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  07 July 2013
Level Design with Silo (arcade racing game)FTW!

Hey guys, i'm creating this post to draw more attention to Silo's Level design capabilities.
This is a duplicate of an answer of another topic i made, so dont kill me... instead, be convinced that Silo is capable of ANYTHIG related to modelling... well, except some advanced... well, you get the point.

Ok, here we go. Keep in mind, this is made ENTIRELY in Silo and its not shaded or lightmapped yet (unity takes care of the rest)... the model is made in 2 pieces, one all the grass, the other is all the streets.

I needed all the textures to tile: the grass needed to tile in all directions, so it was easy.
The streets needed to tile in one direction so it was more work to line up the UVs...

As you see below i lined up all the street surfaces one beside the other, to make it easier to manipulate each.... they could have been stacked on top of each other since i'm using separate textures for each, but it would make it very difficult for me to work on them... so i just used the numerical editor to ad 1 (or -1) to their x position (1 being the width of the UV space)

I'm very happy with silo... part of my idea was to show to myself (and you guys) that silo CAN do level design...

So far the pipeline for this game is: conceptualise with pen and paper, take the camera and go out to shoot skycubes, trees for sprites and all sorts of cracked asphalt, SILO for modeling and unwrapping, Photoshop for textures (DDS plugin for some tricks), CrazyBump for spec and normals, Blender for character animation ONLY and Unity for the game.

Thanks for looking and i hope to inspire you to give Silo a chance... its like being married... the more you look for a better woman, the more you realize that yours is the best

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  07 July 2013
These Low-Poly guys, that are the protagonists of the game were also ENTIRELY done in Silo! Modeling, UV mapping and smoothing groups...

  07 July 2013
Are those models rendered in Unity or a 3D package?

Looks mighty good so far.
Silo, 3D Coat, Blender
C, Java
  07 July 2013
Thanks man!
Unity, click on the orange text on the bottom of my first post to check them out in realtime 3D
  07 July 2013
Very sexy!
Silo, 3D Coat, Blender
C, Java
  07 July 2013
More dev screenies... please have in mind that this is extremely early (most of the level is not built yet)... made ENTIRELY WITH SILO, PHOTOSHOP and UNITY FREE... and my camera for the sky, textures and tree sprites (no images from the internet have been used)

I hope you like them!

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  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by outburner: More dev screenies... please have in mind that this is extremely early (most of the level is not built yet)... made ENTIRELY WITH SILO, PHOTOSHOP and UNITY FREE... and my camera for the sky, textures and tree sprites (no images from the internet have been used)

I hope you like them and realize that Silo is the *****!!! Or at least that every obstacle can be overcome... or of course you can just stop and cry about how shit the software is.

As you have shown, my friend, Silo is indeed the mutt's nuts(awesome!).

I don't think anybody has a beef with the software, but just NeverCenter for giving up on it when it was doing so well and everyone was singing its praises.

Like yourself, I'm happy with Silo the way it is and so long as its being distributed and sold, then I can accept that its "still alive". I believe NC has put Silo on hold to do other things so the company is obviously doing well enough, but they really need to do an update once in a while to convince the community that development is still proceeding.

What is needed at this point is a non-NC community site to at least build a new community. Without a community the software will die. The section here on CGTalk is out of sight and out of mind so what we need is something like ZBrushCentral or BlenderArtists, but for Silo. If that can be done then the artists can come together and produce a gallery of work that showcases Silo in the site's front page. We had that in the official site when it was there, but the problem was NC not engaging in the discussions when the topic was about the products future, which ruined the site due to very hostile posts. With a new site with only a focus on the artists using Silo, it can be made quite clear: "This site only deals with the art produced with Silo and has nothing to do with the development of the software."

I'm not an expert on websites and all that jazz, but even if it was a small forum, it would be worth it if we could put up an "image of the day" along with a news(lol), lounge and sub-forums for the different areas of Silo: low-poly, sculpting, topology, materials and UV-mapping.

All NC would have to do is link to the site and say, "here is a community site for Silo..". This might not be well thought out and with flaws, but I think its at least a start.
Silo, 3D Coat, Blender
C, Java
  07 July 2013
The community website is a very good idea.

About Nevercenter... i think something happened to the original team, lets not forget that in Internet everyone is used to fast response and everything being 'automatic', but behind all this facade there are humans like us. No one actually knows if Feed and Jam sold the software to someone else, maybe they were forced to do so, maybe they got hired by someone and have signed an NDA. That might be possible, because as you remember they were amongst the friendliest developers on any forum and suddenly they disappeared and this Dave (his name was Dave, right?) was there to take all the flaming...

back to a community website:
It might be a blog or a forum, but it has to have consistency and quality (meaning, it has to have a managing team). I personally would support such an endeavor however i can! Man, even the MilkShape forum is still alive
  07 July 2013
Good point there, Outburner.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind chipping in as well. I have zero experience or knowledge in such sites and their maintenance, but I wouldn't mind contributing my works on a regular basis.
Silo, 3D Coat, Blender
C, Java
  02 February 2014
Hi Outburner,

Those images look amazing!

I used to do 3d Modeling for a Boeing FlightSim back in the late 90's. I am getting back into Modeling now mostly Blender, but discovered Silo recently and it seems to be an amazing mdeling package. It's a pity that development has ceased, I also would like there to be a community to interact with.

John P. Garrett
CG Artist
  02 February 2014
Thanks a lot John!

Silo is really amazing, every time i model something i just experiment with different approaches. Even knowing that i have to come up with a real product at the end, it gives me a sense of security that no matter what approach i take the outcome will be good... and that for me is a very important emotion while working.

Blender on the other hand is an amazing piece of software (i use it for animating my Silo models), but there are too many rules... i dont feel comfortable with it, because i cant remember the complex steps that must be taken to achieve very simple things and have to always rely on tutorials, printed keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Silo once had an amazing community, very friendly, very helpful and full of industry professionals.

On the other hand, there are still a couple of guys visiting here. We can still exchange some knowledge and help each other.
  03 March 2014
My game menu so far...
- models are modeled, unwrapped and smoothing-grouped in SILO
- 2D menu designed in Flash 8
- Game engine is Unity

Thanks for looking!
  03 March 2014
here is another model

  03 March 2014
I'm really trying to give silo a go

Silo looks and feel so awesome ,i just wish the view port navigation were inverted .And how do i toggle backface culling?
  03 March 2014
Here is a view of the backface culling option.
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