Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway

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  12 December 2006
@ Jeremy... thanks a lot for the hints ... the did a huge improvement to the scene.
The current lighting is much better ... i love the "reflected" specularlight on the walls ...
Cannot wait for the second light pass.

@ACamacho... thanks a lot ... that runs down like oil
You was right about the lightswitch in my scene ... i positioned in the air before ...
and asked myself over an half an hour: "Why is that damn AO not affecting this fu&$%! lightswitch" ... thanks a lot for the hint ... sometimes i am blind.
As i already mentioned ... i really like the colors in your scene.
Maybe the scale of the wood-texture at the ground is a littlebit too high.

@meanlebh... your scene is turning out better and better ... but i would soften the shadows at the columns in the front a littlebit more

@dany_kurian... great first try ... i like the colors in the lighting a lot.

Ok here is the actual version i will call "final"

And a link to the large Image

Thanks a lot for the wonderful challenge theme.

Keep up the great work guys!

time is passing by...

  12 December 2006
Jeremy - Thanks for this new challenge, and for the candles gallery.
I have to try this new one.

The C4D link to download the haunted hallay scene doesn't work...

Camacho - Your picture is nice ! The colors are awesome,
it seems a painting...

ChrRambow - Nice work ! I like the textures and the sun light,
but the subject is a little macabre...
Good job.
Keep the Faith

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  12 December 2006
I've been enjoying reading lighting challenges for a while and this one is a good opportunity to join in!

And this 8th is great too, a lot of nice works, and a lot of good info to read in the comments & critics too.

This is my first attempt, no textures yet. I'm working with Cinema 4D.

"There are no facts, only interpretations". Friedrich Nietzsche

  12 December 2006
Here is my try..........BTW - really nice entries so far.....

ooops! something wrong with my window, and I am not too happy with my wall textures - well back to the drawing board.


Last edited by Diabolos : 12 December 2006 at 01:33 PM.
  12 December 2006
ChrRambow - That's terrific! Can't wait to add it to the gallery. You might fix those electrical wires that are going so white, if you have time. One still looks rim-lit where it runs up the right-side corner of the wall, and the foreground one looks rim-lit along the top of the arch but not along the side. I don't think you'd need to re-render your scene, just rendering the wires as a separate pass could be all you need to fix that?

JCBug - Thanks for the heads-up, I fixed that file (the file uploaded had an initial capital letter, I renamed the file to lowercase like the links.)

Meteoro - Welcome, keep going! If the big bright area is supposed to be a sunbeam, then think about all the light from the sky that would also be coming through the window from all the other angles outside the direct sun.

Diabolos - Wow! I love the bloody texture with footprints and everything! The greenish color scheme contrasts nicely with it. That sunbeam or moonbeam on the floor doesn't look very convincing yet, maybe soften it a bit if its a moonbeam and make it less purple?

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
  12 December 2006
@ChrRambow: Really great render, the only comment I would have is that it doesn't appear that your occlusion is affecting the wire leading to the lamp, and the base of the lamp. I could be wrong, but it just doesn't quite seem to match the wire running up from the switch on the wall. But other than that minor issue, it is a really great scene. Nice work.

@Meteoro: Nice start! I like the contrast that you have going on so far. My only comment at this point would maybe be to add just a touch more bounce light around the room. It may help to bring out the shadow of the character on the wall just a bit (which is a nice touch by the way). Anyways, nice start.

@Diabolos: Nice start as well. As Jeremy said before at some point, It will really help your scene in the beginning to put something outside of your window (even if it is going to be dark, something other than pure black could help). Looking good, keep it up.

@dany_kurian: As jeremy said, excellent start. Nothing major to crit at this point. Some occlusion could really help to add some definition to some of the corner areas. Looking forward to updates!

@Jeremy: I really like the update. Although I did also enjoy the green lighting from before, It would be nice to see some of it come back at some point like you mentioned. Great update though, looking forward to more!

