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  08 August 2005
all he said in his in his first post was lots of nice stuff
plus "show your support for this", which really ain't a bigger
deal than giving birth to yet another yay linda thread , which
is totally harmless, no worries, mate

  08 August 2005
Quote: Allthough 'giving back' seems to be somewhat misplaced here. Giving without expecting something back?

Linda has probably learned a lot from the community. It's not like she has been sitting in a dark, empty room, practicing and honing her skills all alone with absolutely no influences. Of course she has been inspired by other artists in the community as well, and I'm sure she has been taught by others in some way or another. In other words, she has received from the community. Making a video lecture for the community is certainly GIVING BACK to the community - if you know what I mean. It's not like she is in debt and has to SHOW US THE MONEY! And it's not like she hasn't already given anything back to the community.

Quote: If it happens it happens

I think your expression 'blatantly obvious' will do here.

Quote: cuz all the lady need
to do is to sign a paper and fly somewhere and babble and paint there
in front of a camera for a few hours

Of course that's true. It might be difficult for Linda to do an actual Gnomon lecture if it requires her to travel all the way to Hollywood. And it probably does :/

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  08 August 2005
Yeah true. Idea's good enough allright. Better stick with that.
modelling practice #1
  08 August 2005
The talk wasn't about a Gnomon DVD in particular to begin with. I just want to see Linda lay down the strokes. Not you mow down my hopes
  08 August 2005
That wasn't my intention at all. I'm used to being honest with myself or something. So I may come across as harsh I presume. Not offended anylonger I hope?
modelling practice #1
  08 August 2005
Would you like a cup of coffee?

EDIT: Maybe I should rephrase that and make it a beer instead.

Which basically translates into:

No hard feelings.

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  08 August 2005
lol, actually just got one to give you some time to post. heheh

As to being more on topic, lol, I would be terribly interested to hear about her choice of colours and how she views 'bending the rules' to get more from an image. And image composition. So yeah, I'd love to see a video(but rather the book though lol).

And by being harsh I meant things like, studying her works instead of technique, or art theory and stopping to aspire to achieve someone elses goal . Which is probably tough since there's os much great stuff out there. Still, just my opinion.

Piece of puzzling.
edit: Yeah, it's all good, no hard feelings
modelling practice #1
  08 August 2005
Honestly, I didn't know she was doing a book. I know I said earlier that I didn't want no book, but if it's a book written by Linda about Linda featuring Linda as Linda, I might just buy it. Oh what the hell am I saying...

Anyway, I want to know more about this book. Is there more to know?
  08 August 2005
Hmm...she was in the meet the artist forum, paperclip took notes and there's a summarised version which seems an easy read by comparison to the original thread. Very good useful info. here's a link: interview of Linda Bergkvist, summarised by paperclip

modelling practice #1
  08 August 2005
Hi fellas.

I'm humbled to hear that I have been such an inspiration to someone. Thank you.

The reason to why I have not done a video tutorial, and the reason to why I think I won't, is that I would really, really like to take the focus off how I do things and back to what I paint. I have done D'artiste, I've done countless of 'free' tutorials, and I've done, lately, a tutorial on painting features for a UK magazine. It's starting to feel as if though enough is enough, at some point. I love helping people out and it's part of why I hang out in forums in the first place (to help and be helped), but I don't want that to be all that I'm about.

Doing a tutorial now and then because I want to show some appreciation for the community is one thing. That's on my own time and I choose how much of myself I want to give away. Doing a video that shows all my techniques, brush stroke to brush stroke, that have taken me years and years to assemble and that are as personal and individual to me as the shape of my hands or the feel of my skin... I just honestly wouldn't like that.

It's difficult to explain and I don't know what words to pick, but that's part of what it comes down to. I am very happy that you guys like my efforts to help so far, but you're going to have to make do with that. I'll continue making tutorials from time to time because I want to help if I can, but I won't sit down and give away every brush stroke and detail of how I work. It's not about money - you couldn't possibly pay me enough to do it. It's not about the copycats, though admittedly, that part of it is starting to bother me more than I would care to admit.

And then here's the thing...

If I get the choice between showing someone how to paint, and just simply painting - guess what I'm going to pick. I want to make my money through painting, creating things, being creative and coming up with stories, pictures, colours. I don't want to make my money trying to strip down what I do from an experience like nothing else, to techniques and numbers and brushes that other people can dissect.

So, please, I'd be overjoyed if the focus was shifted from how I paint to the actual paintings. I'm just a learner, just like you. I'm trying to get a grasp on things, as well.

Again, thank you - I really appreciate it, I'm happy I've been an inspiration, but the more people ask me for tutorials, the less inclined I feel to make them. If it's all about the technique in the end, there's just no point to it. Technique isn't how I want to make a living.

As for books - next book will have nothing to do with technique. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. If it's only the technique you want, I'm sure to post a tutorial or two now and then, but that'll basically be... it, as they say. I'll not go more indepth than a tutorial.

(and now back to my vacation... which ends on Thursday, waaa!)
I can resist everything but temptation.


Painting eyes
Painting hair
  08 August 2005
Linda - Yeah, that's pretty much what I figured too. Like I said in my previous post, your painting style is as much of the magic as your subject, and they work off of each other perfectly. To strip them apart would be to lose that magic. This is more true for you than most other artists. I doubt people who want the DVD only want the style, because they are enchanted by the subject matter too--that's why they're your fans.

I for one would much rather see more beautiful paintings from you, because that's what makes you tick as a person--that's your passion and it rubs off on others.

I think the world of internet and instructional DVD's have made people less resourceful and analytical. Many of them wants to be spoon-fed everything, instead of actually paying their dues, learning and thinking on their own. The number of people who are looking for "miracle tutorials" or "miracle custom brushes" or "miracle DVD's" are putting their hopes in the wrong places. The only way to get better is to drill the art foundations into their head with practice and study. Style is something that happens naturally when you have arrived as an aritst--not something you can plan for. The ones who plan for a style--you can ALWAYS tell because it doesn't feel sincere. Like other have said before, these people eventually move on and develop a more unique style--this happens as you mature as an artist.
  08 August 2005
det är okej att du inte vill göra en video tutorial Linda, dina vanliga tutorials är mer än tillräkligt, samt dina målningar, att bara få titta på dom räcker för mig, och för alla andra, hoppas jag....


  08 August 2005
Engrish prease!

And on top the digital media allow for so many options to create a painting that it's probably best to start exploring on your own. It'll broaden your options and views on art most likely. If not better help you to develop your own feel for painting.
modelling practice #1
  08 August 2005
Originally Posted by jmBoekestein: Engrish prease!

he said it's ok that she's not making a dvd and umh... that the tutorials she's given here
are more that one could hope for already and that at summertime he likes to wear only a
white t-shirt and a kilt while walking the crowded sunny city streets and then suddenly
stand on his head and make sounds like a duck !!

er.. my swedish was never that good, I hope I got everything right there

  08 August 2005


I could've sworn I read something about collecting malignant dinosaurs, and dancing bears.
modelling practice #1
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