Is our Work Frivalous??

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  06 June 2005
I think it is always good to questions the things we do. Because the point of asking a question is to get a answer. If you do not ask these questions you end up living a half-life. Knowing one's true self leads to a more fulfilling life.
  06 June 2005
I've never really worried about whether my work is important or not. What concerns me is that I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing. There are many many worthwhile experiances in this world that wont change anything. I'm gonna go get some ice cream now. . .
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  06 June 2005
i love art and painting and i don't think i can do something else for my future..but i have to admit that in general there are more important things in life than studying studying science, philosophy or religion..but it all depends on how far u go into something..i do art because i love what i do but there's always a feeling that i want to make something more important..i think it's when someone's work affect other people in a good way that art can be really usefull and not a waste of can be seen as important as anything else because it benefits others and made more people happy..for me i want to reach that point when my art affect others and not just make me happy..i think it's also a reason for losing motivation sometimes..when u see ur art not going anywhere but we still do it because we love what we i don't think it's a waste of time to work on something u like if at the end this will benefit others in a good again, it all depends on how far u want to go into something
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  06 June 2005
Isn't our life frivalous?

I'm pretty easily pleased with my work... If it will get people (or me for that matter) to think or feel in a way they may not have without it... I'm happy...

I think the question of 'why?' often stumps artists and boxes them in too much.

Most of what I do, I do for myself, for growth, for expression or evolution... So each time I spend hundreds of hours on a project I can justify it to myself just like that. Mission accomplished. I hope to be able to reach a wider audience with my work over the years and I'm refining and developing messages for that exact purpose as I go along...

I think if we are striving to share, striving to better ourselves or just plain making pretty things that make people go 'ooooohh' then it's justifiable... Frivalous maybe... But still justifiable nonetheless
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  06 June 2005
It seems that the underlying question in the original post, assuming that you classify your CG work as art (maybe some people don't?), is "What is the role of art in society?"

I see art as playing a very important role. It serves to make other people more aware of their world - it raises questions and points out the not so obvious, or maybe the obvious but understated. It brings us closer together with other people in a shared experience. Emotions are such a powerful aspect of our lives that it's foolish to ignore them or stick them on the backburner, and art can bring out some mighty strong emotions. Art calls for change, and, even if no one listens, stubbornly persists. It brings hope, happiness, anger, awe, and beauty... I don't think we could really live without it.

That's the ideal, I guess. I'm not trying to suggest that becoming an artist means you can change the world and all that jazz, because realistically very few people in history ever accomplish that. But I think trying to reach people, to stretch out and touch them somehow, is an extremely worthwhile goal.

Every occupation has its role.. science is certainly important, but understand that it is limited like everything else. Science cannot solve every problem.. it can help five-year old children with terminal illnesses, but so can a movie like Monster's Inc or a video game. It is easy to see entertainment as frivolous, but where would we be without it? We are not machines that can survive on just basic biological sustenance.. our emotions need nourishment as well, from the time we're born until the time we die.

I see art as providing some of that nourishment - at least, some kinds of art. In the end it is your decision as an artist to decide what kind of art you wish to make.. substantive and stimulating or vapid and meaningless.. and, of course, it is also up to you to define those terms as you see fit. But lest you get too creative in your rationalization, the closest thing I see to a standard is simply "common human experience" - and that is why I agree with Lunatique that storytelling is so fulfilling.

  06 June 2005
Jipe, i understand the question could be broadened to art in general, the reason i think it is particularly relevant to CG art is because of the time , effort , money and innovation that has gone into creating the art and more importantly the tools of the art.

To make an animation of any reasonable quality i have to know many different disciplines, modelling, texturing, rigging, lighting, compositing, particle effects, scripting. these are just the technicall aspects. then there is the small matter of learning the art of animation itself.
Each of the above aspects is also an art and so requires a little background knowledge and practise.

The 3d apps we use and the computer techniques employed are a result of decades of research. The exponential increase in the power of the home computer is a result almost exclusively of cg or video editing software. Not only is this industry providing the motivation for some ingenious code but also the incessant drive for more computing power. i cant imagin for what other reason a home pc would need multiprocessor/hyperthreading/dual core/64 bit/ghz technology.

Does the end result always justiy all that it has taken to get there?

Maybe, maybe not. its just something i think about occasionally.
  06 June 2005
I know what you mean. Although i feel glad that ive got a fairly entertaining job that is creative and laid back, i feel as if im not really benefitting mankind with my profession....

