Great Advice - on Motivation and "Wanting" vs. "Doing"

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  02 February 2008
Anyone thinking about education in this field should read his tute on that too
The terminal velocity of individual particles is directly related to pink rabbits on a bank holiday.
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  06 June 2008
Thumbs up

I'm currently a student and I will say this article has open my eyes even wider. I fail a class so I'm repeating it now and I always tell myself that sometimes it takes a failure to define your greatness. Meaning I'm no longer taking anything lightly I'm going full force at every project that is thrown at me. With this article it makes me want to spend the week off for Summer vacation modeling. No matter how good it looks I know now that I will get better with practice. Thanks for posting this!
  06 June 2008
Yea. I just fired up Lightwave and pulled out my sketchbook. Definitely a wake up call. I've been slacking these past couple of weeks, but now I'm going to go ahead and stop talking the talk and do what I said I was going to do.

Thanks for posting that! I'll be reading it at least twice a day.
  07 July 2008
Please read, im thankful if you do.

im really greatful to read some not all XD of what you wrote. it actully was a kick as everyone stated before me states. im new to this industry, i want to learn so much, i just started at the art institute of fort lauderdale for the bachlors in game art/ design.

i want to learn so much, but i dont know where to start!? i learned photo shop but im still weary on how to make armor shine, make it look so real ya know? like the stuff majority show in this site which is beautiful, i want to create that may i have the honor of asking where to start?

i learned photoshop, i got a wacom, im really good at sketching and drawing, painting but i want to be amazing in digital art. especially since it will or already has become my life. anyone please message me on where i should read, what to do to become a future artist that will make all of the leaders in the game industry proud. eh i guess what i am trying to say the lost generation as many adults would classify me and everyone my age as, to prove them wrong. that games are art, beauty, existince. unlike movies or animations, you live the program you are playing, if the story is rich, the enviroments are breath taking, the meaning to the story in whole is perfection, it will change your life and view on things or atleast make a view stronger.

im so honored to start this career, im a twink, but one day i will be something, i will be in books, i will be someone that will help or cause a change, if i dont reach my goal. then this existance i live will be futile.

i know lame, corny kid trying to become something majority strive for. but why cannt a boy dream? or place a goal. without dreams or goals, then why live?

Sencerely Dante H Aramburo, student of AiFL, x-Marine

p.s. please guide this 18 year old moron to the right direction. i hope to learn from everyone in this site. thank you.
  07 July 2008
Originally Posted by Kinoshi:
i want to learn so much, but i dont know where to start!?

Well with a name like Dante I would say you are off to a pretty good start . Also you get full marks for posting in an old thread because this indeed gets asked alot.

First off, you can follow a study (sounds like you are) But it is not necessary. Which ever study you follow it will not be enough so you will have to put alot of private effort into your persuit. This is still a free profession which means you can persue it without any qualifications whatsoever. The advantage of this is that anyone can do it, the disadvantage is, that anyone can do it . To get work you need to show a body of work that is reasonable and then if you know people you will find employment, have amazing work and you dont need to know anyone. Even if you don't get employed you can still freelance, and with the advent of the interwebs you can even work remotely for any country in the world right from your bedroom! Just make sure you get paid first .

So how do you get amazing?
Before you begin you need to sit down and think about what you want, and how bad you want it. You need to accept the possibility that you may never be great, never be in books, never be a star. You need to accept the possibility that the journey you are about to embark on is the only thing you will get out of the life before you. Just the journey and nothing more. While you are following your dream you will still get your ass handed to you on a plate by people who are brilliant and who work their nuts off. You have to follow this path because you cant do anything else and you have to enjoy it, otherwise you wont last. The rewards at the other end wont be enough to sustain you, you will have to love what you do and commit to it 100%.

So where do I start?
Read the stickies in this forum, take note of the reading lists and read these books till you begin to understand them, then read them again. Many books are available for free download by the university press like Harold Speed.
Join this thread and participate in it
Personal Anatomy & Sketchbook Threads
Keep a weather eye on this site, join it and participate in it
These are the people who make that amazing art you speak of, as well as the folks here.

