Lighting Challenge #3: Hairy Hare

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Old 04 April 2006   #46
Just to not let Zap winning this game and try to spice things up I'm posting a wip:
Here is how I designed the shot, the grass made of FUR and some PaintFX:

Early tests of the fur, I'm still painting and painting:

Lazhar Rekik
Old 04 April 2006   #47

nice challange. Here is my work, done in Lightwave with sasquatch full in about 5 hours.
Hope to have some comments.

Old 04 April 2006   #48
Marcus -Welcome, looks good! The colors and tone look a bit like that default Windows XP backdrop. At once very happy and very soothing.

There seem to be some stripes on him, especially on the rear leg and a little on the ears. I wonder if they are shadow bias issues, or if they would be present in the fur even without shadows? Maybe it's just that the bias needs to be higher.

The grass is a little bit regular, maybe the scene would be more interesting if there were some variety to the vegetation. Or else maybe the lighting could be more late in the day with a low sun angle making some variety in how it hits different parts of the scene?

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 04 April 2006   #49
Thanks for the feedback.

Tonight I did some work on different shadowing methods. I have gotten very interesting results with volumic shadow maps that I am happy with for now.

I decided to split the rendering into 3 passes: color, specular and shadow. However at this point they do not comp to produce the same result as the beauty pass, so I need to look into some other options and methods.

Last thing I would need to do is run some speed tests to figure out the optimal settins for couple of options like the BSP Tree.

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Old 04 April 2006   #50

Thank you for your comments Jeremy,

you are right with everything . I will change the background and the daytime.
The stripes are comming from my fur settings in sasquatch. I will change this too.
Hope to see many people joining this mini challange.

Thanks again

Old 04 April 2006   #51
hy everybody,

i know its a litle late.... but i`d like to join the challenge...
i`m watching it since 2 weeks but i had no time to participate... (lots of work)
so i hope it is not to late and i`d be happy for c&c

this is my first...
and its the first time, messing around with fur... hope you`ll not kill me for this
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File Type: jpg 3.jpg (65.7 KB, 284 views)
it's a gigg from another dimension...
Old 04 April 2006   #52
ShadowM8 - Your fur ball is great, it's starting to looking like something people would ID as rabbit fur even when seen on a sphere. There will be a lot more looks dev to do once it's on the rabbit, with continuity between limbs, maintaining density, varying areas such as inside the ears, etc. so I hope we can see it on the rabbit!

lazzhar - Can't wait to see your scene take shape.

gorillapanse - Not too late at all, this challenge is taking a surprisingly long time to really get started (I think the next challenge will go back to something simpler to render...) so we welcome new entries. Your fur is off to a good start, I hope you can get the fur shadowing too.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 04 April 2006   #53
Here is my first attempt. First time really playing around with hair in xsi...wish that I could have played around with it a little bit more, but for right now I have run out of time and other projects need my attention...maybe later this week I will get some time to revisit it...anyways, there are certainly areas that could be improved upon so please feel free to critique away

Also, Jeremy, I just wanted to say how great these lighting challenges are. This is the first one that I have actually posted anything for, but I have been following them from the beginning and it is the perfect way for people to get good solid feedback and critique on their lighting, no matter how good it may already be. So again....thanks! Hopefully I will get a chance to participate a little bit more in the future.

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File Type: jpg hairy_hare_comp.jpg (92.4 KB, 289 views)

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Old 04 April 2006   #54
Brian -

Welcome! Good start. First impression: the black area to the left of the rabbit confused me at first, I thought it was a body of water. I guess it's just a side of a hill that goes very dark, but the corresponding side of the rabbit is very bright, so I don't see how that difference came to be. Maybe a little more fill or bounce on the hill, and a little more contrast on the rabbit? The ground could use some more shadows as well, especially in the lower left where the grass should cast shadows. Another issue: the rabbit fur looks flat in places, instead of sticking out and covering all the surfaces like real, fluffy fur.

Jeremy Birn
Author, Digital Lighting & Rendering, 3rd Edition
Old 04 April 2006   #55
Thanks Jeremy.
I'm still working on, paintined a little bit the FUR properties and some additions. It's Maya software rendering without shadowing and I'm planning to switch to MR when I finish it.

I think that setting up FUR is a little bit tough and needs time, this is what's keeping this challenge slow. Not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm thinking if someone could setup the fur to start up shading and lighting it would attract more people frustrated by doing and redoing the slow process.
Lazhar Rekik
Old 04 April 2006   #56
Thanks for the feedback Jeremy, I will try to get some time later this week to revisit it and make some of the changes that you suggested. Thanks again!

Lazzhar, huge improvement from your original post in my opinion! a few things that are bothering me still though are some of the darker areas on the top/back of your rabbit and also on the edge of the grass behind him...for such a sunny day I wouldn't really expect to see shadows in those areas (mainly on his back and the backsides of his ears....unless these are colorations in the fur?)....anyways, nice update! keep them coming.

Old 04 April 2006   #57
Hairy Hare Lighting

I wanted to give this one a try, I think my rabbit looks more like a toy though. - right from Lightwave - heavy contrast in Photoshop
Old 04 April 2006   #58
Done in lightwave with sasquatch.

Old 04 April 2006   #59
Wow oDDity,

best entry so far (my opinion). I would only increase the subdivions of the grass a little bit.
Are you using GI lighting? I assume you have used a color UV map for the fur.
Would be nice to read something about your workflow on this nice work.

Old 04 April 2006   #60
No GI, just good old 3 point lighting with spots.
Yes, I textured the model first and then used that texture as a colourmap and blended it with the base fur colurs. That also means you don't have to make the fur as thick, which increases render times a lot.
It's broken up into 9 surfaces (nose, head_top, head_bottom, ears_inside, ears_outside, back, belly, legs and tail), with grayscale lengthmaps and separate combing.

I deliberately go for slighly angular grass stems, it looks like broken and ragged blades.

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