Anyone tested the difference between: Wacom Graphire3, Graphire bluethooth, Intuos3?

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  09 September 2005
Yeah, they're a bargain all right, but only until you actually try and use them..

  09 September 2005
oh you were right about cintiqs... beautiful piece of kit and like a dream to use, but my god they cost alot... I have a large bottle full of pounds and 50p's just for the thing... im about a third of the way, when i get about 100 quid off of the mark I am gonna flog my intuos and send off for the 21 inch beaut
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  09 September 2005
I have been saving up for Wacom tablet of sometype for a bit now, so this make intressting reading for me, i have decided on the Intuos 3 range after borrowing a intuos 1 A5 and found it amazing to work on. i Need to decide A4 or A5 now

but one of my friends has a Graphire3 and he swears by it, and i used it a bit ago and it seem very good.

Personaly as for bluetooth i wouldn't touch it but that just becasue i've had troubles with it in the past

(tryed a medion tablet for about ten minutes, i found it awful)
  09 September 2005
Talking Yeah, whats goin' on here?

Originally Posted by luciferous: Wow, what happened here? people getting snotty over the diference of tablets, how petty.

hehe, yeah, what happened here? I just wanted to know if the bluetooth thing was something to have or not :-)

At least I know there is a tilt function that I never knew about - wonder how it can be activated.
Something tells me that I shouldnt take the bluetooth one however. That long cable is not such a mess after all - cause I liked the smoother feeling of the intuos compared to the graphire.

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  09 September 2005
Originally Posted by Dr. Ira Kane: I know what he meant, if I didn't have any experience I wouldn't write this, but I have, and statements like the one he wrote are simply crap, Graphire 3 are enough sensitive to paint or draw, but as I said if someone can't draw with pencil, even the best tablet will be 'not sensitive enough' or uncomfortable. That's my opininion and I'm not going to discuss that anymore here, cheers guys and take care !

My comments about the Graphire Tablet being a pointing device had nothing to do with the sensativity. I think the 4x5 area of the tablet is too small for art... That's all. and any tablet is better then nothing.
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  09 September 2005
Hehe, things always go like that when we talk about technical stuff. In my opinion, if you look at the price of Intuos 3 and Graphire 3, you should not ask about differences anymore.

In case of Graphire 3 and Graphire Bluetooth, with the speed of 50 KBs, bluetooth devices are probably enough to replace wire-tablet. The question is whether any interuption happens? You can't draw if you are at 3m far from your canvas. So, I think it is ok to work with bluetooth tablet in this case when you have to seat near from your computer.

Better tools make it is easier and faster. But not quality of the work.
  09 September 2005
All this talk is pointless, nothing beats my Volito!
Now seriously, I've been thinking of upgrading it, but don't know if the pro tablets are worth the steep price. Has anyone compared the lot? I'm thinking of getting A5, because A4 is too big for my drawing style (and my wallet).
The main beef I have with the Volito is that you need to exert some pressure to get even a thin line, which wouldn't happen with a pencil or a brush.
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  09 September 2005
My last tablet was a the end of the day it's still a Wacom. It's a top make, even if it's not top of the line. Wacom themselves acknowledge that it's not really the quality you need as a professional. Now that I'm without a tablet, so I'm moving to a Intuos3 - but is the A4 size really that much of an advantage? I only had an A6(!) before and it was definitely too small, so it's either A5 or A4...
  09 September 2005
I have A5 format, smaller would be not enough that's for sure, and bigger ? don't know it depends on your painting style but I doubt you need big tablets, you won't be able to make very long stroke if you don't have big screen with very high res anyway. A5 seems to be optimal for me, and it doesn't hurt my hand.
  09 September 2005
Originally Posted by DonaldKasper: My comments about the Graphire Tablet being a pointing device had nothing to do with the sensativity. I think the 4x5 area of the tablet is too small for art... That's all. and any tablet is better then nothing.

Where do you get the idea that Graphires are only in the 4x5 size? I have a 6x8 and love it! Some day when I have a decent job I will probably upgrade to the intuos line, but for now, the graphire meets all my needs. (which by the way, also come in the larger 9x12 size as well)
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  09 September 2005
Yeah I use Graphire3 A5 format and it's ok, smaller would be harder to work with.
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  09 September 2005
Ah, I meet a problem when working with 21" monitor and A5 Graphire2 on A4 300dpi Photoshop document. I have to zoom 25% to sketch. And the line is not so smooth because a short move of my hand makes long curve on the big canvas. Think, a bigger tablet could solve that.
  09 September 2005
I have a graphire and it works great. I tend to do my line art traditionally rather than drawing on a tablet (Much more enjoyable and faster. Plus you can sell the original line art for cash). I had no problems sketching with it at all. If you want the most out of your tablet, put your tablet pressure settings on soft in the wacom tablet program. Here is my take if you can paint with a tablet and you have the patience to learing what you can do and talent then any tablet should be fine. Pick one accurding to your lifestyle and comfort. Sometimes more expensive is not better.

Quote: Originally Posted by DonaldKasper
My comments about the Graphire Tablet being a pointing device had nothing to do with the sensativity. I think the 4x5 area of the tablet is too small for art... That's all. and any tablet is better then nothing.

Lol 4by5 too samll for art Lol. Not true at all. Pepole still use mouses and turn out great artwork without the pressure points. I have a 4by5 and it is perfect. I have a friend that has an Intuos series tablet and he dislikes it. It all comes down to is it the right tablet for you.
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  09 September 2005
Heh, calling a 4x5 nothing better than a pointing device?!
Keep in mind it's not what you have but what you do with it
If you use medium-small brush/pen strokes like I do (I always drew teenie tiny on paper) then a 4x5 is perfectly fine
And of course you can zoom in if you need to, some people seem to have forgotten that in this thread
I used one from before I could PS paint at all 3 years ago until a little while ago (when I found a cheap Intuos3 9x12 and took the plunge!)
all the pictures in my epilogue gallery were made using pencil and/or a 4x5, the important part is it's only one's own skills and amount of time dedicated limiting the quality of the work, if you blame the tablet, well...
A higher size and resolution tablet will probably make working quicker and/or more natural, all that you need to consider is if you're willing to pay the price difference in the tablets for these perks
  10 October 2005
Talking Graphire 4


yeh ok, i just saw it today, any one have it yet? is it koool? sorry if this is old news
to me, it looks like a combination of a graphire3 and an intuos with the express keys, except without the big dollars!

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