25 Years Old Want To Learn 2D Drawing

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  06 June 2009
25 Years Old Want To Learn 2D Drawing

Hi everyone,

I am really, really bad on drawing.

Now I'm thinking that I should withdraw my interest in 3d modeling and back to 2d traditional drawing first.

Can anyone tell me which good place to start such as book, course, training, school, university, etc (classroom and online)?

Also, I am 25 years old. Is it too late for me to learn 2d drawing?

Thanks in advance

  06 June 2009
It is never too late to learn to draw.

Here are a few things you might want to consider since you want to learn to get into 3d work. What part of 3d art are you interested in? there are areas where "drawing" isn't as imparitive as others. Rigging, animation and others you could be working from other people's initial artwork. If you are looking to create 3d pieces of work from scratch. Then it is essential that you know drawing.

A few resources.
I beleive looking up drawing books from your local library as a start. Believe me this is a great resource. I'm twice your age and it's still my first venue. Why not the internet? Becuase when you are drawing having your reference in front of you as a tactile "thing" is much easier to work with. Why am I not suggesting specific books? Because I don't know your area of interest and which book would be best for your learning style. Only you can know that. From thaere ... come back, we can see how to continue.

I've taught on a private level before. I like to see each student learn what they want to learn, the way they want to. I remain a guide.

Please let me know if I've helpeld
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  06 June 2009
You should think of the long term - if you start right away, a few years from now, you'll be much better off than what your skills are at now. You'll just require a lot of practice, patience and desire. The stickies over here have provided me a truckload of info already - so taking an hour or two to read through them can't hurt. You should definitely get the basic foundational skills first before delving even more into 3D, because, the more you learn about 3D and the software packages, the more you'll realize that the difference between a good design and a bad design is that a good design requires the necessary pre-visualization skills, which can only be acquired by observing and drawing. Where to start - well, try a couple of books by Jack Hamm and Betty Edwards (that's where I started, and this wasn't too long back either). Both these authors have surprisingly cheap books, with really good content! Combine those with a few life drawings and you should be well on your way.

And oh, don't let things such as 'age' or 'born talent' or 'creativity' or 'style' hamper your progress. If you know you can't fail, what would you do? I guess the answer is pretty obvious.

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  06 June 2009
As already mentioned, start with the sticky threads in this forum--they were put together for people just like you. And no, it's never too late. I teach myself new things all the time. Many of the creative things I do I taught myself as an adult, and the only thing I learned when I was younger was drawing/painting (also on my own).
  07 July 2009
youre never to old ive been giving oil painting lessongs to a group of elderly people (all at least 55+) and they made huge steps even in the first lesson.
but you have to accept the fact that it doesnt comeover night and you are responsible for how good you get. i think drawing is 20% technique (if you dont know the basic techniques it really slows you down) but the rest 80% are deligance in practice and simply milage. nearly every drawing will be better than your las one. its a life long journey, you wont come to an end.
practice a bit every day (better practice a lot every day) but don go like 5 hours on sundy and the rest of the week nothing.
and i would advice you to let go of 3d. try to work on both at the same time. i have been focusing more on painting and drawing simulatniously (both add to each other greatly) and it really helped me getting better at 3d (seeing proportion, describing surface sand so on) but if you dont do anything in 3d for a couple of months you will ahve aharder time getting back into it.
so doing everything at the same time should be the best long term solution.

oh and yeah, drawing is the basis for everything but trying to learn how to paint and compose images will also help you (with 3d lighting, compostion and jsut judging whther the picture is looking good or not)
  07 July 2009
Start Drawing!

Van Gough didn't really start drawing till he was 25.

Also one of my fine art, anatomy and life drawing teachers didn't start drawing until he was 35 and at the age of 42 he became an fine art teacher, his drawings where great to.

You should definatly start drawing now, and make youself a sketchbook on here or conceptart.org , dont let the great artists intimidate you, there is lots of room for great talent, its going to make your 3D work 100times better to.

