The planning of a Halloween costume – help?

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Old 09 September 2005   #16
I've always felt that good looking people should dress up as unbelievably gorgeous/beautiful things on Halloween, and leave the hideous/scary creatures to the people who are not so good looking. I think this makes sense because attractive people already have the natural advantage without even trying, and with just a bit of work, they would become amazingly beautiful, but if unattractive people tried to dress up as beautiful creatures (angels, faries, goddesses, sexy vampires..etc), they'd fall short because they don't have the right bone structure, skin, features..etc to begin with, and no amount of makeup can compensate for that lack of natural beauty.

So, that means, I think you shouldn't dress up as a hideous/scary creature.
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personally, I think you should go as a cat myself , or maybey a cuddly elephant...
Seriously tho, I think the costume is a pretty good concept, tho Id prolly never wear it myself...
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All right guys.

I'm still thinking papier mache... mainly because of its lightness, because I can work nicely with the clay (I've done enough work in it to know I can) and because it doesn't need to go into any oven. I think that the mask will be too big for my oven anyway.

On the brightest side, I think I might get to talk to someone who's worked on making masks for movies, so if I'm lucky, I might get to find out the really, really best way to go about this, but I'm not sure yet.

Until then, your advice is very, very helpful. I like the idea of keeping the thing in place with straps somehow, and I'm considering silk straps that I can wrap around my neck and actually paint on top on, and/or hide underneath a collar made to match the 'helmet'.

Anyway, I made a first sketch of what I was thinking about, regarding the outfit. It's a little messy but I think it shows the general idea. I'm going to get gorgeous ribbons and little gleaming stones to dangle from the horns. If I was a demon and I had horns, I'm pretty sure I'd decorate them like that.

I'm also looking into corset making - if I make an entire 'chest-piece' to match the mask, I could attach it to a corset.

Design elements I refuse to let go of -

Little bright gleaming red stones buried in the really red skin.
Fine ribbons dangling from the horns.
Several small horns, some of which seem to be only just growing out, across the dome of the head.

Anyway... :scratches head: I have a bit more of an idea of how to make this, now. I still think I need either a plastic head from a mannequin or a cast from my own head, or I won't be able to make it at all :frets.

I am endlessly grateful for all the help I can get, so I'm truly appreciating this! Tons of <3 for you all!

:sticks tongue out at Robert: You're too cute!
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Old 09 September 2005   #19
I like the cheecks

the gem inlays sound cool too

do not get rid of the spinal werd again..
de protruding spine bonezzz

perdy stuff, could be more monstrous maybe , but
as said the cheeks are cool and might be enough

Old 09 September 2005   #20
I absolutely love the idea of embedded gems and hanging ribbions (though I suggest maybe fine sparkly chains to add to the demonic effect). I think the horns should extend upwards from the ears rather from the cheeks backwards for a more elegant effect (that may be easier to balance with the front section of the mask). I also think the horns on the lower portion of the head should point lower so the mask will be more even (it seems that everything is just pulling the face back and upwards. The corset idea is absolutely wonderful (although quality custom corsets can be up to 500 USD and very low quality ones are at least 50 USD). The horns protruding from the spine is an awesome idea. The neck seems a bit empty/off balance, perhaps a jewel embedded collar or choker of some sort? I LOVE what you have done with the center of the forehead and the nose. Anyways, I wish you all the luck in the world with that project, I am sure it will turn out to be wonderful!
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Old 09 September 2005   #21
Love the concept! I can't help you with how to go about it, which is why I haven't said anything yet, but upon reading what UrbanKunoichi said about the nbeck definitely need something, and I think a neck corset/collar with all sorts of elegant madness coming off it would rock. Something creepy-elegant to accentuate the horns a bit. I'm not sure if I'm wording it well, but something like this. Maybe subsituting the feathers for more papier mache horn-like things to mkae it seem more part of the demon rather than a peice of clothing...with ribbons and more gems all over it...I dunno. Just an idea you might be able to tie into the chest peice.

Can't wait to see what you do with it, in any case. Your Halloween costumes have always impressed me... I wish I had your dedication and skill with makeup and costuming. Have fun!
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I have a feeling some sort of peacock style extrusions would look good. I love the sketch though, it's....spectacular!

Seriously though, I think using a rubber swimming cap will give you a good base. You could use thin twigs to form the basis for the papier mache, it works.

I love the hangy-down jewels, with muskrat silver (cures lycanthropy) in them, no doubt...
Old 09 September 2005   #23
Yeah, I definitely need a collar or something. I'm just undecided on what kind of design I want on it.

I sort of like the idea of the horns starting near the cheeks rather than the more common area around the temples - mostly because I'm not really looking to look 'pretty'.... but I'll see. Funny thing about making masks, for me, is that I usually start out with one idea and end up with something else entirely.

Right now, I'm thinking gloves. I want neat gloves on her, or claws, or whatever, and I can't figure out how on earth I can do something like that. I mean, fingers are so flexible. I can't just glue stuff to them the way I can do my cheeks and brow.
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Old 09 September 2005   #24
Originally Posted by Enayla: Right now, I'm thinking gloves. I want neat gloves on her, or claws, or whatever, and I can't figure out how on earth I can do something like that. I mean, fingers are so flexible. I can't just glue stuff to them the way I can do my cheeks and brow.

Maybe you should get/make those "claw rings" - I don't know what they're called... it goes over your finger and looks like a claw... umm, similar to the one in your painting of Hehsebamon. It makes me think of crab shells... you should definitely try something like that.