If you want to get into games then get a cheap or free copy of 3d software. To begin with you only need a modeller and texturing would be nice but is not necessary in the beginning. In the general discussion forum there is a software sticky about this with all the links and info you need. Remember that the price of the application will in no way influence the quality of your work. Software manufacturers would have you believe otherwise but it is simply not true. Talent and skill can not be bought by owning expensive products.

Do all the beginner tutorials in your 3d app to get to know it. Now you will have to buy either ZBrush or Mudbox to expand your skill. They are not expensive. Do tutorials in one of these to get to know the software. Mix 3d practice with art study and drawing and begin to produce your own work. Once you start getting a bit better follow all the tutorials here:

Ok, I think my work is kick ass, now what?
To find out how not great your work is post it on
WIP/Critique: 3D Stills
WIP/Critique: Game Art Design
and when you are ready for the final insult
3D Stills
By now you will begin to have an inkling of what the standard requirements are and how great your competition is .

I survived, now what?
Ok, you have been stabbed, shot, castrated and been called a bounder and a cad! Still after all the battles you have some work left over. You need to make a portfolio website with your contact details on it and keep it updated. Now start posting your work all over the web.

Hope this helps.
3D is the most fun you can have with your pants on.

Cheerio Chris
The terminal velocity of individual particles is directly related to pink rabbits on a bank holiday.
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  07 July 2008
I love this forum,I come and join here first, Its style is very good. hehe
  12 December 2008
Motivation before anything else.

Rebecca, great article here, don't know how I didn't see it before.
A real kick.

Silpher quoted well Bobby Chiu's movies, Bobby has a great motivational work through his painting movies.


Nice what you wrote to Kinoshi, it may be useful to most of the beginners around...

I'm on the business side of the whole thing yet by this moment, it means no direct work art at all, almost no contact with production and so on, just meetings, brainstorms, spreadsheets, deadlines and contracts.
For sure it is better paid than the production side (sometimes *lol*), but also being an investor and entrepreneur like I did for a good time... means... a lof of RISK, a real lot of risk, we all must have courage to accomplish our goals, putting always the motivation on the first plane, that´s the real starting point I think, the ´where to start ?´ begins as ´why to do it ?´ in first place.

I confess that I'm not completely happy at this moment with what I'm doing for living now, I'm happy always but something is out of context somehow, maybe I got tired of so much risk, ups and downs, or not, still didn't figured out exactly, sometimes we need to breath out a little from the roller coaster, and I don't mean a vacation.

My aim currently is to jump from one side to the other *lol*, still figuring out how to do it, but I'm mostly enjoying the process in itself, doing art is by itself a pleasure, fun first of all and above everything a mean to grow up as human being, a path that teaches a lot about ourselves and helps us seeing the world around from different perspectives and with a broader, much wider horizon.
Art was always my passion, I keep drawing or painting wherever and whenever I can, and studying for the rest of my life

Was talking to Diego Maiathese days exactly about it, I always get people asking me to give their folios to my clients and partners, sometimes I act as a headhunter for studios, as well sometimes hearing so many who complain about not being able to get a job, some other complaining about the film / game industry and so on... And I thought of myself, if I were to jump to the 'other side' ? , to make art as a living from now on...
We got a nice talking at a lunch and I think he said just the same as the article here, and I got a phrase from him that I feel particularly nice to share here. "Important is to relax, to make your art without pressuring yourself too much for fast results, just doing consistently the artwork every time possible, trying the best to focus, you will naturally grow your skills , get prepared, and eventually end up working with it, with the skills you ever wanted (the minimum at least *lol*), and be well paid for that." I think this matches very much with the thread here.
I hope this post may help others.

