Lighting Challenge #29: Pixar Tribute: Gusteau's Kitchen (Ratatouille)

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  01 January 2012
FeD: Great start! One important characteristic of the kitchen in the film is the warmness, especially in the shadow areas. The copper cookware could use some more saturation in the reflection, they're looking a little more like a clearcoated surface. The pans could also use some bump to break up the reflection, using a fractal should help. The chrome parts of the scene are lacking shape, one area it really sticks out is on the cart in the bottom left of the image. Besides the highlight each side and the top are nearly the same brightness. I'm really liking how the upper left hood, pans and bottle are looking. Looking forward to some more progress!

niravsheth: Definitely off to a good start! Comparing your render to the reference image you posted I have a few observations. I'm not seeing the bright blue light that you've used in your render in the reference image. There's a little bit of purple in the corner but there's only white light creating highlights. In your image there seems to be light coming from the right side of the image, I'm not sure where that it's supposed to be coming from. In the reference I'm noticing that all the light sources are from the left side of the image. The bounce off of the wall, above the pot and from the flame itself. Keep at it!
  01 January 2012
yeah, let's have a try !
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  01 January 2012

New setup for the scene

kanooshka : I completly changed the ligthing of the kitchen before I saw your C&C , I'll try to consider them in the next wip I'll post.

Dont hesitate to give some more feedback, the scene is complex (for me at least) and is nice for learning things I think.

The render is 5K, but for the web/forum It's in 2K
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  01 January 2012
Found another great reference for those of you who don't have access to the movie:

FeD: Awesome update! This new setup has much more shaping than the previous. The brass trim and bars on the stoves could use more saturation, they're looking pretty similar to the chrome parts. The burners on the stove could use some darkening of both their diffuse and reflection so that they pop a lot more from the metal tops. I'd still like to see some bump added to the metal surfaces. Keep at it!
  01 January 2012
Thanks Kanooshka and Fed for the feedback. Also, thanks for the awesome reference video.
In this version, I changed the aspect ratio of the camera a little, added more objects with texture. Took out the blue and purple light as mentioned by Kanooshka and took out the DOF as mentioned by Fed. Played with the pool of light hitting the back wall. I think it looks much better now.

About lights and render time: There are total 12 lights, mostly spot and few directional for the rims. Just one point light for the additional bounce light. Takes about 40 mins to render at 2k.

I will still be tweaking the bump on the huge pot and may be on the walls too.
Would love to hear from you again!

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  01 January 2012
I sign into the challenge. I am starting unwrap, texture and creating new details of geometry. Also I am modeling a "Remy" to animate and put into the scene. I have one composition in mind with this character.After texture, i will start with the lights, the real challenge. I hope to obtain a few good results.Excuse my poor english.

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  01 January 2012

This is the lambert lighting.. I wanted to get the lights set up first, so my next step will be to get the mood and then i'll go for shading...
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  01 January 2012
Thumbs up

@neotrixstdr- the textures look great! matches with the original a lot..cant wait to see the final image
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  01 January 2012
A good reference for this scene:
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  01 January 2012
Hi Again

I guess I have a much harder time with the outdoor scenes because I'm really enjoying this one. I want to keep working on it instead of getting frustrated and quitting

Anyways, I have an Ambient light filling in the darker spaces so I can see the shaders more clearly so I'm working on replacing that light. But this is generally the look I want to go for. It could use a little warming up though. And I was planning on putting a pic of france outside the window. Maybe the Eiffel Tower.

  01 January 2012
Very cool exercise! I wanted to do something with a "hell's kitchen" atmosphere, but I'm afraid it's a bit too washed (bad archviz habit) and ended up looking more Pixarish than intended... Anyway it is great fun trying. Rendered with blender internal engine. I wish big studios would leak some 3d scenes from time to time, it would give fantastic training...

  01 January 2012
Thanks for your words razzlovesall!. I will try my best. And thanks to runejw, fantastic reference. Now i can try to make the widows, and the other details. Hope tomorrow i can post more improvements to the scene. Keep up the good work!
  01 January 2012
First test

Fantastic idea to create this image!.

I will try to participate in this challenge. I don´t have much free time but I will try to work all I can to participate.

My students from Veritas University will be participating too, so there will be a lot of material for feedback.

This is my first lighting test. I will go for a late afternoon look. I think I have 25 spots lights and one portal light for the window.

I have to compress the image, a lot! how can I use a better resolution the limit size is for 97.7 k.

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  01 January 2012
Thumbs up Some more feedback!

I was hoping more people would try to match their lighting to a scene from the film. But there's no strict guidelines. Still great work so far!

lsidroFC: Welcome! You're off to a good start, I like the color choices. The artificial light is really overpowering the natural sunlight. I'd like to see a lot more warm light bouncing off of the sunlit areas so much that the bounced light could be nearly as bright as the direct artificial light. As for the image attachments, I'd recommend using an image hosting site like imageshack or photobucket where you have a better size limit and then you'll also be able to put the image in [IMG] tags directly in your post.

yorik: Nice start! The reflections are looking a bit too similar across all of the surfaces. When it comes to metals, turn down the diffuse values to a value like .1 and then turn up the reflectivity to about .9. I'm having a hard time understanding where the lights are coming from. Perhaps you could focus on having one key light direction to start. Also, make sure you're using some sort falloff of your lights.

vrheint: Looking good! The harsh shadow on the wall directly under the faucet is drawing a lot of attention. Softening the shadow a little bit should help with that. It looks like a lot of the materials need something to reflect from behind the camera. You could either use an image to reflect behind the camera or put some sort of lighting in the rest of the environment. Some of the objects could use some smoothing, but I suspect you already know that. The faucet could definitely use some reflections from the wall. I'd expect their to be some of the warm light being reflecting on the top and bottom of it. Keep at it!

renew: Great reference. I was looking everywhere for that quicktime but a lot of sites had removed it awhile ago. I'm glad you found it and I'll add it to the first post as a reference source.

punks: Welcome to this challenge! It looks like you might have sunlight coming in from outside but it's looking awfully dim in comparison to the artificial light. I'd like to see the sunlight much brighter along with a lot more bounce light from the areas the direct sun light is illuminating. Similar to this reference I'd also like to see sunlight warmer and less green. Keep going!

neotrixstdr: Great texturing and scene adjustments, I'm looking forward to your lighting setup.

niravsheth: Looking much better! Comparing this to the reference image you posted last time I have some more feedback. Colorwise your scene has become too red/orange and too saturated. The reference image is much more a pink/purple look overall. The bright light on the left wall could be much more desaturated and almost white. I'd like to see some white highlights on the tops of the pot, handle,ladle and a portion of the bar attached to the shelf. Sometimes it can be helpful to use a spotlight with a fairly high dropoff value to have some play with the light's focus. The bump on the pot could be scaled up much larger so there's larger dents that would also have less of a procedural look. That should give you enough to work with for now!

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