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Old 05-24-2005, 07:40 PM   #46
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Fahrija Velic
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Originally Posted by Lunatique
Till Death Do Us Part - Part of a series. The man and his wife are trying to protect their newborn daughter from demon stalkers. I've had this WIP for years, and just never got around to finishing it.

Originally Posted by Lunatique
Moonlight Lovers - I abandoned this one for well over a year. Now I'm going to finish it. I didn't dislike it--I just sort of moved on to other things. I have so many ideas that I get restless and can't make myself concentrate on just one. I guess this one is like a modern tribute to Shakespeare.

Hi Robert,

I would love to see one of those concepts finished. The first one because of itīs dynamic and tense. The second one because it conveys a beautiful mood. It almost canīt be left unfinished.

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likes a flower =)...
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Jan Mark Boekestein
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Sorry Gord, ! Not doin' it again, promise...

and those are very nice teeth.

Hey Lunatique, that farewell kiss piece has some very beautiful lighting I think. You should finish it!
modelling practice #1
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Jiggerypokery Gobledygook
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What a great thread, I just know this thread is going to be just like that other "show a picture of yourself " thread.
I would say alot of people are going to start posting in here, you don't know what you have started ...
Gord, Enayla, Lunatique and others should finish all of them, but you probably won't...hahahaha.
Here's 2 of mine.......Is it wrong to feel vunerable now?
This is just a candle and a practice with painting light and radiosity etc and I really want to finish it but the light haunts me and I just can't get it to look the way I want, but some day.........?

Here is another one "The ferryman" I just got sick of working on this trying to get the light right and the cloak haunts me just like that fecking light, of that bloody candle.
I will get around to totally re-doing it........?

The light is coming from the top hook of the staff (not yet painted in of course)in case anyone is interested.


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grr argh
note here not more not here no more
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wow even the unfinished pieces are works of art in their own right

Here is a painting I stopped working on a few weeks ago.
I got sick of the sight of it and I couldn't bare to work on it any longer. Although I began to hate this painting I am glad I did get this far with it, I have learnt a lot from this piece.

It was not only my first try at painting in a different style but my first try and combining a character with a more interesting and detailed setting.

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Boom, baby!
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Linda Bergkvist
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Okay, this is an abandoned project that was almost, almost finished. I stopped just short of the finishing line, in fact, dumped the piece and never went back to it. The picture had one saving grace - the face of the Goddess - the rest was absolutely awesome. Once again, I got too fascinated with the details and lost track of where I was heading. It turned out to be an awfully boring piece with a Goddess posing stiffly and stupidly as if she's some ordinary, oh, I don't know... street walker with a dagger. I just couldn't put up with it.

Perhaps it's because I'm never happy drawing nakedness in a picture - not because I'm a prude, but because it's so easy to make it look just cheap, an attention getter, etc. I'm determined to redraw Xaa, who happens to be the Goddess of Hatred, in a far more dignified pose, but with the same cute, strangely textured face. She'll sit in a throne, leaning back and glaring darkly at the viewer.

I almost cried when I'd reached this point of the piece and still couldn't stand looking at it due to her stupid pose, stupid look in her eyes, and my own failure to get anywhere near what I wanted to accomplish. So, buh-bye picture. You guys are the first ones to ever see this piece. I've pasted her head in over the skirt because I hadn't done anything more to it than basically block the colour in. Who knows, maybe I can use this just as a character design for the next piece I'll try to draw of her :/ Because I will get back to her. I just want to somehow finish a picture of her that I feel represents her better than this one did. Grr.

And, Rob - you have to finish that beautiful piece with the moonlit lovers. I love it.
I can resist everything but temptation.


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Nick Groenewegen.
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Originally Posted by Enayla


Well this is a wip i have, working on it when i have some free time. It isn't much, but i'm still a beginner.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg wip.jpg (88.0 KB, 125 views)
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Adrian Fekete
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i was working on a girl sitting in a train .... i couldnt manage her eye so i drew her hair over it. Then i wasnt happy with the chin and face form and ended up cropping the image further and further till i couldnt stand it any more and abandoned it

ī/) /)


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pencil driven
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Gordon MacDonald
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This early concept drawing for Grand Space Opera, was heavily influenced by Julie Taymors film rendition of Shakespeare's TITUS

My Studies

My Anatomy Thread

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Good Facial Expressions Resource:

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Rachel Quinlan
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Great thread!
Here's a couple of mine:

I may have even posted this in the wip section before. I think I quit working on it because of anatomy and issues with making the fabric look realistic. I may get back to it at some point, but who knows.

