with the black-and-white treatment to give it that beautiful dark-yet-luminous and rich film look. Try playing with a curves adjustment in Photoshop (or your image editor or choice), particularly increasing contrast a bit in the areas with the best subtle lighting.
Old 05 May 2008   #20
Smile Uday is out of the gate and in the lead...

tuffmutt1 -

Wow! Great image! You're already kicking on this challenge! If you're ever applying for a job at Pixar and want a recommendation, let me know.

I don't think it's too bright over-all, but some specific parts could be darker. The under-side of the roof (with the wood texture) seems to be getting too much bounce light. Maybe the front triangle of the roof, facing out towards the darkness, could go even darker, and maybe part of the side of the station behind the camper could go darker as well. The front of the car, not the headlights but near the center, seems to be getting a lot of light. The ground around the under-side of the camper might go darker, but the pool of light coming out of it onto the ground could grow into a softer pool of light. You might fix-up the lighting we see through the windows of the camper as well, the back window looks like there's an unlit interior wall or something.

There are some patterns on the white ceiling of the station above the car (some dark circles near the far edge, black and white stripes along the near beam with lights coming out of it) that are a bit distracting, I don't know if they are a part of the lighting or the texture. The hubcaps of the little car don't have completely convincing reflections on them yet, they look a little like what you'd get using an environment map instead of raytracing.

Car headlights sometimes project a nice cookie pattern with little stripes running different directions, you might try to throw a little of that onto the ground in front of the car.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 05 May 2008   #21
LWO Film Noir Scene Conversion

Hi...I have done a lwo conversion of this a lwo not an lws as I don't have LW but a great converter named Accutrans...e mail me with info on how to get this to you if it's still needed.. ...
pax et lux
Old 05 May 2008   #22
there is a first try to place the mood... i work only on composition and lighting, no shader work..


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Old 05 May 2008   #23
Just a quick comp-test to get started:

Old 05 May 2008   #24
Hey everyone I hope you're all excited for this new challenge, I know I am! I haven't been able to start yet since I just graduated yesterday Until I can start here's some feedback

Good start so far, from a comp standpoint I like the high angle. As for the lighting I like being able to see where are your lights are placed right now. You've gotten some fairly high contrast taking place but in my opinion I think the sky light is a bit overpowering. If you want a lot of the skylight to come through maybe you could darken the artificial lights in the gas station.

On the left on top of the well there seems to be a light artifact or something. Not sure if this was intentional or not.

Finally I think an adjustment could be made for the lights from the gas station I like the bright white but I think that they could use a lot more dropoff to give more of a hot spot in the center. Keep it up!

guivAg: I like the composition for this one I can almost see someone standing at the door with a gun. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the filter you've used ontop, I'm guessing you were trying to create rain. For the lighting maybe if you created a little of a rim or something on the right edge of the building so it could be popped forward from the background. As it is right now it's hard to discern the edge of the building from the background.

tuffmutt1: Once again, you're making us all look bad , props to you and your skills. I think above everything I love the reflection you've created on the ground. In general your shader work is fantastic. Just some minor things I see is on the ceiling there seems to be some strange throw patterns from the lights but, that could be intentional. I really can't find anything else that's less than amazing. Congrats once again.
Old 05 May 2008   #25
im agreed with u for the rain kanooshka !^^ that was a 1 min rain in toshop... so i made a little correction. (a the end i will made a volume fog to place the rain correctly...)

for the rim light thanks,i wana moove my light to keep this area in the light..

any other recomendation before i start the shader work ?


"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

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Old 05 May 2008   #26
hi all,

very nices works, specialy tuffmutt1's one, i like your reflections on the floor, what shader did you use ?

here my test :

better rez "here"

and ... good night
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Old 05 May 2008   #27

I setup the camera composition sky and moon lights.
Just a start don't know if I'll have much time but couldn't resist.
FeD love the car visua love the angle tuffmutt1 looks finished.

Hope you don't mind me posting wips here, just trying to learn.

*UPDATE* Updated the composition and no desaturation this time.
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Old 05 May 2008   #28
FeD: your render is amazing and I have hardly anything to say about it, it's beautiful and it definitely captures the idea of "Film Noir". The only criticism I can give is that the figure in the building doesn't seem quite right. It appears that the arm of the figure (I assume it's the arm folding into a pocket) is a tad skinny. Perhaps make it appear as if the trench coat is baggier on the arm by adding subtle folds in the cloth or something to that effect. Other than that, it's the best I've seen yet. Keep up the good work!

guivAg: I like the effect that you're going with and the angle of the composition but I am not feeling that the rain is part of the scene. It seems as if it was just an after thought (something done in photoshop). Don't get me wrong, I like the rain but try and integrate it better with the scene. Add splashes where the rain touches the roof or ground and add puddles all over the place. You could even model a gutter and have a stream of water coming out of it or even have a stream just coming off the roof. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

Hopefully, I can get a render out relatively soon since I'm also working on another project

Keep up the good work!

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Old 05 May 2008   #29
My first try here and I used the Non photo realistic render in Carrara to see the effect. I will do more tests before post the last render.
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Old 05 May 2008   #30
thanks Jeremy ....I cant thank you enough for your;s some improvement on the same scene...
this is a direct render out of max. I ve ben using low saturated maps and shaders to keep em grey overall with blue moonlights and almost white but a bit yellow lights for the bulbs and what not.all mental ray A&D shaders, lanczos for AA to keep it sharp.

Heres a processed in photoshop version of the same above. with some volumetric lights added and DOF using Z buffer and Lens blur.

and here's the fully processed with desaturation and a blueish tiny and some grain added.

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