Spectacular 2D Entry: John Barry Ballaran

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Old 09 September 2005   #16
Nice concept.. Would be cool if the the magic fighters would also use different weapons and even engage in close combat, but still keep a lot of archers they are cool!
Old 09 September 2005   #17
  • beelow: Yeah, I'm gonna try and pull in a little closer to the heroes, and come up with a lower angle to make the hero seem like he's conquering over everything else in the pic. Except I dunno how I'm gonna maintain the awesome look of the Arrow Maidens if I do that. Tnx for checkin' in. Btw How's it going with the "pain-and-sorrow -of-the-whole-damn-world's-on-my-shoulder" concept?
  • element5: Glad you like the ideas man. I still havent decided on which of these two I should actually commit to. I'll just develop them both at the same time, and the one that ends up being the coolest is it.
  • FrozZT: You're right, I should add more fighting in it since this is a battle scene. Tnx for the advice.
Old 09 September 2005   #18
Concept Sketch: variation 1 - rain

Nighttime setting. Sacrifices the colors. But emphasizes the lighting effects, which is exactly what the idea's about. I mean, who'd watch fireworks during the day right? That'd be stupid. Any thoughts?
Old 09 September 2005   #19
I'm curious about how you're going to do the sky - since it's such a big part of the picture?
Old 09 September 2005   #20
Originally Posted by aoisabaku: ....
I'm curious about how you're going to do the sky - since it's such a big part of the picture?

Good point man. I plan to pull the clouds towards the hero's torso, make it seem like he's absorbing the clouds and using it to power up his spell or something. That effect will also focus the viewer's eyes on the hero, make it seem like they're being sucked in, forcing them to look at the middle of the picture.

This effect applies to the last concept. I'm tryin' out a new angle, and I dont think the torso-absorbing-clouds concept wont work with the kind of view I have in mind for the next layout. Check it out and tell me what you think. Tnx!
Old 09 September 2005   #21
Concept Sketch: variation 2 - rain

Lower, closer angle. The focus-in-the-middle-where-the-hero's-standing composition is gone. This angle makes the hero look mightier, seeming to carry the group of arrow-shooting hotties; and it emphasizes the characters' personalities, since we'll be able to see their expressions better than the first composition. What do you guys think?
Old 09 September 2005   #22
i like this angle better

but i think u should make the background richer in details, perhaps some mountains or a road full of foes, coming out from some place, or some more creature like foes

juts ideas
my sketchbook

Old 09 September 2005   #23
thats more like it~nice angle,dramatic enough!
Old 09 September 2005   #24
maozao, sh@ke: Yep, I'm sticking with this angle for this concept. Tnx for pointing that out maozao. I'm planning on adding some mountains, maybe a castle scene where those baddies are coming from, some dragons that the baddies are riding on, and I'm thinking on changing one of the good guys into some kind of monster... Anything to make the scene look chaotic.
Old 09 September 2005   #25
Yes, Iam liking that dynamic angle! I Just was trying to figure out my figure the other night, I am also doing 3d as well, with my other concept! I would try to put more foes in the foreground or somethin'. Lookin' great though! will drop by sometime tomorrow!
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Old 09 September 2005   #26
Yeah!!! You got it right with that new angle man! Lookin good!

Also, I like the idea of the magic beings (aka. arrow-shooting hotties) above dealing out the destruction.
Old 09 September 2005   #27
The last comp is pretty dynamic. I like where you're taking it, especially with a low angle. It makes those archers very imposing. Good stuff so far! Keep it up!
Old 09 September 2005   #28
Now thats some cool developments you have done there, I do like the latest closer angle. The coloring is looking sweet too...keep up the good work

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EON Challenge
Old 09 September 2005   #29
  • beelow: Hey, that's cool man, you can do 3d as well? I'm still tryin' to learn Macromedia Flash, and after that I plan on getting familiar with Maya and 3ds Max 7. Lotta plans with my CGlife, but first I gotta complete this challenge :P
    I agree with you on the adding up some more baddies thing, it's not lookin' chaotic at all at the moment. Just wanted to get an idea for the angle before going into the details. Tnx for droppin' by dude.
  • feeesh: Glad you like it feeesh. I'm going all out with this concept. It's the one I wanna work on till the end. Hope I finish it
  • Nathaniel West: Tnx for likin' man. Boosts me up even more to keep working on this.
  • element5: Tnx for the support man. I'll further work on the coloring to make it cooler.
Old 09 September 2005   #30
Concept Sketch: creature design - "hackers-slashers"

Here are the creatures that are gonna try to kick some hero butts in the scene and there are gonna be a lot of them too... I tried to stay as far away as I possibly could from the Orcish/Goblinish/Urukhaish look as much as I can, as feeesh suggested, but I still ended up drawing something that resembles those things. I guess it'll do. What do you guys think? Drew those things in the back since most of these guys on the foreground have their backs turned against the viewers, since they're gonna be facing the heros. Thought I'd add some things in the scene too that are pointing upwards providing contrast to the downward fall of the "enchanted arrows" to make the scene more dynamic. Oh yeah, I also borrowed this sword that I saw somewhere... I think it was a Warhammer illustration or something... It seems to suit the creature pretty well. I'll just try to change it a bit so that I dont get sued or something for stealing the design. Thoughts?
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