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Old 01-14-2006, 10:28 AM   #61
CAD addicted
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Allan Karczewski
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@ Jack000
your glass fruits looks amazing, how you did it?

@ Selim
wow... metal material also looks great...

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Selim Sykut
Cracow, Poland
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Originally Posted by otacon
Nice one Selim, what software?

Thx, done in Max with Brazil (mainly for area lights).
Hehe, Jack, i was thinking about adding some grapes made from glass
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My brain hurts!
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Jan-Ove Rust
CG Illustrator
Aalesund, Norway
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Here's my first render of the light setup. No textures and still a bit noisy...

I'm goint for a early morning (breakfast) mood.

One area light as the main/sun and a point to lighten up a bit.
GI with a dark gray backdrop to illuminate the room.
Also used a enviroment map (LL) to create the reflections. I'm not happy with the reflections at the current state, but it will be sorted out for the final render.

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Lighting Artist
anantapur, India
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Can i know

Hi guys,
Plz tell me the link where i can get this mesh file for maya.I too wann to join u guys

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Simon Milner
Render Man
Praha, Czech Republic
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Trying out a few ways, but this is one 'effort' Shading is still temporary on the bananas especially

EDIT: I should explain a little about it I guess.

There are 3 lights in the scene, 1 point light for the rim effect (i could use shaders for that but as this is a lighting challenge ) and 2 spotlights. One for fill and one with a gobo to create the shadowed lines.

Rendered with PRman in jus over 3 mins, and no raytracing used yet. I wanted to see how i can get on without using tracing features.

No post work, straight from the camera.

Now I have got bored with the banana shader, i am going back to work on the lighting.

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Old 01-14-2006, 04:08 PM   #66
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hey there.. heres my entry.. took me about 1 1/2 hours - rendertime was 8 minutes.. postwork in Photoshop.. rendered in Cinema 4D - no GI - 3 lights used

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Multimedia Artist
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Robert J. Tiess
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Had time this morning to do some tweaking and render at higher samples. Some negative lamps were introduced in back to further sculpt contrasting to complement the revised ambient occlusion settings.

Revised render:

(alternate direct image link)

As before, a pure render, no post-processing.

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Frances Gainer Davey
Arch. Viz, interior
Surreal Structures
Gloucester, United States
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Originally Posted by eldonaldo
hey there.. heres my entry.. took me about 1 1/2 hours - rendertime was 8 minutes.. postwork in Photoshop.. rendered in Cinema 4D - no GI - 3 lights used

This is my favorite so far! Lovely. A touch more detail on the apple leaf and banana stem is the only thing I would want as far as texturing goes. Maybe just a touch more light around the bowl. Not too much though, it would spoil the drama.
- Fran
Surreal Structures
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Old 01-14-2006, 05:45 PM   #69
FX Artist
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Andrew Melnychuk-Oseen
Cinematics Artist
Blizzard Cinematics Dept
Laguna Beach, USA
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I have been painting alot latley and I always wanted to see if I could get a 3D Render look like a painting.
SO tell me what you think, I will post an attempt at photorealism latertoday hopefully
4 hours no post.
Old 01-14-2006, 06:34 PM   #70
mmmmmm forbidden dohnut
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Kris Handley
United Kingdom
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just a quick test, nothing special. I dont have much time right now, so hopefully next week sometime i will be able to spend a little longer on it.

render time 30 mins, maxwell beta 1.2.2.

3 lights - big square emitter to the right, 2 smaller emitters to the left, one of them above to the left.

Old 01-14-2006, 06:41 PM   #71
cynic for life
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Jack Qiao
engineering undergrad, designer
Vancouver, Canada
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Originally Posted by Alonzo
@ Jack000
your glass fruits looks amazing, how you did it?

@ Selim
wow... metal material also looks great...


hey, thanks alonzo and selim. The render was about an hour on yafray, no post. Raytraced glass always looks cool, but I'm still not up to par with the brilliant works of Selim and Azazel :]
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Zap Andersson
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Autodesk Inc.
Eskilstuna, Sweden
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Talking Here's my entry

Some quick tinkering, all procedural, all mental ray with a minor glare done in post.

Naturally, SSS on the grapes....

I wasn't going for some kind of "mood", I was more going for "someone puts bowl of fruit on blanket and takes a picture" look.

Several things need some texturing (i.e. teh bananas ends, e.t.c.)

Mr Zap Andersson - Random Rendering Guy at Autodesk Inc.
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Old 01-14-2006, 06:45 PM   #73
New Member
James Russell
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Hello! This is pretty cool. I have one question: Am I allowed to use a texture for the background? You arn't going to be able to see it. I need it because in Blender and YafRay, you need a texture for the background. Like a sky.
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heres a little update.. fixed the banana and the cherries..

hope you like it.. rendertime was 2 minutes on a P4 3Ghz

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good posts

Good images, I fint it hard to give my opinion without try it out my self but I really like the optimize render done with No GI

The model will be accessible for download soon?
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