Lighting Challenge #29: Pixar Tribute: Gusteau's Kitchen (Ratatouille)

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  01 January 2012
Originally Posted by kanooshka: I was hoping more people would try to match their lighting to a scene from the film. But there's no strict guidelines. Still great work so far!

niravsheth: Looking much better! Comparing this to the reference image you posted last time I have some more feedback. Colorwise your scene has become too red/orange and too saturated. The reference image is much more a pink/purple look overall. The bright light on the left wall could be much more desaturated and almost white. I'd like to see some white highlights on the tops of the pot, handle,ladle and a portion of the bar attached to the shelf. Sometimes it can be helpful to use a spotlight with a fairly high dropoff value to have some play with the light's focus. The bump on the pot could be scaled up much larger so there's larger dents that would also have less of a procedural look. That should give you enough to work with for now!


Thank you for the detailed feedback and keen observation. I'll try to address most of the changes you asked for and will have something to show by tomorrow.
Nirav Sheth

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  01 January 2012

Here's my first WIP of the scene. My goal is to match the lighting to the provided image. Still a bunch of work to go, textures will help a lot.


  01 January 2012
kanooshka : Nice start, the color and the ambiance seem to match the ref, waiting for the textured version. Maybe all participant should use the same angle of vue ? so the C&C will be more easy for us all ? it's juste a idea.

yorik : I' like the ambiance, Blender look better every day, one day i will try it !
One thing on your render ; the metals look like glass/mirror, maybe some reflection blur could help a bit.

neotrixstdr : Great start, very realist

niravsheth : Maybe it's my screen, but some area are nearly burned out, I think it's because of to mutch saturation. Great work btw

runejw : Thank you for this great ref

My turn :
I tried to improve the copper look, C&C welcomes :

My B-Movie challenge
  01 January 2012
@kanooshka and @FeD - thanks for the very good advices... Indeed now I'm looking at the way you two are doing the metals, and understanding many things. As they say, learn with the masters
  01 January 2012
I am trying to make the top part and the window. Think that enviroment light is very important in this scene (at day or night) because the top is open to the city an to the sky. The images are render only with sun, and full the scene of light. At night, i think i can use this to "colorize" the scene. A lot of work is waiting for texture and unwrarp. Excuse my english.

  01 January 2012
neotrixstdr: You're really taking the model to the next level. I hope this all pays off in the end. I'm not sure if you're ready for lighting feedback yet, but I'll give you some to start. In your first image, the bricks look "furry" I'm not sure if you're using bump or displacement but it looks like it can be tuned down quite a bit. What time of day is it in your images? Is there sunlight, coming in? I think this image could be a good reference for you

FeD: Once again a good update. The metals are looking a little better. The diffuse color you're using for the copper pots and pans works well but still looks like it's coated with wax. When it comes to metals, make sure that you're using the same color from the diffuse in your specular. Same goes for the brass areas of the stove. I'm really loving the texture you've added to the counter tops and vent, looks awesome. I think the bump on the copper could be scaled larger, so it looks more like bigger dents. Right now the texture on those pots would actually seem to work well for a painted surface instead. The green bottles are looking a little too transparent. Maybe you could even put some geometry as liquid inside of them. Keep at it! As for your comment about using the same camera angle. The only issue with that is it can get a little boring and repetitive. I'd like to keep it interesting and have as many participants as possible.

  01 January 2012
Thanks for your C&C kanooshka, for the moment i am trying to capture all the posibles light sources, thats why i am modeling the details (ceilling, window, dining room door, etc). Once i completed that and the texture, i can go to the light. I usually make architectural 3D, so i am really obsessional about always have all tge details. Thanks again for your help, this forum is really amazing.

Edit: i have change the bricks texture, see in the reference that the colors are white and red, but not change the displace map, only the diffuse. Its look horrible, yes

Last edited by neotrixstdr : 01 January 2012 at 04:56 PM.
  01 January 2012
hi all, so very exciting about this challenge, i hope i can participate till the end..
here my first wip, not much trying to overal light..i think its for sunny day

FeD : cool! i like overall look , just my opinion about the copper, add a bit brown color on specular/reflec..

neotrixstdr : i like the second picture, the creamy color very nice, just my opinion, i think the black box on the top left kinda disturb..

  01 January 2012
This is my first attempt at lighting ever. I am an animation student still learning the basics so for now Ive only set my composition, main light, the attributes of my camera, a dome used for filling light and desaturated every material for an objective assesment. I intend to employ light profiles which I just found out about and tie the whole scene up with a careful colour study.

Uploaded with
  01 January 2012
Lighting Kitchen

This is my first draft of the kitchen for the lighting challange**
I look forward to working more on the lights & materials to give a more realistic feel on the objects.
  01 January 2012
Hello, my name is Jose and I am fairly new to the site and this challenge, this is my first aproximation to what I want the kitchen to look like.

It is for a project in my class, I hope you let me know what you think.

  01 January 2012
kitchen challenge

im student from Veritas university in Costa Rica, this challenge is a class exercise, by now im working in the first light tests

Untitled-2 por rafa 011, en Flickr
  01 January 2012
Kitchen Challenge

hello my name is Eladio Morales, I am studying digital animation career at the University Veritas in Costa Rica, this is my first light test.

Uploaded with
  01 January 2012
Smile Wip

Hello, this is my first attemp in a Challenge,
I´m not going for a photoreal look, instead I´ll try to play with the colors to get more like an illustration.
Just setting the mood, like a Dawnish time, also trying to get something from Remy´s perspective, maybe he´s looking for something, or waiting don't know.
There are still places were it looks a little dull... it´s on the toDo list!
Still have to model a bit, like the underside of the ovens.

The entries are looking great! I´ve been learning a lot just by watching, I love when one have the chance to see the different approaches of people to the same subject... Keep up the good work, I´ll try too.

  01 January 2012
Smile Kitchen

Hi there!

This is my base ilumination for the challenge, I'm right now just trying to adjust the lighting to the main concept of the render. What I want is to create a warmy lighting similar to the movie and also try to tell a story with it. I'm using the morning lighting to make the feeeling of a day that's just about to start, and the kitchen is ready to be used by the characters of the movie. Here are some tests with greyscale textures, one with no change in value of the textures, one with different values and one with specular, reflection and refraction.

Thanks for watching and I hope you could help me with some feedback

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