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  09 September 2003
yeah, that's something i've missed in maya since back in the days. maybe this would be some extra feature for character tools or any other plugin package?!
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  09 September 2003
i just discovered what seems to be another bug!

after having set a few border vertices back to the origin via numerical input, the numeric-editor behaves a little strange.

everytime i hit a vert and try to click into a numerical entry field it resets all the values to 0 without those changes taking place in the viewport.

it's just that i can't enter any value or even close the editor without looooooong delays.

strange thing, eh?!
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  09 September 2003
hey melchior... oh yea, I forgot to mention the select/deselect part... sorry man... thinking bout it, I suppose that hitting the spacebar is about the same, workflow wise, as say rehitting the extrude hotkey... I am going to really get down and rethink this when I get home from work...

great stuff so far people, I look forward to reading more about all these ideas... ah, in quest of the perfect app... very cool
  09 September 2003
I'm gonna have to disagree on putting selections in the undo buffer.

when I first started using silo I was annoyed by this too, since most apps keep selections in the undo buffer so I was used to it. but after working this way for a while, I think it's better how it is. the nice thing is you can hit undo and redo and instantly see the changes, instead of having to hit undo 20 or 30 times just to undo something because maybe you had to hand select 20 vertices or edges etc.
remember the undo buffer is set by default to 10 and the higher you set it, most likely, the slower things start to get. with selection in there, you can quickly run out of undos... very quickly. the way it is now, you can probably get away with setting the undo level to 5 or 6.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a habit of using undo/redo a LOT while modeling to see exactly how the changes affect my model. I like to switch between display modes, spin around my model, etc while going back and forth to see every little change. in silo it's nice that you can hit undo a few times and see drastic changes, plus, if while going back in undos say you accidentally deselect something, it doesn't ruin everything you did

I say, if anything, please add separate undo/redo for selection.

I understand people asking for changes because things don't work like they're used to, but I say give it a try for a while first. you might actually come to like it better how it is.
  09 September 2003
well, if you like to see drastic changes instantly it's your cup of tea, but i can't see the true advantage of this.

how annoying is it, having selected multilple components on a dense mesh and ruin that selection by accidentally clicking somewhere you didn't intend to?!

don't get me wrong, i also prefer to switch back and forth between separate component operations, but hitting undo mutliple times is not as uncomfortable as re-selecting complex selections. :shame:

the performance issue is another thing, but i guess it's not that heavy an impact!
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  09 September 2003
Maybe optimal would be a compromise solution, where the
user can choose to include selections in the undo buffer?
  09 September 2003
I agree that it's annoying. that's why I suggest they add a separate undo buffer just for selections. if you've ever used max, then maybe you've noticed the separate undo/redo for viewport operations, a very nice feature in my opinion. imagine if all those viewport operations were included in the standard undo buffer.

also, have you tried using the Group Editor? it's a floating window so you can keep it open while you work. it's a VERY cool feature, I highly recommend it.

better selection tools would also help out here.
  09 September 2003
Nathan & lowkey

You both have very vaild points on the undo setup. Doing mostly low-poly designs I'd personally benefit from Nathan's choice, but if I wanted to work in mor complex models lowkey's method it diffently the way to go.

Tough call.

I would have to agree with Thalaxis, and option, aka radio button choice, of which method would better suit your default modeling style. I say radio,button/either or button only to save from possilbe clutter.

The arguements sound stong on either side, but not really stong using both at the same time, though that could be helpful as well.

  09 September 2003
How would seperate undo buffer work if you delete selected elements? Obviously you can't select them again

What's up with all these warnings about embeded polygons and polygons with holes? I hate them Split tool creates them sometimes. Unfortunately I have no idea how to get rid of them. The only workaround I found is to save your scene as .obj file and load it back in. But it's too much trouble. If I don't do it, forget it. The next time I use connect tool, Silo crashes with access violation error.
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  09 September 2003
hey, any of you guys know if there's a way to have the original mesh at no subdivision, and the instance subdivided? it would be great if I could do this, especially since I have problems selecting hidden points in subdivided mode, it's so much easier to work with a non-subdivided mesh. and instead of upping the subdivision everytime one wants to see how it will look it would be great with a realtime view of a subdivided instance.
  09 September 2003
Quote: any of you guys know if there's a way to have the original mesh at no subdivision, and the instance subdivided?

as far as i know, that's not possible yet.
someone already requested this feature in another thread.

it's pretty cool how different workflows demand different solutions here, i hope that nevercenter will keep an eye on this thread!
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  09 September 2003
can somebody post a link to the main site for silo, i'd like to find out more about it, thx
  09 September 2003
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  09 September 2003
thx guys, downloaded the demo, just workin through it now, thx alot
  09 September 2003
Well, I kinda prefer the undo c/w selections, not cam movements, just selections and ops... as for the seeing drastic changes, well... that's where save comes in, as I do find myself saving as... through out various stages...

Basically, just make the app like Wings, with the tools found in Wings, the Clacos plugins, the subd, speed and customization of Silo, along with the extra tools found in Silo which are not in Wings, the last tool remains selected of C4D, a soft and hard subdivide and voila... one rock'n app... I mean yea, you could probably improve on this for sure, but what a base app eh

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