Lighting Challenge #11: Brand X

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  07 July 2007
Great entries so far. So I'll also give it a try.
I thought I'd start with a not too complicated setup.
Like, a background lighting plus a "spot on"-lighting supported by DOF.

Here and there I changed the model a bit. For example, the bottles are only about half full. I took away a part of the ingredients to be able to see through the bottles.
The body part of the bottles have now a thickness of 0.2mm to avoid a massive-glass-block look. But i think it's still too thick, I guess I should make them even thinner.

This is what I come up with for the background:
Top light | top light + light from the right | top light + light from the right + light from the left.

Now the foreground:
Back light | back light + left light | back light + left light + top light

So, together this would make my first try for this challenge look like this:
  07 July 2007
here is my test run... I like the direction it's heading but I didn't spend enough time it yet, I hurried to get something on here today.
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  07 July 2007
railsplitter - Nice job! I was just going back and checking that the normals weren't reversed on the dispenser_base object, but I guess you just made those darker as a creative choice. Your lighting is nice and clean. I look at where there's space in the composition and I'd be interested to see what happened if you changed the key light angle so the brighter sharper light came from the left, then you could have the cool and warm caustics and shadows both extending into screen-left where it's white now. Just a thought.

60WE - Good start. I wonder if the camera angle could be more dramatic, maybe making the Leet look a little bigger and more heroic in frame?

RavenEye - Welcome! Keep going with developing your scene.

Leotril - I especially like the one on the left (where you see the full Leet label.) Maybe you could just work on getting rid of some of the hard lines that appear near the base and top in the refraction, and give it a little colored bounce onto the bottom of the dispenser so it doesn't go black there?

railsplitter & Animasta - This is an all-volunteer effort. I'd be happy to host a Lightwave version if one of you wants to send one to me. If you need FTP space then send me a PM and I'll give you details, if you already have a site then just make sure the Lightwave scene is well grouped, named, surface normals good, etc. and zip or rar the thing and send me the URL of where to get it.

Doodlerboy- Looking good. Nothing sells soap like a soap opera. Right now it looks as if Brand X is about to slam the door on Leet.

mesutcapkin - Good start. From looking at your break-down, it seems as if some of those single-light images are more powerful and dramatic by themselves. You might take just 1 back light, try it from a higher angle so it doesn't bottom-light so much of the dispenser, and work on really nice colored shadows or caustics with it. Then maybe only a tiny bit of rim or bounce to complete it, but not so many lights total.

metal0130- Welcome! That's a good start, keep going with your renders.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
  07 July 2007
Here it goes the first post from me. I trying to treat Leet and BrandX as if they are alive character. In this image, i am giving Leet longer and darker shadow as if he is bigger size and stronger; for BrandX is a timid, scare of evything type, no self confident, short coverage and lighter shadow is used...
I am not sure the way i transform characteristic of it into lighting is a right way ot not, but one thing for sure i am really enjoy and having fun when creating it. I am trying for caustic for it soon and still working on the shading .

  07 July 2007
hi jeremy, nice concept here!

taking a look below, i tried to frame the attractive bottle in a standard type of product shot: even lighting, little to no shadowing, bright popping presentation coming from a strictly g.i. lighting.

for the loser in the bg, i went for a low-key (high-contrast) kinda rig, with an overhead negative light to darken it's surroundings.

the ground plane is evenly lit with an area light, tho the negative light has some influence.

the "caustics" under the hero bottle are actually a shader network and not caustics calculations at all .

straight lightwave render using the native engine. i'll betchya some bloom or other improvements could easily be done in post, i'll wait to read the critiques.


je 'wave, donc je suis

  07 July 2007
Hi Jeremy, thank you very much for your comments!
Here is a comparison between the old shot and the new one based on your suggestion. Some changes on ligthing and added a bit of coating to the Leet label. Probably the first lights setup was better in my opinion.
Looking forward to hear advices.

  07 July 2007
Here is what I got done during lunch. Unfortunately I can only work on this during my lunch hours. By the time I get my food and eats it. There just isn't much time left. So anywho, here is to my WIP.
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I dream in wireframes....
  07 July 2007
Nice idea for a new challenge - I suspect that Brand X might end up being the (anti)hero here, that Leet character is just a bit too much of a smoothy...
Here's a first quick go at this, it'll be better when I've got some passes set up and some decent materials on the tiles and grout.
  07 July 2007
hey! I though could join in on this challange cool renders btw. I tryed to make somthing abit diffrent, it wasnt easy and i am not sure how it turned out. My brother gave me the idea with the spider web that i thought was a cool idea

`Thomas DÝhlen -

  07 July 2007
NeBuLa : i like the idea of what using doing on it, especially on what you done to brandX. For Leet is cool also, but i guess need stronger light for it ( neon light thing there is bright), as now it look pale and fader. By the way, how you create those spiderweb for brandX? Do you mind telling it?

andystopps : The shading for brandx is really work, it look nice. Will the level of liquid in brandx a bit lower than Leet will help bring the mesage like "newcomer Leet is taking over BrandX"?
  07 July 2007
Thanks titanwong31, The siderweb was a photograph that i edited into the image in photoshop. Yeah i think i am going to be working abit on the shading on the models and turn up the light strength on the neon light. Thanks for the feedback

Oh.. btw Render with mental ray in maya
`Thomas DÝhlen -

  07 July 2007
titanwong31 - Looking good! I agree caustics will add to it. Making the reflections on the ground softer (more blurry or glossy) would help a lot as well.

MooseDog - That's great. The BG guy looks like he's floating above his shadow, if that's his shadow below him. I can't tell now from the shading if the pump on the Leet bottle is supposed to be a very high-gloss plastic, or metal, or what, but maybe some work on the shader and texture there would help.

60WE - Composition is getting much better. Maybe the label shouldn't be so reflective, or could use a softer more blurred reflection than the bottle? The pedistal reminds me of a Chef's hat, but maybe I just have those on the brain after a year of lighting those.

RavenEye - Nice bubble element. I hope we'll be able to see the Leet product clearly.

andystopps - Nice shading difference! I think the fluid dripping out and on the floor by the Brand X looks too bright and glowy, if anything that liquid makes it look more attractive. Maybe something could be done to make the Leet look wet also, maybe like the clean kind of water droplets that appear all the time on soda cans in advertisements?

NeBuLa - That's great! The cobwebs are a nice touch. I love the look of the swirling light. Maybe the Leet bottle could be given a little more color and contrast, so the label and such pops out and doesn't look at all dusty. The lighting on top of the Brand X could be evened out a little, so there's less on the top of its pump, and a little more on the shoulders of the bottle, and that evenness would make it look more old and dusty.


PS - I'm off to Florida for the weekend. I think I still should find Internet access and post again from there.
Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
  07 July 2007
Here is another my attempt.
Is it better then previous?
Now it's the time to be extreme!
  07 July 2007
Here's my first shot on this challenge, coming along nicely, still got
some issues to fix but this is draft number one

FG version:

Last edited by visua : 07 July 2007 at 04:30 PM.
  07 July 2007

LOL, fun new challenge.

Altho my issue is that the "Brand X" label is actually better designed than the "LEET" one

Mr Zap Andersson - Random Rendering Guy at Autodesk Inc.
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