Lighting Challenge #10: Flying Spaghetti Monster

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Old 03 March 2007   #46
mJunaidb -

Nice start! The rock is looking good. The clouds in the sky seem to be lit from the right and above. In your 3D objects, I only see light from the left. Maybe you could add some rim light on the FSMs from the right and above? Also, the sky could probably be brighter than the shadow areas of the cliffs, you could brighten the sky and also put a little glow around it to make the scene look more back-lit.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 03 March 2007   #47
Thank you everyone for this sweet talk


That's good I want to see your wonderful works and one another thing do you speak Arabic..hahahahaha


Thanks man and I want to see your work


Thank man for this kind of talk

And your work is good


Thank you Mr.jeremy you are very sweet man

And I will make that


Thanks man my world every thing possible even the spaghetti hahahaha......

Old 03 March 2007   #48
Thankyou, Cool observations, I didn't focus on my clouds part

I'll rather make the FSM's material a SSS one, that may solve the rim light purpose a bit. Even then, I'll surely give those lighting advises a try.

See u soon.
Old 03 March 2007   #49
This looks like so much fun, but the only 3d package I have is Bryce 4, and I lost the serial! Could I download Maya PLE and just deal with the watermarking?
Old 03 March 2007   #50
Originally Posted by Earendil: This looks like so much fun, but the only 3d package I have is Bryce 4, and I lost the serial! Could I download Maya PLE and just deal with the watermarking?

Yes, you can use Maya PLE. You don't even need to retouch out the watermarking, just post what you create, and we'll only look at the lighting and rendering. Some people here are even using free programs like Blender, and a lot of people have student-discount copies of Maya as well.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 03 March 2007   #51
That's my SpaghettiMonster! I can't imagine spaghetti without tomato sauce (or maybe blood??). I think adding some drop of tomato on river could be nice. Environment from scratch, tomato and caustics in photoshop.

Old 03 March 2007   #52
ok my first post on the FSM far really nice and creative stuff being done here...
I really like Mesut Capkin's entry...quite different. is it maxwell rendering?

her's my first post..

I m thinking of adding a couple of rocket boosters AKA starwarsy stuff.
C&C welcome..
Old 03 March 2007   #53
suchoparek -

Great start! I love the water texture, it really feels like water. Adding some tomato sauce is a great idea! I think you could do more to bring out the depth and gleam and highlights in his eyes. It looks as if the FSM is casting a light gray but very hard-edged shadow onto the water, you could probably get rid of that and just make more of his reflection visible instead. The FSM is casting a very dark shadow on the wall, maybe it could be filled in with more bluish light from the sky instead of going black? The canyon walls are looking good, some of them could use some polygon smoothing or extra subdivision, especially on the right where you see the triangles. The blue in the sky isn't very bright, so I'd think you could put in a cloud with real shading in it, or else go with a lighter blue for the sky as if the whole sky were overexposed.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 03 March 2007   #54
tuffmutt1 -

That's great! I love the textures on his eyes, it's like they are turned into extra meatballs or some kind of deep-fried treat or something. The canyon walls and sense of motion blur are great, maybe there's one area, the texture on the ground right below him, that could use more motion blur. Part of the left fork looks like metal, but then it reflects the wall that should be behind it. The right fork looks like it almost isn't there or is transparent the way it mostly reflects sky. Maybe you just need more work on the metal material. The FSM could use more polygon subdivision, some of the spaghetti in the foreground looks as if it is faceted with polygons and not as smooth as it could be. The very wide-angle view is nice, but maybe you could add some fisheye or barrel distortion - you can do this in Photoshop if it is hard to do in a lens shader in your software. I'm just talking about something like this:

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 03 March 2007   #55
Hi tuffmutt1.

Thanks a lot for your words.
Yes, it's done with c4d9.6 and Maxwell1.1.

Old 03 March 2007   #56
Earendil - if you're looking for free pro-quality software for this you might consider Side Effects' Houdini. The demo version ( which they call "The Apprentice Edition" is fully featured, save works, etc, it's render resolution limited but the max res. is quite generous, and although the output is watermarked, the watermark is much more discrete than Maya PLE's. You don't get the 3rd party renderers ( Mental Ray and Renderman ) but I'm sure the built-in one will blow the socks off the one you're used to with Bryce. I have to admit I've no idea what it's like to use, I haven't had the time to try out my own copy (I'm a sucker for freebie downloads). Unfortunately the Softimage XSI demo is time limited, which is a shame, 'cos I find XSI the best all-rounder I've tried.
Tuffmutt1 - Great Stuff, puts me in mind of the Roadrunner.
Here's my most recent iteration of this. I've tried to sort out the canyon edges, as per your suggestion Jeremy, and done a bit of work on the volcano texture - I can see this is going to need a displacement map to make the lip of the crater work.
I gave the FSM a new, greener, sort of pasta verde look to complement the reds of the landscape. He's only got a Lambert shader at the moment, but maybe some specularity would be good...
Old 03 March 2007   #57
Thanks Andy, I really want to post my idea, but it's slow goin's on this Geforce2. My ATI 1600 died. This monster!
Old 03 March 2007   #58
Earendil - Welcome! I don't know what a graphics card has to do with your rendering, unless you are doing some kind of realtime thing? I guess we'll see when you post it...

andystopps - Great! Your landscape keeps getting better and better. I like the Pesto Sauce idea. Maybe his balls shouldn't be green, though, some contrast in color would show-off the greenness of the pasta even more.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 03 March 2007   #59
Well, Maya specifically stated that Geforce 2 had trouble with certain types of renderings. And I tried rendering a scene, and it only showed the spaghetti monster, and the bushes, not the terrain. I figured it was because of the card...

I'm going to try using Houdini as andy suggested.

EDIT: Won't import, going back to Maya PLE...Ok, Maya keeps resetting the objects! Argh!

Last edited by Alabaster : 03 March 2007 at 04:59 AM.
Old 03 March 2007   #60
Progress! Albeit ..very very slow. I discovered that editing vertices was similar to using the Photoshop pen tool, just in 3d space! So I took the liberty of making the mountain...more ridiculous I suppose. Even managed to make the spaghetti (hopefully) more menacing!

Lighting...texturing...I cannot figure my way around this program, so this is a challenge indeed! Muahaha!

I've attached what I have. So far only composition has been established, edited the mountain, and got the backlighting to where I wanted it.

I'm going for a "Flying Monkey/Mordor" look if you know what I mean, with just the spagetti monster as a silhouette with eeeevil eyes. Going to try and at least drop some clouds in the background, but the big thing I'm trying to do is have the monster cast volumetric shadows, and have glowing red eyes! Oh and I suppose some textures would be nice...

Now, if I could just find the right button... *rummage...GoogleFu...reload...*
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