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  03 March 2006
I'm a FS grad, but I have friends who go to Dave School and love it. It is smaller classes with more personal attention. The hours are more reasonable (no 24 hour labs to maximize money), and they have instructors from the industry go out and teach at the school. Look at their site, and a lot of the students are getting picked up right out of school for jobs. Worth a look.
  03 March 2006
i'm also a full sail grad. sept '04. everything everyone else has said is basically right on. it's all about what you put into it. placement didn't really seem to help much at all either. it took me over a year and a half to find a job after graduating. yeah, it was insanely fun, but they kinda treat the place too much like a bussiness and not like a school. fullsail really seems to just wanna push as many people out the door as they can. it's totally a case of quantity over quality. unfortunately for me, i wanted to do animation and the course instructor there did teach at all basically. so i basically learned everything from a classmate of mine who was an amazing animator, and just happened to have the patients to help me and alot of other people out. honestly, ur probably better off going to gnomon, or vfs. i dont really know too much about vfs, but the few things i have heard more than positive things to say about it.
  03 March 2006
brazuka: I'm a former soldier (MOS 63B, Corporal) and Fullsail Alumni (Valedictorian, April 2003) here.

Fullsail is quite a place to go to school, but in my opinion the price tag has gotten too high. Their computer animation (and many other program's) degrees are all in the range of $60,000 and last less than two years. Throw living expenses on top of that and you are going to be in the hole for quite a good amount of money.

I owe about half that, because I started in February 2002. Tuition was much less back then, and my GI Bill helped with some expenses. But loan payments will be a good chunk of your paycheck if you borrow $60K to attend Fullsail. Even if you find a good job, which is no guarantee.

You are doing the right thing by self-training. It shows you're motivated and dedicated. Hooah! I would look into UCF brother.

  03 March 2006
I am in game design/animation graduate school at UCF FIEA ( fiea.ucf.edu ) with an undergraduate graphic design/visual communication degree from Auburn University.

The first two years at Auburn I started to get tired of my art fundamental classes. Two solid years of 24 studio hours a week of refining and critiquing my art style was tiresome. That porfolio got me into grad school, though. From every industry professional that I talk to, a good if not great art fundamental background is required if you want to be any more than a cleanup artist or grunt worker. I toured Full Sail before I signed up here. They had their student work on all the computers and I'm sure even an untrained eye could go around and tell you the work of people with art background as opposed to those without.

Full Sail is a herd em' in, herd em' out type of envionment and you have to run crazy hours to use the computers at the school. I just wasn't very impressed. Especially considering how expensive it is. Getting an undergrad degree is more time, but as far as money is concerned, I'm only 21 grand in the hole for my undergrad, as opposed to whatever astronimical amount Full Sail is charging for non-accredited degree.

There are a lot of talented people that come through Full Sail, but most of them bring a keen eye and loads of talent to school. In the end, your portfolio will get you your job, and your degree can either help out or not if you are on the fence. God's honest truth, from everyone I talk to, a Full Sail degree in animation will not go to work for you as will a degree from an accredited school.

I was also in the military. Good Luck and believe me, there is no need to rush the education. It will be worth all the time.

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  03 March 2006
My two cents:

There are some things I would definitely consider and some I would disregard. First of all, no school in the U.S. really has "placement". Some companies may tend to recruit more out of certain institutions but actual placement went out in the 60s. So, what placement really means, is that people who have graduated from that school were able to find some sort of industry related job. Schools tend to pad those numbers so industry related could mean Kinkos copy center. ha.

Things I would definitely consider is the type of environment you think you'd work best in. I currently go to Cogswell Polytechnical College (www.cogswell.edu). It is a small digital arts college in Silicon Valley and I love it. The size for me is really a selling point. I know all the teachers personally and can schedule one on one time with them pretty much whenever I want. We have a core group of full time faculty that mainly teach traditional courses but a diverse group of adjunct faculty who still also work in the industry. This, in addition to an industry advisory board keeps Cogswell fairly current as far as industry trends go. What we do lack, considering we are a non-profit private school is flashy commercials and a brand new building. So if those things are important to you I wouldn't come here. Also, Cogswell has much more of a community atmosphere which I love, and after visiting som Art institutes and Academies, I realize I could not thrive there. I'm not a loner artist. I need collaboration, and peer input. These are definitely some things to think about before choosing a school. From experience, I can tell you that certain students just don't fit in at certain schools which is to say nothing of their talent.

I would suggest visiting these schools for a couple of days and sit in on a class or two to get the feel of the atmosphere there. Then decide.

Good luck.
  03 March 2006
There are so many schools out there to consider, I posted this elsewhere, but I will post it here as well:


I would highly recommend researching numerous schools, and visiting the few that you narrow your choices down to before you make a decision. Educations are very expensive, especially if you consider going to a private art school. You want to make sure you pick a school that will be right for you. From thier facilities, equipment, program to the town around the school, availible housing, cost of living so on and so on.

Just some things to consider.
  03 March 2006
Originally Posted by Gehof: As for success rate, they boast about 78% placement, so I don't know where you get the notion that "A lot of people who come from fs fail in what they planned on doing" unless you're talking about the dreamers who want to be built into something.

You have to be cautious about listening to a school's boasted "success rate" numbers, especially if they're compiled by the school. There's a lot of people who can find small part-time freelance work here and there, but they never get established and eventually move on to other things. But because they technically worked profesionally in the industry they're put into the "success" category.

