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  07 July 2005
I'd love to see a tutorials section where it's easily accessible from the main page. I've been wondering why it's not here for a long while.
  07 July 2005
Cool psssst

psssst..check out this thread, best kept secret on CGTalk

Olijosman, generously throwing some tips and making of...enjoy!
  07 July 2005
Talking My two centimes

Hey Lunatique, and everyone participating in this discussion

I am quite happy under WIP/Critique: 2D, Illustrations and Concept Art, as I am no Art Philosopher ~ more of an Art Griper, really ~ and feel more at home in the practical, nuts and bolts, this is how you should PRACTICALLY break down form, dissect imagery, and work with Artistic concepts than in discussions about Bauhaus ~ that's just me.

I requested that I be under WIP/Critique: 2D, Illustrations and Concept Art specifically for that reason ~ because I feel that it is most appropriate, as I personally identify with much of the work being created in that forum. I have a background in Illustration, and not Aesthetics, so I feel that my "Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art" forum fits rather happily into WIP. I would not wish to have the forum moved.

Having said that, I do sympathize with some of the comments here regarding the need for more tutorials / REAL interaction amongst artistic peers on CGTalk. But having artists like Stahlberg, Lunatique, Enayla et al on the Art Discussion forum means that there are already SEVERAL experienced artists here with much to share. Linda and others have shared many tutorials, and perhaps the solution is merely to have them centralized in one location (as a Sticky) in the Art Discussion forum.

There is room for many forums here, and, as I said, I am quite happy in WIP. People bounce around, contributing to various forums, and I actually think this is healthier for CGTalk in that it forces people to visit other "galaxies" they might not have were everything TOO conveniently placed ~ I certainly have ended up in unexpected corners of CGTalk that have been enlightening, if far beyond my realm of personal experience or interest.

I believe the answer is just to have a Sticky on the Art Discussion forum in which people can post their tutorials. It is true that people can contribute more to the community than just their kind comments on others' work. Anyone and everyone has knowledge which is valuable and which they can share. People continue to amaze me in their diversity and complexity, and I feel that were there a centralized place within the Art Discussion forum for the needed tutorials Lunatique has solicited, people would naturally gravitate towards that location.

Hope this helps


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Last edited by rebeccak : 07 July 2005 at 01:48 PM.
  07 July 2005
I think the point is that the art discussion forum wasnt intended to be an exclusively philosophical forum, but a culmination of opinions on art and society and the practical application and techniques of art, equally.

Rebecca, its ultimately your choice where your thread goes, but I'm trying to say that it doesnt not belong in the art discussion.

It's true that the Art Discussion forum has become more of a theoretical discussion of art, and even tutorials have a tendency to be flattened out for a broad application over as much digital art as possible. From what I've seen from the Anatomy sub-forum, its got a good mixture of 'nuts and bolts' and theory, so it belongs in either and in both forums, in my opinion.

I'd personally like to see it in the Art discussion forum, mostly because I see art discussion as a learning tool more than anything else.
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  07 July 2005
Rebecca - As Peddy already mentioned, the Art Discussion Forum was not created for only discussions of "intellectual masturbation" type of topics. It was always meant to be part discussion, part learning, and part sharing knowledge. Have you seen the sticky threads we have in there? Lots of really great tutorials and practical art foundation teachings like color theory, composition, values..etc.

The reason why some have asked to have your anatomy lessons in the Art Discussion Forum instead is probably because the WIP 2D forum was never meant for teaching, tutorials..etc. It was created to allow people to post their sketches/concept art and works in progress, so they can get feedback from others. I think it got turned into a learning/activities forum only because cgtalk didn't have an appropriate forum at the time for those types of topics. I remember many times back then, when there were topics related to painting or art theory..etc, we just threw them in the WIP 2D forum because we didn't know where else to put them. That was PRECISELY why the Art Discussion Forum was created--so that topics like that would have a home, and more topics like them would be welcomed with open arms. But it seems that the WIP 2D forum has established itself because those types of topics has been in there for too long, and people have gotten used to the idea. However, they should never have been in the WIP 2D forum in the first place--it was only a temporary solution.

If the Art Discussion Forum is to be "intellectual masturbation" only, I'd rather just kill it, because that was absolutely NOT why it was created. In fact, the forum should probably be renamed to "Art Discussion and Learning" instead, or "Art Discussion and Tutorials."

The problem we're facing right now is that we have a overlap in content and focus between the Art Discussion Forum and the WIP 2D forum, and that's a problem because each should concentrate on what they were created for. The Daily Sketch stuff belongs in the WIP 2D forum because they are group activities for people to sketch on a given topic, but the anatomy and the tutorial threads technically should be in the Art Discussion Forum, because that's what the forum was created for--learning and sharing knowledge about art theories, techniques..etc.

Anyway, I have no decision making powers--only the voice to make suggestions. Truth is, none of us will lose any sleep over any of this stuff. Afterall, we all volunteered our time and energy because we enjoy being part of the community.

Last edited by Lunatique : 07 July 2005 at 12:02 PM.
  07 July 2005
Masturbation is perfectly healthy, practically even good for you
But you know, naming a forum Art Discussion, you've sort of dug your own trap there.
  07 July 2005
Originally Posted by Kargokultti: But you know, naming a forum Art Discussion, you've sort of dug your own trap there.

You have no idea how much I wish for a time machine so I could go back and name it more appropriately. Maybe I could get the people in charge to change it.
  07 July 2005
Quote: But you know, naming a forum Art Discussion, you've sort of dug your own trap there.

Yeah, but then what do you name something like this? Art 101? Art Basics?
Maybe we should just rename it: Art Techniques and Tutorials
  07 July 2005
Originally Posted by Stahlberg: Yeah, but then what do you name something like this? Art 101? Art Basics?
Maybe we should just rename it: Art Techniques and Tutorials

I actually like Art Techniques and Tutorials. Sounds pretty smooth.

Or, maybe "Art Techniques and Discussions"?
  07 July 2005
Red face

Well, as one of the culprits in the endless intellectual masturbation threads I'd vote for keeping Discussion in the title. But that's just me.
  07 July 2005
I think "Art Theories and Techniques" would be a great one, since "theories" includes discussions, foundation, knowledge..etc. "Techniques" includes tutorials and discussions and Q&A type topics.
  07 July 2005

OOO... sounds like a fab idea.

I often see some really great pieces posted up, but then once the image is posted you never hear or see that artist again till they post their next work. Some don't even bother responding to questions asked, which could be a prob *sighs*

Anyway... I really hope this works.

  07 July 2005
I remember a ways back when forums were getting cut and the idea was to stream line cgtalk. Now it seems everyone is demanding their own forums for their own topics again. I don't wanna sound difficult, but if the interest dies down in a month from now (which seems to happen often) then the mods are gonna be talking about cutting forums again. I would prefer consistency.
Maya people want more maya demos, max people want more max demos, programmers want individual sections, gamers want individual sections... that's just what happens when you're passionate about your skill set. But that doesn't necessarily mean it appeals to everyone. I've gotten used to just working with what we're given.
  07 July 2005
Quote: Art Theories and Techniques

Sounds great.
  07 July 2005
I think this is good idea, but also think this should be as simple as this...

1. Artist upload (his or her) full Tutorial, and I mean complete!.

2. people start the discussion and questions, but questions about the Artist Tecniques!
no questions like... "Hi!, how can I make a good demo!?" or "what 3d program is better...?"

(most tecniques can be apply to any 3d software, if not, there's always a way to work around with it.)

3. Artist should commit to answer as much questions as possible.

well, that was my two cents... hope to help this great idea.
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