The planning of a Halloween costume – help?

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Old 10 October 2005   #61
Oh man, I wish I could afford coloured contacts to go with the costume... it's just a bit too pricey, though. I'm already putting out a lot of money for the outfit :/
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Old 10 October 2005   #62

Those would have rocked :|

Some of them are almost affordable. I'm just rather sure they wouldn't arrive on time, either, since I'm in Sweden.

Oh well.

The horns have dried now anyway. I'm a little nervous, but I'm considering starting with the mask after dinner.
I can resist everything but temptation.


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Old 10 October 2005   #63
Wow, those lenses rock. : .
Acuvue sells coloured lenses too but only to change/add colour I think. Green should be available I think, usually they have charts of what turns into what too.

Here you go >> <<

Hey you have really bright blue eyes, you could use an orange rim on the edges of the horns for contrast. Don't know how you planned it though, but I've seen good colourschemes like that before work well. (or a colour reminiscent of translucency, waxy)Ahem...

Good luck

still profoundly jealous...
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Old 10 October 2005   #64
Hahah, Azzy didn't attack you when your face was plastered? XD I'm disappointed at him! I know my cats would have antagnozed the hell out of me if I were stuck with plaster over my eyes for that long.

I love the shape of the horns. =D ooh, I can see them glittering with the gems and ribbons already. This is going to be so wonderful. I'm kinda glad the corset is violet... red and purple look so good together; the makeup also will probably look more interesting with two prominent colors rather than just one.

Have fun making the mask (although you've probably already worked on it now, seeing at it's 4 pm in my part of the world.) Your masks are always incredible and you're used to working with them; I have no doubt it'll turn out fantastic. =D As for the contacts... they would look cool, but it would be cutting it close time-wise. =\ Maybe you can integrate your eyecolor into the makeup somehow, touches of bluegrays on your face or costume to make them look more "natural" in relation to the strong reds and purples. I'm actually thinking of detail of the painting you posted as your inital makeup test, how his eyes are the same as the color around his eyes on on his lips. Having the contrast of bluegrays might also make the reds and purples pop more. Something to play with, maybe? :]
Old 10 October 2005   #65
I think I'll just have to live with my dull blue eyes for the costume. With postage, the cost will be much too great plus they seem to demand that you actually go to an eye doctor beforehand, and I don't have the time to.

Aaaaanyway, I've been working on the mask today. It's in the dryer now, and all that remains is wait and see how it comes out. If it's ew, I'll just have to make another one, though I would be loathe to. It hasn't been painted, and it hasn't been polished yet. When it's dried, I'm going to carve little cracks and inconsistencies into it after the surfaces have been smoothened.

As for colours, I don't want to bring in blue on top of the other colours. With red and purple and violet already planned, blue will be a bit of a stretch - going that far across the spectrum, when there are actually no contrasting colours, will just look weird... I think.

I'm pretty excited about red and violet, anyway. I can't wait for the mask to dry. I'll go downtown to buy some more paint tomorrow, I don't think I have any violets.
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Old 10 October 2005   #66
300 dollars for a pair of black contacts? I know a place where you can get them for like ten times less expensive, no kiddin. Are these with prescription or something? They will probably be state of the art, but lemme go check this week in that store and I'll get back to you about the price, I guess you can have them within 5 days I suppose... plenty of time before halloween.

If I might comment something on the paint test; you look way too friendly, so unless it was deliberate, you're going to have to put some more darkness inthere... I'd put black around the eyes and get white lenses instead, but I guess its just for testing the paint and the colors right... Though I think black lenses can make you look less scary most of the time... because it looks more like large pupils, which make a person look friendly, small pupils tend to give someone a frightening look... In my humble opinion ofcourse, not trying to defy a real artist here...

I'd make two large black feathered wings and attach them underneath my coat and go as a fallen angel... but around here no one dresses up anymore... sad... oh well...