Or get a pair of neat gloves and glue fake nails to them =P (joking... that would look terrible if done improperly)

I'm clueless about the mask itself, though. Maybe you could make sort of a hat (similar to one the swimmers wear) and attach horns and other devil stuff to it?
Old 09 September 2005   #25
I think the idea of the horns coming from the cheekbones is a cool idea, duno how your going to keep it attached to your cheeks withouht some strap, maybey incorporate some kind of mask into it so you can use the straps, somthing smaller than this or

id myself would go for but in black. :P

anyway you would need somthing to connect it to your face which is why I suggested latex.
For the gloves... get some sholder length gloves.... and glue on realistic nails.... I once made a cg image for a fashion magazine of a woman with gloves that became part of her body, dont have it anymore, but it looked really cool...
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The cheekbone horns are very original, it is just that it would be more difficult to balance them. Perhaps the base of the horns could be larger so the horns have more support. As far as the gloves, I think you should get shoulder length film noir style gloves or biker gloves (with the holes where fingers protrude) and glue gems to them. Perhaps you could henna tattoo paterns to your fingers, it would look absolutely gorgeous. Instead of making fake nails perhaps your could just paint yours and still have the leathery jewel studded biker style gloves on your arms. All of this has really inspired me to do some artwork. I really want to work hard on my Spectacular entry but I want to work on a fabulous halloween costume instead (although I have more than 70 hours worth of homework every week). Well, good luck with your costume! I am sure it will turn out great. And a swimming cap would be a pretty decent base.
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Hmm... that's cool, I had the same idea about the horns, since there's a good natural slope there allready. Unifies the features pretty well. You'll have trouble with those weird tears( how's my spelling?) on your cheeks. But you can paint with silicone stuff I've read, then it will fold along with your expressions. Otherwise it might tear. Otherwise looks like you could pull it off. Very good concept.
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Old 09 September 2005   #28
Really nice design Linda! I love the gems and the idea of having things dangling from the horns. Really creative idea. I'm looking forward to seeing you make this!

I like the corset idea, I'm looking forward to seeing some sketches of that.

Good luck with this!
Old 09 September 2005   #29
Ooooooh... I love the decorative approach to your demon horns!!! Awesome how they kinda emerge from the cheekbone area (and that exposed jaw muscle... brilliantly grotesque!). Can't wait to see more! Sorry I can't be of any help with the actual construction. All I can do is cheer you on.

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Old 09 September 2005   #30
Originally Posted by Enayla: You guys are awesome!

This is exactly the kind of help that I need.

And Grant - that's pretty much how I envisioned her/me awesome! That swirly, elegant but scary look is just what I'm aiming for. I don't want to look pretty, I never want to look pretty on Halloween, but I'm thinking it'll be nifty to look classily scary, if that makes any sense.

I'm thinking that the horns will start as a sort of swirly design just below the eyes, on the cheeks, and then stretch backwards in a fine sweep towards way behind the head - but not becoming thick and 'horny' until they go past the ears, meaning, the design itself will start on the face but not flare outwards until it's away from the face.

My biggest problems are these -
:: that it's going to be heavy as hell. I really, really need to figure out some way to make the 'helmet' of it not so heavy. I'm thinking that if I do make it in papier maché, that I'll have to make the horns hollow somehow, and how the hell do I do that, and still keep them pretty? I use this papier maché sort of, er, powder that you mix with water - turns into an awesome clay that is really easy to work with (I do all my masks in this). The reason to why I want to work in papiér mache is mainly that I know how it works, I know how to paint it and glue things to it and I know that it's durable. I've got an idea of making the red horn gleam with tiny little stones that I'll sort of work into the clay before it's dried and before I paint it.
:: that the 'helmet' as such will be difficult to put on/take off. I would have loved to have modelled it all the way down the neck and over my hair, but that just won't work, will it? How on earth would I take it on and off? So it has to stop somewhere early on the back of the head, then I'll have to really plaster my hair down and paint it red for the night.
:: that it won't be cost-effective. If I go with something other than papiér mache, I don't think I can afford it.

Also... the dress. I don't know how to sew. Well, I sort of do, but not 'that' well. I suppose I'll have to learn, eh?


I dunno if anyone posted it yet, cause I hardly have time to read the entire thread... but you should build your horns on top of a frame of netting, and I would first make a plaster copy of you head to build on, might be a bit expensive to make it, but you can use that every year... I used to do musicals and I've always been kinda involved with the costumes and for head pieces they usually make a rubber or cloth hat on which the metal frame is put, I would take cloth, though you might have trouble taking out all the edgy parts of the metal (no problem there with rubber bands), though it's better for your skin, isn't as heavy and it's very thin... Problem with horns that run over the back of your head is that it will easily fall back if you don't strap it over your head... so I would make a cloth band that can be tightened...

Btw sewing is dead easy, the only thing you have to watch out for is that the seams are the same everywhere and that you don't pull the cloth in funy ways...

My uncle is a (great) fashion designer, if you have any questions about the design or creation of the dress, I can always ask him to take a look, he'll be thrilled to help, he's one of those guys that does it for the art instead of the money and truely loves is job... Don't take too much of his attention though, he has to make my ichabod crane jacket :P

Btw your idea is very good, it's what I had in mind when I said succubus, I didnt realise it's a complete prostitute demon. But I definitelly can't wait to see it finished! This is gonna be good... It's gonna be a laugh next year when you realise, that you'll have to top it again...

Btw, just got 3 of your paintings from DeviantArt... they're simply superb! I love them, going to buy frames tonight!
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