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  08 August 2005
Come on nice.

Yes, Modo and XSI are full packages so it's not really fair to compare prices for all of these apps. Buy what you want, love what you use, it's all good...
Patrick Noland
  08 August 2005
I wouldn't put Modo on XSI Foundation's category just yet .

No other app gives you more bang for the buck than XSI Foundations, though when you consider modelling apps, Silo's price is pretty appropriate IMO.
  08 August 2005
Sorry but no

I couldn't care less about features and if ones a package or not.
I was correcting the basic mathematical mistake that was made.
That is MODO and XSI are considerably more expensive than Silo, Well actually unless you are extremely rich.
  08 August 2005
I believe he was talking about the price difference between Modo and XSI...could've been a language barrier thing.
Patrick Noland
  08 August 2005
No, I meant to say that Modo still isn't a complete package as some suggested.
  08 August 2005
No the original point in the thread was that Silo was a disapointment when compared to packages like MODO and XSI which are in its price range.

Sorry but this is absolute rubbish and i pointed out that either his maths are wrong or he's extremly wealthy.

I wasn't replying to Gent K i was replying to PNOland telling us to play nice when all i did was correct somebodys math.

Notr a problem just clarifying
  08 August 2005
Honestly if you compare any apps prices with XSIFoundations, it'll end up costing a fortune . SI have already pushed their limits by offering XSI Foundations at least 3-4 times lower than what its worth (IMO) with the intentions of grabbing a larger userbase I guess, but offering other more expenssive versions probably makes it feasible for them.

In Silo's case I think a fair comparison would be with other dedicated modelling packages. And if you think of it that way, it's certainly one of the most affordable.

But what do I know ;-), just came here to see if there's any talk about the new displacement tools.
(not a Silo'er here)
  08 August 2005
What kind of nutz have we got on here today.
If one person can show me somewhere to buy XSI for the same price as Silo please do so i can show everyone else and we will all buy it.

Silo costs $110
XSI foundation costs $500

Silo cost of support for a year $Erm are you mental paying for yearly support.
XSI cost of support for a year $Depends very much how many seats you bought and where you atre in the world.

Sorry but how does this make Silo very expensive, Yes XSI has more features but so what ?

If we want to start taking features into account and valuing them to even out the math then XSI loses hands down, We are talking about a very very cutdown version of XSI here, Lets not forget if you want the full package of XSI it's about $7000 and yearly costs.

This does not equal good value or making other apps look expensive.
When Inspire is released is everyone going to say hey you can get Lightwave for so cheap now, No because it is a completly different piece of software, The problem here lies in the fact that a lot of people are falling for marketeering rubbish, XSI foundation is entirely different to XSI so people shouldn't be saying XSI is only blah blah price, Also how long do you believe SI will be able to run this game ?, They will soon have no choice but to lower the price of there $7000 rippoff, This means that those poor souls who have purchased the cheap version noticing $50 here and $50 there being added to the cost of said cheap version, It is an old trick to do this in marketing and has been used many times by many brands.
Lastly i have to add that there are in my opinion packages available at this very moment that kick the crap out of the cheap XSI in the features per dollar stakes.

Lightwave 8
Now we have moved completly from the point of the thread and compared XSI with packages that are in its price range and it still quite expensive, Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo HOW THE HELL CAN SILO BE SEEN AS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN XSI ?

You have all gone mad if you think XSI makes Silo look expensive.
  08 August 2005
Now i just need them to relase it so i can map in Silo instead of sprinting round hundreds of diff apps!

All looks good to me, can't see what people would really be expecing from an update...

"omgz, Silo can make a model as i think of it!" Neurel recoginition would have saistfied people? lol

To me, good update, extacly waht i expected from 2.0

And when comparing value, workflow ahs to be considered, tbh, I booted up XSI, i couldn't even move the viewport I just kept spazzing out, junable to actually see what as happening on my model that i had importd in.. I booted up Silo and i kocked out a model in about half an hour. Time is money
  08 August 2005
Everyone already said that Silo, Modo(now), XSI are different beasts, don't you get it?

Think before posting and calling people nuts, please. You have serious issues.

Last edited by gent_k : 08 August 2005 at 04:24 PM.
  08 August 2005
Dont i get what ?
People have been posting saying that XSI makes Silo look expensive, Dont you get that.

Cant any of you people add up ?
And please dont tell me what and when to post or have you decided to declare yourself as god ?
  08 August 2005
Have you actually looked at the title of the thread ?
Are you agreeing that the Silo 2 release is a deception ?
Are you even a Silo user ?
I will ask once more can you add up ?

You can beef at me all you like but you would be a fool to argue with basic mathematics.
  08 August 2005
I posted in Silo's deffence, as did some others. We said that its not fair comparing prices of full packages to modelling packages.

If you can't understand that, then I can't do anything more I'm afraid.

Last edited by gent_k : 08 August 2005 at 04:37 PM.
  08 August 2005
Originally Posted by gent_k:
Think before posting and calling people nuts, please. You have serious issues.

Hhhhhhhhhhhhm somebody struggles with contradiction dont they.
  08 August 2005
Nu or Bunka6 or whatever is your pseudo, you're boring.
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