The Art Techniques and Theories Forum needs your help!!!

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  07 July 2005
The Art Techniques and Theories Forum needs your help!!!

Ever noticed that many of the excellent artists who post their artworks on cgtalk aren't necessarily participating in the community? Wouldn't it be awesome if we can get these excellent artists to come in the Art Techniques and Theories forum and actually talk about techniques, theory, show tutorials, talk about inspirations..etc?

Here's how you can help:

If there are artists whoes work you love, go and invite them to come to the cgtalk Art Techniques and Theories Forum and participate!

When Linda posts her awesome tutorials, people totally dig them. Can you imagine if we had more experienced artists doing the same here?

There have been private complaints among the Forum Leaders that the Art Techniques and Theories Forum doesn't have enough practical discussions about the actual making of art, and has too much "intellectual masturbation" stuff that doesn't really help us become better artists (because those philosophical discussions are always highly subjective. One man's worshipped art God is another man's despised hack). I'm not saying the philosophical discussions are not cool, I'm just saying we need to balance them with more practical discussions that can really help us improve our techniques and knowledge. The problem is, the experienced artists are among a very small minority of the members that actually come into the Art Techniques and Theories forum. We need more experienced artists to come in here and lead the discussions, share knowledge..etc.

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  07 July 2005

I would be glad to post some tid bit demos from my work. Still have a way to go but I love to teach and could probably contribute. I might need some help figuring out how to upload the images to the forum. If you want to see some of my work it is at the address below. Some is traditional but most is digital.

Feel free to email me to get me started.

My latest digital piece is a billboard for the discovery channel.
  07 July 2005
If I may be so bold, perhaps the fine webheads here at cgtalk might be kind enough to bless us with a seperate tutorial board? At the moment, community-written tutorials posted on the art discussion forums seem to dissappear beneath the waves of trivial questions and debates at a rather alarming rate. Perhaps a dedicated board may serve to lengthen the lives of these precious tidbits, encouraging potential contributors to add their own knowledge to the bundle?

I apologize in advance if I overlooked something - I haven't been here terribly long.

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  07 July 2005
Rebecca's anatomy review is great (maybe that should be in this forum?!). I have been trying to get some of my professors to get involved in CGTalk - many of them are "regular" artists who are just getting into digital.

Tutorials can be stickied to stay at the top.

I would love to have more great artists lending their knowledge and wisdom! Never can have enough...
  07 July 2005
same here...yuo can never have enough...

I love discussions because philosophy gets you anywhere eventually, but to learn practically you really need to dig into this webboard since tutorials are scattered all over and very application specific.
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  07 July 2005
cthorp - To post images: when you reply, notice the toolbar with all those icons and text formatting tools? There's a yellow one with a mountain and a sun in the sky, to the left of the # icon. Click that and insert your image's url.

Definitely post some tutorials. Can never have enough of those.

Captain Fandango - I think the best solution is to add the tutorial threads to the "Art Theory & Tutorials" sticky thread we already have.

tevih - I've already asked about moving Rebecca's thread here. Captain Fandango

jmBoekestein - I'm not sure if we should include tutorials from all aspects of CG though, since each forum have their own sticky threads for tutorials. The Art Discussion forum should probably concentrate on tutorials for digital painting, art theories (composition, color theory, anatomy, perspective)..etc.

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  07 July 2005
Well, I'm all for it, I'm keeping an eye out. Thanks for the effort put into this.
modelling practice #1
  07 July 2005
Agreed. This is a community that thrives on the help of others. If the amazing artists knew how much they could give I'm sure they'd have no problem!
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  07 July 2005
there are so many amazing artists that come into cgtalk, post up their work, gets some stars, some butt kissing and some crits, and then hit the road. and thats fine. sounds like they are working their butts off unlike myself, but i do wonder what things would be like around these forums if all these talented people spoke up =].

I second the motion to move Rebecca's thread into the art discussion forum.
"This is what comes through to us."
  07 July 2005
lol... immakin some tuts too... buut then,, u might reconsider the name of this forum.. tutoriart discussion hahaha
  07 July 2005
Hi Lunatique. It's good to see you on the front page again.

I agree, having the right mind is one thing, having the skill to express the right mind is another. I also agree that Linda's tutorials are awesome and very insightful to approaching a medium through a skilled hand.

I think a lot of the greats are too busy being great to help the little people. If they do help the little people it is usually for a fee. So two problems I see for them wanting to help.
One: Because they think they're great they are less likely to help the ones he or she thinks is lower than them. Like a king is too high to help the servant, or someone he thinks littler. They are usually too busy with themselves to care.
And of course many of the high artists are introvert. Artist's character are usually flawed socially, or not socially mature. If artists do have a great artistic image, to help another s/he thinks littler will have a chance/possibilty of exposing their social weakness, and to be seen as equals instead of being higher. If they are exposed for having a flaw, and high image people are usually thought to be above average all-round in character, their fame would be lost when seeing this social flaw along with losing all the benefits of fame.

Like for example in the case of being too high, I'm not sure that Boris Vallejo will come to help because of his high fame or image stature. Even though there are many artists in this forum that could match him, his high image of himself would keep him away.

Two:I think in their affection to help those in need (the little people) without a price I think they would have to have giving nature, or giving inner character. This character is not naturally present in most of the population. To have a giving character one has to be unselfish. To be unselfish a person would have to already feels he has much to give, or the security (inner or outer) to give. Like say for a bum, it is hard to give anything because he hardly has anything - or has less material security. For this bum to give, since he doesn't have external security or possessions, he would have to have inner security to give. Inner security also means to be spiritually satisfied. To be whole inside enough to feel they have the abundance to give. Jesus talked about a poor woman giving the only cent she had to charity. This is an example of spiritual satisfaction, or internal security, to freely give. Since most of the population is not rich in finances or spirituality is probably the reason most of the population is not giving. Artists are also a minority of the population. Great artists are even a lesser minority. So it's understandable that great artists that do give, for instance the lovely Linda Bergkvist, are very rare.

Excuse me if I didn't get all the aspects, it's naptime over here. I just wanted to say hi really, and ended writing all this. Keep rocking Luna.

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  07 July 2005
I agree, It's something I would very much like to see.. I would post up tutes and stuff myself only I'm neither excellent or amazing in the slightest.
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  07 July 2005
Thumbs up

i agree with lunatique i know theres a lot of cg talk members here are too shy and hiding their
impressive skills' and techniques pls. we need ur artistic help not only enayla not only feng zhui
or others blah blah we need u to help us artists to become better and to develop more our traditional digital skills so let THE SHOW BEGINS!

portfolio :
favourite links :,,
  07 July 2005

We need YOU

  07 July 2005
A jump start from Lunatique should get this started...

After visiting your site, I'd be very interested in a detailed tutorial and a more "practical discussion" from you...

I'd be more than happy to share what I can...

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