  12 December 2006

Just a sketch really - overpainted ao render with some fog. No lights at all

ChrRambow, ACamacho, dany_kurian - nice stuff, you guys know how to capture the mood.

Jesremy - maybe add some subtle fog, especially in the background - imo it'd add some spookiness to the scene.
"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced" - F. Herbert
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  12 December 2006
Everyone your work is truely inspiring.

meanlebh: Fantastic job. Love the textures.
Azazel: Great painting. It really stands out.
ChrRambow: lovin the noose dude. Definatly adds to the overall mood of the scene.

I am almost done texturing. Just trying to achieve the overall mood i want.
-However i am having major problems with lighting. I cannot seem to make the volumetric lighting work. I am attempting to get the beam of light as most of you have. Can anyone show a tut or give a description on how to acheive this the right way?

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  12 December 2006
@ Diabolos. Cool Idea (and also a bit scary Just if you can improve a bit the quality of the wall texturing.
I've added a bit of reflection to the material and also put less fill light now my cartsian devil is flying
This challenge is awesome. As always thanks to jeremy for his sugestion.. it's always good to learn from masters...
Comments and suggestion are wellcome

  12 December 2006
@ Kahal
For volume light, if you use ax add a standard light, in options go to effects then add volume and then tweak and play with settings to obtain more "foggy" effect
  12 December 2006
@meanlebh Waw, very impressive work. I truly love it!

@ChrRambow Seriosly good job men! I like colors and those "noise" effect of the floor.

Desperately wanna participate myself in this one, but desperately having problems with time.
So for now my WIP, just straight render, without textures. Comments are very welcome.

I'm trying to create night outside and lighting lamp in the hall. But still thinking to use mostly cold colors.
I tried to add very little of volume light (dont want much of it in the scene) which strangely increased my render time from 20sec to 10 minutes :hmm , but oh well.
In the scene 3 area lights for windows, 3 spot lights (one just for volume light outside) and 2 point lights and 1 direct light.
Lamp is overbrighten, so plan to deal with it bit later

And hope it's not too dark on your monitors guys. Have 2 of them and on both it look a bit different.

Last edited by Veliar : 12 December 2006 at 10:33 PM.
  12 December 2006
Veliar - Yes, cold colors could be good for that. You can work on colored lights even before you add textures, if the textures aren't going to be too colorful. See if you can get the hanging lamp to look as if it's aiming the light downwards instead of upwards, but you probably already knew that.

jojo1975 - Better and better! The view out the window is a little undefined now: is there glass in the window? Is the sky dark? If so, what do we see that's bright out there?

KahlanAmnell - See how far you can get with the lighting before you add effects like volumetrics, too, just so you're sure the core shading of your surfaces is working well. You might need to raise the electric wire and clips to meet the archway.

azazel - Looking forwards to seeing that one rendered! I don't know if the floor with be that metalic to reflect the blue window as yellow, but we'll see how that works out.
(The fog and glows and green fill will come back into mine at some point, but next time I work on it I still have more to do with texturing it before I do any other passes again.)

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
  12 December 2006
Here is my try....
  12 December 2006
Hey guys ,

Thanks a lot for all the encouragement . I'm working on ver1_rev2 rite now.

Here is another ver , its only wip ! ....

  12 December 2006
chickenkts - Welcome! That's a nice concept: a clean, modern staircase descending into a sort of flooded dungeon. Try to get rid of the black spots on the walls, they might be caused by too harsh a bump map. The lower molding on the columns shouldn't line-up so perfectly with the water surface, the edges of the water surface really give it away right now. Actually, right above the water surface you might map the walls to get darker, as if the water-line sometimes soaked a bit higher than the water position now. Maybe the archway needs a different texture to break things up a bit. The lighting is off to a good start, maybe just in the reflection you could make the window brighter and make the ceiling less uniformly lit, so the ceiling wasn't lit all the way out to the corners?

dany_kurian - Nice creative angle. Looks like you'll have some work to do to bring the boards to close-up quality, but keep going!

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
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