What drives you, why do you love cg?

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  05 May 2005
What drives you, why do you love cg?

I'm curious to know what drives people, who do cg. What factor is the biggest player that made you decide to do cg? Let's post it.

For me there's one main reason, i do it because i now have something to put my imagination in, a kind of a exhaust. I'm a dreamer and sometimes i get washed away in my own worlds. Thanks to CGI i now have a place to make bring those "worlds and ideas" to live.
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  05 May 2005
I love it for the same reason that I love pens and paper.

That, and because it's easier to clean up after than oils.
  05 May 2005
All it took was a small "taste" of cg and I knew it was the direction to go. Unimaginable art media is now at my finger tips. With all the art stuff around this house I'd be hard pressed to find space for an airbrush booth.

CG is also dovetailing nicely with the unplugged art I do such as thumbnails for jewelry design or cartoons for a tapestry.

What I love though is knowing there are endless possibilities.
  05 May 2005
I've always painted for the simple reason that I love it and that's still why I'm doing it though I've moved it over to the computer. I love coming up with little storylines and then trying to paint them unto a canvas - and once I got my grubby little hands on my first Wacom, I knew I'd found the perfect tool for me to use. I'm a coward with a regular brush, and I progressed really slowly with one. The ability to save one image in any number of versions really, really helped me out.

Now that I've worked with the Wacom for, uh, seven or eight years, I'm honestly considering hopping back to oils and acrylics this summer. Mainly because it would be fun to have a couple of 'originals' rather than a bunch of paintings that don't exist, as such, in any physical kind of space. I hope I get the time to, I really do, it would be so much fun :]
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  05 May 2005
I don't "love" CG, I just find it the best possible alter reality that I could be at, and produce. What drives me has nothing to do with technology, it is the amalgamation of experiences in my earlier youth.

It is great to be in touch with reality from time to time, you just appreciate more of its opposite.

Cheers fellow avatars ;]

Addendum: I work with forms and spaces, being an architect, If it could explain the above!

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  05 May 2005
for me CG is my great equalizer...ever since my injury I have only been able to use the pen/pencil on paper combination; however CG in all its glory allowes me to be an equal in capability with my peers...(I hope I get the ability to produce good work with CG)...I'm one of those persons who are gratefull for the inventors of CG, otherwise I'd have been another bad sketcher, now I can be a bad painter too ...
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Didn't I tell you? I'm rowing over to save money. Wish me luck!

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  05 May 2005
I love stories. I used to write and act a hell of a lot in my early years, and when I realised I could combine all that into art and animation I knew I'd found my niche. I like to allow other people to immerse tehmselves in another world.
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  05 May 2005
I'm driven to paint so the voices in my head will stop shouting at me. CG allows me to do this without passing out from the turpentine fumes.
  05 May 2005
I'm a freak ...

oh yeah, I can make photoreal stuff and make it move...

OK, seriously...Everything I can clearly outline in my mind, I can clearly define through the computer. It takes time and energy. But, if you point me to something more flexible and wider in it's capacity, I'd rather have that. I don't think it's some magical tool that allows my every whim onto reality, it simply has ctrl-z and some other stuff I don't know about yet...

Linda, I'm telling you. Stay away from the brushes, last time I used them I was cleaning paint of walls and muttering incomprehensible ravings. Uhm wait...the last part is from when I was a little older.
Just kidding, good luck with it, I find it is rather therapeutic(in the end )
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  05 May 2005
I wanted to be a killer , but didn't have love for it

I tried to be a healer, but hated it

Now I'm just lying somewhere in between
  05 May 2005
by day I'm a psychotic mutant cyborg ninja and by night I like to use digital art as a release for my creativity. I love art, love computers, combine the two and its perfect.
  05 May 2005
Simple - I love being creative. And CG has so many advantages over traditional mediums...
Ever wanted to hit CTRL+Z when doing a pencil sketch?
Or wanted to zoom in or add a layer or two when doing an oil painting?

CG also means you have an unlimited supply of brushes, paint and paper.

It's awesome!
  05 May 2005
For me it came down to a choice of medium. I'm one of those weird people who's both right and left brained, and have for a long time been bouncing between being certain of an insane array of different goals in life. Everything from acting to astrophysics to philosohpy to architectural design to electrical engineering to film directing to teaching to sociology to cg to politics to writing to industrial design to stock broking to concept art and oh so many more... ln the end I decided I wanted to do something where I could apply both my creative and analytical abilities, and after graduating at seventeen I needed to choose SOMETHING, and at that point in time the CG medium seemed most appealing as I have some experience working with computers and thought it would be where I could best apply myself. Unfortunately since then I've been finding out that in a lot of cases the people actually working with the computers aren't those actually doing the creative aspects, and to be perfectly honest from my experiences here at CG talk I'm not sure how well I'd be able to work with the sort of people naturally inclined to CG on a daily basis. So right about now I'm back to being completely uncertain, but until I come up with a better plan my drive for CG is simply that it's another medium for me to express myself through and I have nothing else to do.
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  05 May 2005
Haha...empath you sound like me I'm a 17 y/o who just finished his first year of college, and have seriously bounced around between upper level maths, art, and philosophy. It all kind of works together in my head, but I chose CG, or am in the process of choosing, because it seems to me the most effective way of creating the fantastic
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  05 May 2005
I'm not sure I've ever truly "loved" CG. I started in game design (amateur) and skinning. Art classes were fun, but the objective was always "theoretical". Since then, I've always needed an objective to do art. Even then, its always been a process...

...I think what I've always loved is a challenge. I think that's why I'm also drawn to fixing, troubleshooting, and modifying computers/networks. Its a challenge. I think I just try and find the art in everything I do...and CG is a perfect merging of those worlds.

BTW, my name is Jacob. I've read CGTalk/Networks items for a long time, and initially only created an account to enter the M/S challenge...since then I felt it would be audacious of me to use CG like a cheap prostitute, and leave when I fulfilled my goal. There's a great network of artists on here, and I'd love to be a part of that; contest or no contest.

Thanks for reading.

Enayla: I agree on the "physical" medium. It sometimes good to get back to the "real" artwork (and printouts just don't do it!). Haven't put anything on a canvas for about 4 years now, but I'll be spending a summer in Europe (Germany, Ireland) away from my graphics tablet...so it looks like good ol' fashioned work for me!

Empath: There's a lot of "graphics designers" out there that are so named only because they can put elements together in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Quark; or create color seperations of images for T-Shirts and industrial-type metal stamps. These people make money, and work "entirely" in CG, but I wouldn't particularly label them artists. I think you'll find a lot of "artists" will perhaps have CG as a core medium, but are actually creative people and will happily utilize a variety of mediums to achieve there artistic objectives. Hang in there; they're not all bad.

JMBoekestein: I hear ya on CTRL-Z...and the History Toolbar as well. (Try and do that with acrylics!)

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