My best wishes to everyone here,

And thanks once more and always,
Eduardo S. Janiszewski

Zupi Portal (eng)
  12 December 2008
Hey Eduardo, sounds like you're doing some self examination, and I know it's pretty tough to figure out. I think we all glamorize the 'other side' and of course the grass always seems greener on the far end of the pasture - the main thing in this day and age of uncertain economic times is to try to find a balance between what you have to do, and what you want to do. The joy of *not* being a production artist is that the only person you have to please is yourself. You need not worry about deadlines, meeting others' expectations, or satisfying a client when you are just doing art for your own enjoyment and pleasure. I have to remind myself all the time of the pros and cons of what I do for a living. 'You' have to jolt yourself out of daydreaming and really take advantage of what the current situation affords - maybe the job is a drag, but it affords you the money to be able to take creative classes, or travel, or whatever it may be that provides stimulation for your creativity. There are always the pluses and minuses we must contend with - the trick, it seems, is figuring out the pros of the current situation before leaving that behind and not taking advantage of them while they were still possibilities.

Good luck in figuring it all out my friend, and when you know the answer, be sure to write me about it!


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  12 December 2008
As suggested from Djampa I am coming by to share my personal progress, after a year from posting in this thread. at that time I was really depressed about my situation, but thank god I got a job a few months later in Morocco as a character animator for 3d animated series.

And even if it's not what I was looking for, but I knew that it's a beginning, a start that will help me to have experience, improve my skills, and see how is it in the field.

So to everyone who is looking for a job don't loose hope, and try not to waste your time on things that doesn't matter, because when you get a job it becomes difficult to find some time for yourself.

So now I believe that if there is no pain there will be no gain.

I hope that will help somebody.
  01 January 2009

My dear friend, thanks for commenting that.

Yeah, that was pretty much a self exam, I started this year by balancing things out with my associates, so I have more time to focus on my folio and grow skills without forgetting about new ad contracts, and doing what I have to.

You are totally right about the balance of what we `have` to do and what we `want` to do, at these uncertain economic times we have to take care, a lot, this way I'm not giving up of what I have to do, but still effort on what I want.

I've set an objective to be working for someone else, at the games or film industry, rather than keeping my own business as I do now, I've worked before on the 'hard' side as employee and the same way I know the leadership side, I always asked a lot from my own production team, so I know the hard part of both sides.
But at least working at the production side of a good game / film company one can develop the artistic skills and earn some nice money better than behind a desk and phone doing meetings all day
Meeting deadlines of my own job is something, taking care of the deadlines of ten companies to make a client happy (and pay you) is another...

Lets see how I progress along the year and be sure I'll keep you informed.
And thanks so much for all the support
Your words will benefit more people around as well.
That's a cool feature of a forum like this one.

Halim Serguine,

So great that you posted your progress, I'm sure this will help a lot of beginners that were at the same situation you were back that time.
And from now on, a bright success future awaits you if you never forget that, and if you continuously believe and effort yourself, no pain no gain
But its fun isn't it ?
Hope you are enjoying as much as possible, keep sharing your artwork with us.
Success for you !

Happy 2009 everyone !
Eduardo S. Janiszewski

Zupi Portal (eng)

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  01 January 2009
Hey Eduardo,

Happy to be encouraging - it sounds like you know what you're doing and are acting very wisely. Best of luck and stay in touch!


Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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Downtown Los Angeles

  01 January 2009
Damn that article is so right!! I read so much familiar things in it.

Just another proof that there are no shortcuts. Practice, practice, practice.... is the key

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us Rebecca.


  03 March 2009
I loved this article. Sent to a friend at my school who always babbles, "I have plenty of time to work on my portfolio when I'm done with college." Pretty sure he's going take this as a slap in the face. The article was also a kick in the chin for me I definitely need to make more personal projects for myself.

Thank you for linking

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  08 August 2009
I certainly needed this, I'm tired of doing web I am right out of school. This really put it into perspective for me. Great article.
The hard way is the easy way and the easy way is the hard way.
  10 October 2009
Indeed - thank you for resurrecting this thread. I am quite passionate about drawing, but I am still doing it solely as a hobby. I have been thinking about applying to an art-school, but I also think that I need to improve a bit before I do that. And what is my worst enemy right now - the one obstacle in between me and improving? Laziness. That cursed laziness.
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