Imagine the scene: Its a post-apocalyptic, war-torn world. Theyre rounding up survivors to continue the prosperous human race. We have....

A Plumber
An Electrician
A Scientist
A Builder
An Engineer
A Polygon modeler......... ahem.

I dont tend to worry about it too much though. I wouldnt be happier any other way. Physical work is too knackering and i probably havent got the mental stamina or brainpower to do an accountants job!
  06 June 2005
Maybe, but if you think about how long art has been in the world for, you would probably conclude it's a pretty essential part of society. If we all lived in heated boxes- prison-like... you may be comfortable but not happy- (no one designed the bed, remember?)

Design and art is important- if we had no entertainment, no beauty around us, life would be so dull and forlorn.

There isn't much point in discussing this anyway- as none of us are going to change our minds about doing art. This is just like a form of self-justification. You are helping people be happier, isn't that enough?
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  06 June 2005
i know what you mean, 6foot5. i think a lot of the western world felt that way after 9/11 opened their eyes (however briefly) to what's going on in the world. i was one of them. i didn't see the point in making videogame characters, because i felt i was perpetuating the ignorance of the privileged west, of which i'm a part of as well. on a personal level, i felt useless and trite, working on just another form of mental numbness.
i tried to find a way through. currently i'm making a short animated film about art being corrupted by the commercial industry. i'm using what i've learnt to try and make people aware of what i believe is important. what i'm trying to say is that our skills in cg are what we make of it. we have this amazing knowledge of colors and we have the ability to show this to people all over the world. i think it's our responsibility to use this to broadcast our personal 'truths', whatever that may be.
even teaching others your specific cg skill, or general life lessons, would be for a greater good, and in turn would make you feel less frivolous.

absorb knowledge. give knowledge.
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  06 June 2005
I have had similar thougts myself. When I left art school I thought about how wrong it seemed to try and make paintings for rich people to buy and hide away. At the end of the day though, most people have jobs making rich people richer, wheras art is a way of re-distributing wealth from those who have too much of it, towards artists who generally have very little.

If you try really hard at your art then maybe you will one day be in a position where you can turn things around and make a politically motivated computer game. I would like to make one where you help the people of East Timor fight the oil and mineral barrens.
  06 June 2005
This topic reminds me of an episode of Red Dwarf when the "Inquisitor" judges each crew member as to whether or not they have led a worth-while life...

Kryton: "He searches for life's wasters and deletes them from existance.":smile:

Rimmer: "We're dead!"

Anyway, everyone in life plays their part in the grand scheme of things. We may think we are doing something dull, but your art may be the inspiration for some young nipper to do something that changes the world. Some people who watched 2001:ASO were so inspired by the computer HAL:9000, they went into computer AI or Robotics and have made great strides.

And thats the satisfaction of it - we give others inspiration and a "what if?".
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  06 June 2005
Originally Posted by 6foot5: do people working in this field ever wonder if all their time learning, researching and creating could be spent on something more worthy?

All is as it should be.
The world needs more happy people. If you are:
Making a living doing something you love
Doing something you love after the work day is done
Making things that make people smile

then I don't think your work is frivolous. Just don't spend all your hard earned money on booze and cheap women cuz then I MIGHT change my mind.
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  06 June 2005
Really good art is magic.

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  06 June 2005

Originally Posted by stepington: I've never really worried about whether my work is important or not. What concerns me is that I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing. There are many many worthwhile experiances in this world that wont change anything. I'm gonna go get some ice cream now. . .

I love stepington's reply because (1) it is brilliant (2) I can relate.

It's all about what you're passion is. If you truley love to do it then why should you feel guilty? Mixing guilt with something you love is like sprinkling red pepper on your favorite ice cream.

I admit though that I need to budget my time to experience the "real world" and am dealing with it.

Live life, do what you love to do, and be happy!!!

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  06 June 2005
This question is a timeless one. It had been asked some 150 years ago at the dawn of Modernism, by Nietzsche, Marx, Hegel, and later by Van Gogh, Cezanne, and many others and more. To be able to see your work as not a frivolous at the core level, you will have to revolutionize both your style and theme of choice.
  • The artist style should be manifested naturally, representing what you stand for, not what the tools allow you to do, or others think it's cool!
  • While the theme is a socio-cultural product that could be picked up by you not out of vacuum, but rather a sensitive responsive observation of the world you live in.
Putting those two magical artistic ingredients under your radar, will take you leaps into ;metaphorically speaking; the "Matrix" of the conscious mind where "frivolous" is everything and nothing.

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