Get into anatomy and do some renderings of portrait photos.
  07 July 2009
It is the similar for me, I am also 25 years old except I make 3d for 2 years and the drawing I recovered there seriously one year ago (I hope to make it my job).
I had lost 4 years when I had no more time to me thus the drawing aside:/
and before that I was young I had not really of objectives except for the fact that that is a profession in artistic.
I say to myself that it's not too late, but on the other hand if I want to make a profession for example but I see high (concept artist etc.), it's not too much early because there is some work.
During this time what I could make? The hours has to pass in a job which doesn't please me, that would be better to use them for the drawing or the painting. The problem is that I need to live but money doesn't fall from the sky. In any case I couldn't live in depends on my parents through lack of money.
I live in an island and here of good schools there's not. These last ones are abroad, it's expensive even more when we are a foreigner, that to create a kind(genre) of vicious circle for me, because I would have to work in anything to have money.
If there is who one an idea or one already lived this kind of situation I want very to know more about it.
In brief, sorry to have to speak about me in your subject but I think that he has to have it there a lot as us. Good luck to you and as they say it all, already begin to draw regularly (sketchbook...). For the moment don't worry and draw from life, tutorial, internet, books (andrew loomis is very good for example). Create a sketchbook here or conceptart, that will force you to draw more often to show them and to get feedback.
What do you really want ? (in your life). Sw‚mi Prajn‚npad

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  08 August 2009
Hi there, I am currently 38 and started drawing seriously about 3 years ago, before that I worked as a graphic designer and did 3d pre-viz. 25 Is nothing, you still got plenty of time.

I choose to go back to school and am currently stydying in St. Petersburg, Russia. But books and academies only get you so far, you need them but, as someone already mentioned before, learning to draw comes from doing it, and doing it a lot. You will need stamina and determination. Draw every day as much as you can and do the right excersises, is the only way to improve.
Having said that, brainless drawing will still lead to wasting time. And a good teacher who shows you the right approach is very helpfull. Try to learn everytime you take up a pencil or brush. Think about what you are doing.
And learn from the masters, compare your efforts to them. Try to find why their work is better, compare your hatching, your composition, your construction of form, you colours if painting etc. And stay on it, no matter the frustration caused by the gap between your current level and what you are aiming for. Sometimes you make big steps forward, sometimes you find yourself on a plateau, and other days you even feel everthing is getting worse. But in the end everything will get better. You can not rush it, but working hard and dedicated will def. bring you there quicker.

Where to start? start by drawing, don't postpone it till you find the perfect book, school or teacher, start drawing while you are looking for one. And don't expect a good teacher to transform you into a great artist overnight, he can only show you the right way, it still comes down to how much you want it and how much you are willing to invest into it.
  08 August 2009
Originally Posted by JaysonMartinez: Hi everyone,

I am really, really bad on drawing.

Now I'm thinking that I should withdraw my interest in 3d modeling and back to 2d traditional drawing first.

Can anyone tell me which good place to start such as book, course, training, school, university, etc (classroom and online)?

Also, I am 25 years old. Is it too late for me to learn 2d drawing?

Thanks in advance

Well I will say this mate, Go right ahead, and learn.

Look at me I'm 36 years old and I'm I'm starting my first 2d class today in an hour and a half, As soon as I have both pre recs done, I'm hopping over to 3d and animation & capturing for my asa.

So by all means PLEASE don't let fear, hesitation get in the way.

Cheers Derek
  09 September 2009
Iam exactly at your age mate and i had the same question. I looked all over the internet and the great resources that are stickied here on the forum. Eventually i got depressed, everyone was really REALLY better than me and although i was trying my best i couldnt reach not even 1 bit of their skill or talent in drawing.
I have downloaded more than 100gb in e-books and dvds from gnomon workshop and several other places.
I dont know why this is happening -maybe its just me- but all those people made those dvds those tutorials for the ones that already have some background (even a little bit) in drawing. For complete amateurs their tutorials can be really depressing and lead to quitting unless you have some great will in moving on and trying harder.
Anyway, all that went away -for me at least- when i came across this great course.
http://www.alienthink.com/ .
Buy it, download it, Riven Phoenix is the best teacher around. One of the greatest artists and you can build your confidence and skill in drawing with that course. Check it out. Its definatelly a winner.
And.. good luck mate!
  09 September 2009
ye i got riven phoenix DVD's aswell, they're defiantly worth while.
  09 September 2009
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