Sorry for the crappy painting, my wacom is being annoying and pressure didnt work...
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Old 10 October 2005   #67
Hush, you; your eyes are not dull. I can't quite figure out the design of the mnask... it is actually going to go around your eyes and over your cheeks or is it more of a headdress, just over your nose and forehead?

Anyway, I don't think blue is too drastic a jump. It is right next to purple, after all--just the next step in an analogous color scheme. And you don't need to use a ton of it; just little accents here and there, some flickering cold tones against the warmth of the rest of the colors to both create some interesting contrast as well as unity with your natural eye color. Or maybe you could just go with more lavender accents if you don't want to go all the way into blue--I think I see a lavander-looking gem on the mask. That works just as well as far as matching your eyes.

Or maybe my color theory class is having adverse effects on my brain. XD

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Old 10 October 2005   #68
Hope it doesn't sound like I'm hijacking the thread or anything but like I said I've been inspired to create my own halloween costume and I went to the local fabric store and scored me some really nice black and green silk-like material I plan to build a costume out of. That alone took $20 out of my pocket and my budget is $50. Was thinking something between batman's mask and malificent from cinderella. So I guess its demon like as well.

Kinda funny but I was wondering, is it possible to create a mold of my face from paper mache'? I'd think its possible since balloons don't stick to the inside... How difficult was it with the plaster? And I dunno if its just me but something with the horns bother me. too close together at the back or something. Too wide loops maybe? should be more like these? I dunno just my taste maybe.

Thanks Beeeeeeeer!

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Old 10 October 2005   #69
It's probably not what you had in mind... So Ikept it real scruffy like. I found the horns popped out some with a more pinkish colour, maybe dulling the closer parts of the horns with a bit of sawdust in the paint could go far. reflectivity of the paint should bring back in some blues or colder tones at least.
Well no more time left. Mask's looking great, In the depressions of the horns I'd add somemore darker tones and maybe violet, and right next onn the creases of the paper I'd put the oranges(if it's even possible to do this). yaddah yaddah...

I'm going to stay away from colours a tad bit longer heheh...immensely distracting from shapes
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Old 10 October 2005   #70
real good job there, Derby, simple, yet efficient

ps. You might've gotten easier there Linda, if you'd
just bought a goat. You get the horns all done and
attached to a skull cap, all u got to do is paint it red
and find some way to tie it up.
Plus you get handbags or maybe boots from the skin
and I'd definitely drop by for some goat burgers and
a toast with goat's blood


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Old 10 October 2005   #71
Um wow. Lol.
I had the best costum when I went out. It was my plain street clothes lol.
I dress up as myself. I killed 2 birds with one stone. Trick or treating was a blast. Homeowners were shocked because the idea was so original.
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Old 10 October 2005   #72
its looking good girl, fine effort..... remeber to take lots of pictures of befor and after so we can compare...
Old 10 October 2005   #73
Originally Posted by cipherL: . remeber to take lots of pictures of befor and after so we can compare...

yea like you'd notice any difference..

Old 10 October 2005   #74
cool, Id like to follow this.

those contacts are expensive, but I've seen some color enchancing ones for 35$, you should try to get something, hopefully cheap. try a novelty store.

granted you'd have to get some locally, as halloween is coming soon.

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Old 10 October 2005   #75
It's turning out so much better than I had thought – and hoped for! I am so happy!

It's on my now VERY messy living room table, and I'm dabbling with the paint while watching Two Towers (soon Return of the King, mwahahaha).

The colours turned out red and purple, with highlights of white and gold. I just need to get some kind of gloss on it now, I'll go downtown on Monday and look around. Am leaving the mask for now though to work on the rest of the costume (the thing around the neck, the shoulder parts, etc).

Thank you guys so much!

And yeah, I completely redid the horns. I like them lots better now.

I'm skipping the contacts :/ I just can't afford them. Not any of the ones that are really nice anyway - just general ones in green or brown or whatever, I can do without. That'll just be waste of money I can make better use of when buying more jewellery to dangle from the horns.
I can resist everything but temptation.


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