Here's another:

At 5 a.m.(a few weeks ago)when I started this piece, it seemed like a great idea. The next morning it didn't...enough said.
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FOOM! Headexplodey
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Heather Kelly
London, United Kingdom
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I really like this thread! Very interesting to look through.

Here are a couple of mine:

You can probably tell that I drew the figure and then had to try to fit a background to her. I knew what it was going to be, I just had terrible trouble matching its perspective with her. You can see a couple of earlier versions here. I was all happy with my receding corridor until someone pointed out the perspective was all wrong... So I switched that layer off and started again, extending the canvas so I could draw guidelines in more easily (it's actually wider than what you see here). And then left it. Maybe sometime I'll start completely from scratch again, but it won't be soon.

This was partly a reaction to the one above - start with a background before you get to the foreground. I was going to have little mining figures or something as well, but never decided quite what scale I wanted the rocks to be. They were supposed to eventually look crystalline too, but I never got that far. I do like where I got with this, since backgrounds are still hard for me (I have a tendency to just stick in a mass of vague swirly colour) and take me a long time. This one is effectively abandoned, because while I always intended to go on and finish it, I haven't.

I'm playing in the DSG for the moment, and it's incredibly useful for me. Part of the reason these stalled was working on them over a long time, without the discipline to do something every day, so they got left for months and then I was reluctant to go back to them. So now I'm concentrating on "finishing" little couple-of-hours sketches every day or so and basically trying to expand my skills before I try another major piece. It also doesn't matter if the sketches go wrong
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Kristina Gehrmann
Akademie Leonardo
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"Morgentod" was abandoned by me last month; the story is about a young lawyer in Paris at the time of the French Revolution (1789/1794). One evening he went out into the forest after he drank excessively, then he slept in and never woke again. His frozen corpse was discovered by peasants the next morning. The reason was his desperate love to a boy age 16, whom he could not reach. At the moment when I painted the both persons' faces in the sky, I realized they looked horrible and actually the whole image was horrible. It looks so kitschy and hackneyed; the lawyer's pose is too stiff (even for a frozen dead body). I simply don't like it anymore.

"Autumn Carnation" is from October 2004, I think. The trees look unreal and the whole composition looks pointless; and I didn't want to have the woman look like a Goya princess, but like a Raphael Mary. So I cancelled painting this.

"A tale never told" is from October 2004 as well. I thought about shipwreck when I painted it, and my error was not to have a reference photo for the girl's pose, so she looks like a complete wreck herself and I didn't want to repaint it. But maybe I'll be doing something like this later, again. I still like the shipwreck concept with the glowing sun and the red torn flag.

"The Execution of Savonarola: 1498", an anime style image from Spring 2004 ^^; As you can see, it's still at the sketch stage, but there I realized that this wasn't the image I intended to paint. I wanted to make the death of Savonarola more dramatic, intense, as if an angel from heaven was condemned to eternal purgatory. Instead of this, I ended up with a crowded, unreal drawing with horrible figures, including one fanatic in the foreground about whom I don't even know if it's a man or a woman.
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nco ser
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Interesting work you guys!

Tellurian Sky - I thought this WAS finished
Till Death Do Us Part, Princess At the Landing, Farewell Kiss - would love to see all of these finished.

Do the spaceship! Do the spaceship! Do the spaceship!

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Edwin Wallace
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Just recently i have been unable to produce anything of a reasonable standard !
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likes a flower =)...
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Hey! join the club! That's why the western world is all about progress!
modelling practice #1
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~2isted kerk~
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Michael See
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nice going everyone~maidith,u have some really good stuff going,wildsheepchase:love the one with the red dress.i wish u could finish thatenayla:another great piece from u.the quality remains top notch even its abandoned. here's a piece i did 3 years ago,its suppose to be a finish piece but seems like a rough sketch.this is actually one of my begining piece of work i did digitally using ps5 during college time.

another piece i did earliy last year,inspired by royo.thought of painting it but due to lack of time,i just left it aside.

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