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  03 March 2006
The School I went to in Orlando Florida. www.daveschool.com check it out this is more suggested over anything like full sail. Not saying its a bad school but some of my classmates and teachers came from there and ended up at daveschool. So check it out the movies section espcially!
  03 March 2006
Seems like everyone has a lot to say about schools...I just felt compelled to say something.

Like 60% of the replies here I also attended Fullsail, Graduated in June 05'.

As much as I loved the all nighters and sleeping in lab, which I really did, Fullsail had an effect on my outside life a whole lot. If you do Fullsail, you pretty much make it your life. You can usually get a good 8-15 hours day without a problem if you are deticated. You can easily forget about your life outside of school with them, thats if you go all out.

To correct a reply on the first page..Fullsail is fully accredited, if they werent they couldnt advertise an assocciate or Bachelors degree.........its pretty simple to understand that .

Unfortunetly I wouldnt recomment Fullsail. You want to be able to focus on your skill and do what you want to do. Fullsail doesnt really allow that at all. It gives you the basics of each "class" per say of CG: compositing, texturing, modeling, etc. You dont really get a chance to get the hang of one skill before you have to change to a completely different type.

I had to take a 2 months leave before the final classes just to relearn modeling and texturing so that I would feel I would get a decent demo reel out of Fullsail.

In the end I would suggest Vancouver, all though you do need to have a decent art ability before getting in there. Correct me if Iam wrong but they are a little picky who they submit because they want good( artistic) students. They dont want to worry about having a bad reel coming out of there. Its worked for them so far . Gnomen on the other hand, you have to have a spectacular reel or portfolio to get into that school. From my understanding most of the time, people in the industry or that have been artists go to that school. People typically with past experience.

OH, and you cant forget about Fullsail costing a whopping...what...$54,000..no choose, only bachelors. For a 23 month program. Take what you want from that..4 year degree in 23 months..to learn the basics of everything.

Its worked for me, I wont lie. After an intership which I finished in October. In the last 5 months I have gotten 4 freelance jobs and 2 full time job opporitunties..In otherwords..Fullsail isnt a bad place to go, if you have art skill to begin with. It gives you what you need to get started. If you are willing to half ass all classes and focus on your one skill you want. Not caring about "grades"..PFT is important. Go through there will all "D' s" is ok, with focusing on your one skill. in the end gradeds dont f' in matter. Its your art skill. Think about it. A 23 month program to have unlimited lab use. You focus the whole time on lets say animation. While lots of people are worried about getting a B or A in the class, say F' it and squeek by. Pound into animation while they are teaching you modeling. do the bare minimum in modeling class...Now you have just gotten a month ahead in animation. After two years of actual animation and squeeking by, you will end of being most likely the best in your class and than some. Even if you suck to begin with you will end up being the shit..I didnt know a lick of photoshop when I went into Fullsail. Now I know it in and out..That was with only focusing on it for the last 4 months of school.

kinda gave ya some goods and bads.

Think about a 4 year traditional art school first. I would have loved to do that before fullsail. It would be a great Idea if you ahve no art experience.
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  03 March 2006
I haven't bothered reading a lot of this thread, but I thought I'd post my thoughts on Full Sail.

I don't know if anyone's mentioned this or not, but there used to be a site called fullsailsucks.com. After reading the testimonials on that site, I would never consider that place an actual school. There were some truly bizarre stories on that site. Stories you would never expect to hear about a so called school.

Luckily, I found that site before I signed my application, and before Full Sail actually sued the owner of the site, and had it shut down.

Even if that site was a load of crap, I personally wouldn't risk $50k to find out.
  03 March 2006
I dont want to change this threads subject but I must defend Fullsail here for the most part.

Funbucket: I know your not downing Fullsail but I must say something about that site. Back before I started I also saw that site Fullsailsucks.com. If you think about it. The kind of people that did post on that site, I garuntee you 99% of them did not make it through the program because they could not handle it. Im sure they also had one little issue with teachers or something like that and decided to make that the reason Full sail sucked. So to let you know. Most of those people were to iggnorant, so they decide to generalize one problem with the whole school. Every school has its share of problems.

Dont forget there are 7 degrees at Fullsail. I believe brazuka is only interested in the Animation Degree. Fullsailsucks.com, even if it were up would not help in any decisions cant generalize like that. Just need to think about the @ssholes that write that BS.
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  03 March 2006
I'd like to know more about VFS, I see a lot of really good reels come from people going there but I never see anything from Full Sail.
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  03 March 2006
Originally Posted by Zerafian: I dont want to change this threads subject but I must defend Fullsail here for the most part.

Just curious... You posted a lot of negatives about Fullsail's animation program. Why did you recommend brazuka against Fullsail, and now decide to defend the school?
  03 March 2006
psyop63b: I was giving pluses and minuses to Fullsail. I just figured I should since I went there. Its kinda like " I loved to hate it and I hate to love it", kinda thing.
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  03 March 2006
everyone, tnx for the help again, since the replies i've been researching about VFS, daveschool and other 4 year colleges that offer 3d animation. trying to find the one that suits me better. i'm gonna visit some campuses and stuff. real good info i got here. the only issue i saw with VFS would be finding a job to sustain me there while going to school. that would be a the thoughest part. but other than that the school looks awesome.

thanks for the inputs again!
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